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The Mad Cultivator ch 9 Chapter 9: Ye Wei

This discovery surprised Ye Kong, even more, surprised than when he came to this world. He couldn’t think how this book came in his head anyway. If you can put a few more books, you can even cheat in exam!?

But unfortunately, this continent does not need a college entrance examination at all. What’s more, this book is only a coincidence that it enters his head. Other books cannot installed.

What makes Ye Kong more pleasantly surprised is that the four big characters on the pages of this book are clearly written “Dragon and Tiger”.

Originally, Ye Kong thought that this book was originally in the head of a fool. It seems that it is not.

It seems that this Zhao girl who has to send himself to a different world and also given something useful by the way.

Ye Kong saw this book, and he was excited. Even if he was a fool, he understood that this book could enter his brain. This book definitely a real good thing. Maybe this is his lifeline in this outer world!

He couldn’t wait, just wanted to open the book page and see if the spells were recorded in the book, and whether they were useful to them.

But soon he found that he could not open the book.

He is just a ball of light now, and he has no hands and feet, but this does not affect his book. As long as the idea moves, the cover of the book will rise.

It was only that he found that the book page are so heavy that he used his full strength and only lifted a small piece of book corner, and then it was close.

“This may be a Golden book! but I don’t believe that I can’t even turn a book page!”

However, this is not a temper, when Ye Kong is desperately trying to turn it over, the book is unable to open, and the extent of the pick-up is getting smaller and smaller, and in the end it is not moving.

“Not good!” At this time, Ye Kong suddenly felt that his brain was a little dizzy, and his vision began to blur, as if the whole body was empty.


In the early morning, the sky was just bright, and the c.o.c.k of the southern continent finally sounded on time like the earth.

“Hey!” Ye Kong’s thin body crashed into the bed. He closed his eyes, his lips were white, and the sweat on his forehead rolled from his ear and fell on the porcelain pillow.

He did not know that this c.o.c.k had saved his life. The most serious injury to the human body is that the soul is injured. Although he has swallowed the soul of a fool, the soul is much stronger than his peers. However, the serious overdraft of the soul has already allowed him to reach the end of his life, if not the sound of chicken wake him up, I am afraid that he directly became a fool like the other guy.

Although he escaped his life, he was not very good at the moment.

Weak, very weak.

He felt that he was paralyzed all over the body, and he couldn’t make any effort. Even if he didn’t blink, he didn’t have the strength. Closed eyes can still feel the illusion in front of the eyes, all the thoughts in the brain consciousness are also stagnant, all pursuits, sorrows and joys, love and hate, all disappeared.

The sun is shining and the sky is blue, and it is another day.

This place in Nanzhou has always been weather suitable for crop growth, and is also suitable for human habitation. If it is not close to the floods and bordering with the barbarian, it will be more prosperous here.

Nandu City is the capital of Nanzhou. It is also the most prosperous city in the Eight Kingdoms of Anguo, except for Andu, the capital of Anguo.

Although the prosperity of Nandu City is said to come from the construction of the Wall, in fact, everyone knows that this is inseparable from the merits of the Southern Chief Supreme Ye Haoran, if it is not the general, who defeated the barbarians, how can they have the current prosperity? You know, more than a decade ago, it was a barren land.

Ye Haoran's status as a general is all due to his outstanding merits. Young people will be rewarded with great merits. Even the current condition is a big factor because he has a strong power.

However, after king was enthroned, he was worried that Ye Haoran would create a problem for him.

So he put him in this side, Ye Haoran was also happy to leave the political center, with a group of soldiers to fight the world, and to be a good general.

However, even if the barbarian is broken up, it is not so safe. From the place to the city of Nandu City more than hundreds of miles distance, the Ye Family army is stationed there, and Ye Haoran's eldest son Ye Wei is also there.

But early today, Ye Wei came back.

Before the flower hall, Ye Haoran, who had just finished the morning exercise, put down the big knife and took the towel from Ye Wei and asked him: “Wei, you should be in the army at the moment, how you come back today?”

Ye Wei said, “There are two things to come back. There is some news in the army. The barbarian after a decade of hard work, their strength has been recovered. Recently, there has been a highly talented Chaha Khan. I think sooner or later fight is going to start. If we don’t attack early, he will unify the barbarian tribes in less than ten years. I am afraid that we will not be his opponents after that.”

