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Without any hesitation, Ji Hao raised the Pan Gu sword, prepared to throw it to Tong Jiong.

Tong Jiong chuckled as he stared at Ji Hao and watched every move of his. The Pan Gu sword was way too powerful, that not even Dragon Mother's scales survived its sharp edge. Tong Jiong was worried that Ji Hao might play a trick to hurt him, as he didn't have a strong physical body.

Mr. Crow cawed shrilly. He raised the Fuso staff with both hands and swung it towards Tong Jiong's head.

Tong Jiong chuckled. Layers of traceless magnetic force pressed down, disabling Mr. Crow from moving. A golden transparent fire was burning on the Fuso staff. The golden fire and the magnetic force clashed against each other and generated colorful flames.

Ji Hao's hands moved. But, when he was about to throw out the Pan Gu sword, he paused with surprise, looking at the man who suddenly showed up behind Tong Jiong.

The man was wearing a black robe, with a cold and serious face. His straight hairs looked even like tightened steel wires, that every single hair had been giving a cold and fierce feeling, which could freeze anyone's heart. Four black sword lights floated around him, rotating in a mysterious way as they drew a pair of Taiji diagrams, which had been spinning in opposite directions.

The black robe wasn't usual, but this man looked exactly like Yu Yu. His eyes were cold and deep, looking like a deep pool with countless sharp weapons lying in the bottom. These eyes were widely different from the eyes of that red-robed Yu Yu, the one Ji Hao was familiar with. But at first glance, Ji Hao knew that he must be Yu Yu!

"What?" Seeing Ji Hao pause abruptly, Tong Jiong shouted with a frown, "Throw the sword out now."

"This suddenly occurred to me." Ji Hao looked at Tong Jiong seriously and said, "Elder, do you know my Shifu's name? Both this bell and this sword were forged by my Shifu and his two brothers. I'm afraid it would be inappropriate for you to just take them away."

"Inappropriate?" Tong Jiong laughed quite loudly, without knowing that a man was standing right behind him, and was looking at him from head to toe like a butcher looking at a chubby pig. "What's Inappropriate? Priest Yu Yu...Hah, everyone else is afraid of him, but I'm not. If I have your bell and sword..."

The black-robbed Yu Yu raised one finger and gently poked the back of Tong Jiong's neck.

Tong Jiong paid all his attention to Ji Hao, but he also worried that Dragon Mother might return to launch a sneak attack to him. Therefore, he shielded his own body with multiple layers of magnetic forcefields. Technically, any living being or any weapon which approached him would be intercepted by the magnetic forcefields. Therefore, average cultivators couldn't even touch a hair of Tong Jiong right now.

However, the black-robed Yu Yu's finger penetrated the layers of magnetic forcefields and sank into Tong Jiong's skin, as easily as cutting a piece of tofu with a steel knife. Yu Yu's fingernails were half-inch-long and well sharpened. Tong Jiong never cultivated himself with body-strengthening methods. Consequently, his physical body was quite fragile. With one poke, Yu Yu left a half-inch-deep wound on the back of his neck.

A stream of blood spurted out, startling Tong Jiong badly. While screaming, he hurriedly turned back and shielded himself behind Mr. Crow's body. Meanwhile, the dead calabash suddenly rose up from his hand, and the plug of the calabash moved slightly, seeming about to fly out.

The black-robed Yu Yu looked at Tong Jiong expressionlessly. The moment the dead calabash moved, he raised his left hand at lightning speed and gripped the dead calabash. Next, a dark sword light circled around the dead calabash and generated a loud 'crack', as if something inside the dead calabash was cut broken.

The dead calabash quietly fell in the black-robed Yu Yu's hand, while Tong Jiong let out a mouthful of blood.

"You!" Tong Jiong stared at the black-robed Yu Yu. "Why're you here?"

"You're not afraid of me, so why such a fuss?" The black-robed Yu Yu looked at Tong Jiong with no expression. He was beardless, but Ji Hao somehow felt that his face was actually covered in a straightened sharp long beard, like a fierce tiger which was preparing to pounce on its prey.

Coldly looking at Tong Jiong, the black-robed Yu Yu said, "A cultivator should have a phlegmatic temperament, so you can remain calm even when the sky collapses and the earth sinks...My friend, you're far, far from there!"

"You, you, you!" Tong Jiong glanced at the dead calabash with a heartache. He gave a resonant shout, then threw Mr. Crow to the black-robed Yu Yu, transformed into a traceless beam of magnetic flow, and flew to the entrance of the cave.

The black-robed Yu Yu pointed his finger at the entrance. Clank! Four dark beams of sword light rose from the entrance, then a sword formation flew out. The sword power filled up the entire cave while the sword lights flashed across the air, interweaving. Tong Jiong howled, then his body reappeared. Along with a series of puffing noises, seven to eight bone-deep wounds were left on his body, with blood spurting out.

"Yu Yu, my friend, this is a misunderstanding!" Tong Jiong screamed at Yu Yu, "This whole thing is a misunderstanding! I was kidding with your disciple...Emperor Ji Hao is a divine emperor, and I am a heaven master. How can I..."

Another dark sword light flew out and cut off Tong Jiong's entire left arm, making him shriek.

As the sword light spiraled around the broken arm, the arm exploded into a cloud of blood mist. Tong Jiong's face immediately paled. "Yu Yu, what do you want?" He yelled.

The black-robbed Yu Yu looked at Tong Jiong with a dark face and responded in a frosty voice, "I came to release you. But now, you will die!"

Tong Jiong paused. With shock, he looked at Yu Yu and asked, "Release me? What do you mean? Eh? What on earth do you mean?"

"Pan Luo and her friends sealed you in here. Do you know why? That year, you attempted to capture my disciple, Gui Ling, to make a soup...I had no time to waste on you, so I asked Pan Luo and her friends to seal you here, letting you cultivate your mind and reform yourself in this place." The black-robed Yu Yu explained coldly.

With an awfully paled face, Tong Jiong looked at Yu Yu and murmured, "It was you, it was you...No wonder… They never liked each other, but they joined hands to plot against me!"

"Shifu!" Ji Hao cupped his hands and politely bowed to the black-robed Yu Yu.

The black-robbed Yu Yu turned around and glimpsed at Ji Hao, upturned his mouth corner with a solid effort and gave a faint smile, "Good disciple...The red-robed Yu Yu told me that you're good. You deserve to be my disciple...But in the future, you need to be more careful when dealing with these ancient sc.u.ms."

Giving a cold laugh, Yu Yu continued with a bland tone, "I am the evil part of Yu Yu. He cut me out of his body, then I became Evil Yu Yu. Today, I'll get this Tong Jiong and make a good piece for you… with him."

Before he finished, sword lights illuminated the entire cave.

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