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"Great Master!"

When Blood Crown suddenly exploded, all direct subordinates of his in the great hall of the golden city, and the ones who wanted to follow him, burst into despairing wails. They could not believe that Blood Crown was dead, neither were they willing to believe that Blood Crown detonated himself for nothing!

What exactly happened? In the great hall, all non-humankind beings screamed like lunatics, as they didn't even know what was happening. They felt that this entire expedition trip was a mistake, and they smelled countless schemes.

Earlier, the chief official rushed out of the hall and ended up being destroyed by Priest Mu with one strike. At the moment, no leader existed in the hall, and everyone was yelling and shouting. Someone even cried hysterically, and some pulled out their weapons in despair, attempting to finish their own lives…

In this scene of chaos, two figures in golden cloaks quietly showed up before the throne of Blood Crown.

"Shut up! You, are you still the descendants of the n.o.ble ancestor Pan Yu?" With his staff, one man in a golden cloak struck the ground and caused a thunderous bang, vibrating the entire hall.

All non-humankind beings in the hall raised their heads, stunned, staring at these two men in golden cloaks, who definitely shouldn't have shown up in here.

In the 'Holy Realm', which was the most powerful organization in Pan Yu world, one-hundred and eight 'holy beings' had the highest power of Pan Yu world. Among the one-hundred and eight holy beings, the twelve with the t.i.tles of 'Crown' composed the Highest Council of the Holy Realm, and were the n.o.blest, most powerful beings in Pan Yu world.

Blood Crown had slaughtered countless life, for which reason, he attained his t.i.tle of Blood Crown. These two men in golden cloaks standing before his throne were equally powerful as Blood Crown. They were Shadow Crown and Evil Crown, and were enemies of Blood Crown.

Shadow Crown and Evil Crown both liked schemes and backstabbing. Therefore, they naturally became allies. Shadow Crown had his eyes and ears all over Pan Yu world, for which he was famous. In Pan Yu world, no one could guarantee that his or her most trusted subordinates weren't spying for Shadow Crown. Unlike Shadow Crown, Evil Crown was good at a.s.sa.s.sination and sowing discord among others. Thousands of large Yu Clan families started wars against each other because of Evil Crown, eventually sinking because of exhaustion.

When the non-humankind beings in the hall saw these two terrifying beings show up together, they clearly understood the situation. As they thought, Blood Crown was entrapped.

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