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Were they confident?

Arrogant maybe!

When Red Lotus and Ji Hao were talking, those tens of thousands of disciples of Priest Hua and Priest Mu didn’t activate the formation. Instead, they were watching, laughing, and being proud.

Therefore, when Ji Hao threw down all those thunder bombs and magic talismans, the formation was just activated. In a warm light, the s.p.a.ce began folding and twisting intensely. The s.p.a.ce with a radius of tens of thousands of miles was compressed into a small sphere, but the s.p.a.ce as tiny as a grain of dust was expanded, and turned into a tens of miles long distance.

The time was disturbed as well. Sometimes, the time was fast, but sometimes, it was frozen. In some areas in the great formation, a breath could be as long as ten-thousand years, but in some areas, the time was almost stopped.

Incalculable faults were caused by the disturbance of time and s.p.a.ce. Every fault became a beautiful lotus. Countless lotuses gathered together, which was the true secret about this infinitude lotus world. No one could break out from this great formation unless he or she was as powerful as worlds creators like Saint Pan Gu, or the Masters of a large sect.

Nevertheless, these priests were way too confident or arrogant. They activated the formation, but it was already too late.

Red Lotus was killed by Ji Hao, and even his embryo of Dao was devoured by the Disease G.o.d streamer. After that, they activated the formation in a hurry. When the formation was fully activated, all thunder bombs and magic talismans exploded.

Those thunder bombs and magic talismans were made by Priest Dachi himself. Every single bomb was powerful enough to shatter the sky, while every magic talisman could replay the prehistorical Chaos.

Along with m.u.f.fled thunderous booms, all lotuses withered within the warm light and clouds. The priests leaned out their upper bodies from the warm light, seeming to be frightened to death, then suddenly disappeared.

From the formation, Priest Corpse’s hysterical voice could be heard, "Ji Hao! These are Priest Dachi’s works…How cruel you are!"

A buzzing noise lingered in the air, while millions of lotuses bloomed and then withered.

Standing on golden clouds, those puppets waved large flags as quickly as they could to draw star powers into the infinitude world of lotus. No one knew how this formation worked, but strangely, some thunder bombs and magic talismans directly flew out from around these puppets.

A series of boom was generated, while a large number of puppet were torn into pieces. Crystal-like body parts flew all over the sky. Many large flags were broken. Therefore, those starlight streams pouring down were instantly dimmed.

No one knew what exactly had been happening. But judging from Priest Corpse's hoa.r.s.e, fury voice, this so-called infinitude lotus world suffered great damage from those thunder bombs and magic talismans. Standing on the chariot, Ji Hao even sensed a faint scent of blood.

The strong force was still suppressing the chariot. The great formation was quaking violently, and so was the force. The nine dragons chariot was shaking slightly as well. In the front, those priests chained on the chariot heard the screams of their brothers and sisters, and all cried out, struggling and releasing their powers, shaking the chariot even harder. Moreover, the fiery clouds around the chariot even started burning.

Countless puppets rushed over to Ji Hao and his friends, waving all kinds of weapons. Ji Hao’s sword lights dazzled across the air and landed on these puppets violently. Clear popping noises could be heard without an end, as large groups of puppet were shredded by the sword lights.

"Priest Corpse, is this all your infinitude lotus world can do?" Wielding the sword, wherever Ji Hao reached, body parts of those puppets flew in the sky. He sneered.

"Ji Hao, don’t you dare!" Priest Corpse sounded enraged. With a dry voice, he screamed, "You! You! You killed our people with Priest Dachi’s thunder bombs and talismans…You will die today! You will!"

Layers of warm cloud blocked Ji Hao’s sight. Somewhere Ji Hao couldn’t see, Priest Corpse and a group of his brothers and sisters, who were all at his level, had been looking at their dead brothers and sisters with twitching faces.

Priest Hua had given his order. He had ordered his disciples to kill Ji Hao at all costs.

Following that order, a few disciples gathered all available ones in Midland. Nearly eighty-thousand well-cultivated priests built this infinitude lotus world together.

Nevertheless, Ji Hao didn’t do what they expected. He didn’t fight, neither did he defend with any other formation. Instead, he directly threw out a big handful of thunder bombs and talismans, all made by Priest Dachi himself.

These disciples of Priest Hua and Priest Mu didn’t manage to react timely. As a result, nearly eight thousands of them were killed, and twenty to thirty thousand had their arms and legs broken. By now, these poor ones were screaming and crying, swallowing magic pills and spraying ointments on their wounds, waiting for their broken limbs to grow back.

Priest Corpse and the group of relatively stronger ones felt their hearts aching when they looked at the dead and injured ones. Priest Hua and Priest Mu were not as picky as Yu Yu and his brothers when selecting disciples. Basically, every ‘lucky one’ could become their disciple. But with a single strike of Ji Hao, so many disciples were killed…How should they explain this to their two Master Shifu?

"Brother Gold Water, why didn’t you activate the ‘all worlds monument’ given by Master Shifu?’ Priest Corpse and the other few encircled a man angrily, whose body was faintly glowing with a golden light and rippling like water.

Since this had already happened, and was totally inexplicable, they should find someone to bear the blame!

The ‘all worlds monument’ was a pre-world treasure which could contain s.p.a.ce, and even worlds. Just now, if the man had activated the ‘all worlds monument’ timely, the power of the formation would rise by thousands of times. Also, no matter how powerful those thunder bombs and magic talismans were, with the ‘all worlds monument’, they could be able to send out all disciples nearby before those bombs and talismans went off.

The ‘all worlds monument’ wasn’t activated timely, which meant Priest Gold Water was the one to blame for all damages they suffered!

Gold Water also responded angrily, "Are you saying that it was my fault? Didn’t you all agree to let Red Lotus to try to persuade that Ji Hao kid just now? Otherwise, I would have fully activated the formation long ago! How would I ever let that Ji Hao kid take any advantage?"

They yelled at each other for a while, but no one won. They argued for a longer while, then one of them suddenly said, "Stop this! Just activate the ‘all worlds monument’ now! Ji Hao kid is cruel and evil. He has already damaged tens of thousands of puppets…How many did we bring in total?"

The group of priest raised their heads, all stunned. Around the nine dragons chariot, those puppets had been rushing up wave after wave like tidewater. Ji Hao flicked his wrists and sent out the sword lights, shredding countless puppets at a time. Body parts of puppets floated around the chariot in the burning fiery clouds. Man Man was holding a small string bag, collecting these twitching body parts. These puppets were made from top-grade materials. Throwing these body parts back into the melting pot, one could make nice pieces.

Watching this, Gold Water dared not to waste a second. He hurriedly raised his arms and sent a three-foot-square bronze board up into the sky, coiled in purple mist.

The infinitude lotus worlds slightly vibrated, while countless different sized doors suddenly appeared around the nine dragons chariot.

Smoke puffed out from each door, from inside which, waves of brightly glowing lotuses flew out. The smoke covered everything else, and soon, nothing but these doors remained visible.

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