Ye Haoran thought for a moment, “This matter is not urgent, wait until I king notify this and then start the work, what about the second thing?”

“Oh, the second one is that I have heard about recent Wan Xuan sect…”

“Go to the study room.” Ye Haoran quickly interrupted.

The big things in the military can be discussed in front of the flower hall, but this second thing has to be said in the study, and it must be said that the secret must be very.

Houran’s study room.

“Hey, will Wan Xuan sect covet the treasures of our family and you don’t want to return them?” Ye Wei said very cautiously.

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Ye Haoran screamed, his eyes looked around, and whispered, “You talk carefully, and Wan Xuanzhen is a Immortal, and not a general immortal. He is in his foundation period with great power. He can hear us talking from thousands of miles away!”

Listening to a thousand miles. Ye Wei was a little surprised, but with a skeptical tone, “What is the meaning of the Foundation period? Listening to the literal meaning, building the foundation, should not be so powerful?”

“Immortal’s thing is not the thing you can talk about? Building the foundation is a level that other mortals can’t fight!” Ye Haoran once again reprimanded his son and then explained, “I last listened to Wan Xuan, who said this. Only from millions of ordinary person, only one person will have the qualification to become immortal, and only one in thousands of immortal have the qualification to reach foundation stage. You calculate this probability, one of the thousand immortal, Is that still not great?”

Ye Wei also heard that he couldn't help but nod. "No wonder the immortals are so rare."

He thinks that may be he did not have the possibility of being a immortal. Ye Haoran sighed and leaned his back on the back of the rosewood chair. He said to himself slowly, “I hope that Wan Xuan can understand the secrets of our Ye Clan. Even if it is given to him, there is nothing good for him.”

Ye Wei stood up and hurriedly advised, “Father, this is how many generations of hardwork that they have collected hundreds of years of treasure books. How can we send them to others?”

“The collection has a fart for hundreds of years, and it is worthless for us! It will also bring disaster!” Ye Haoran glanced at his son and said: “If Wan Xuan guy is willing to accept it, then we can only give it to him.” A person’s good feelings will surely keep Ye Family safe for a hundred years, you don’t understand!”

Ye Wei is not a stupid person. He immediately thought of something. He sat back in the chair and sighed. “We Ye family did not have the right to fight for power, the emperor… Hey, we also had the strength to lead him to the throne.”

Ye Haoran smiled. “Do you think that the emperor is really enthroned because I have some army? You are wrong!”

Ye Wei has always had the same thoughts as all the people in Nandu City. He believes that the current emperor can be the emperor because of the general Ye Haoran. At this time, he heard his father say that this is not the case, which makes him unbelievable.

“I tell you!” Ye Haoran’s voice is getting lower and lower, sticking to his son’s ear: “In today’s southern Fujian, which country’s royal family does not stand behind a Xiuxian martial art? In fact, the emperor is just a fairy tales. Representatives in the mortal world are someone else! A single immortals word are much more useful than the million-strong army!”

Ye Wei heard this for the first time in history, and now he opened his mouth in amazement. “This is actually the case, isn't the emperor?”

“No.” Ye Haoran shook his head. “He is not an Immortal, but he is more of a representative of the interests of the Immortal.”

Ye Wei really sighed this time and was full of uneasiness about the future. He also thought that as long as he firmly grasped the military power in the south, the emperor would not dare to move the family. Now it seems that the emperor can mobilize the immortals and kill them at any time. He is one of Ye Family.

Ye Haoran looked at his son’s decadence and comforted him. “You don’t have to be too nervous. Immortal does care about the mortal. It is not a last resort, nor will it help you.”

Ye Wei thought about raising his head: “So if we also rely on a Xiuxianmen Sect?”

When he said this, Ye Haoran's laughed and said, "So I hope that Wan Xuanzhen can owe us the feelings of Ye's family. I want to know that these Xianjiamen's factions are not what you want to rely on. Wan's family does not have the martial art behind him. Big, but also a small family of Xiuxian, if you can get on the relationship…”

Ye Haoran squinted and apparently began to think about beauty.

But Ye Wei said very slyly, “But if Wan Xuan guy can’t understand it? You must know that our family has been getting this thing for hundreds of years, and countless ancestors want to study the secret of cultivation into a Immortal from inside. It's all gone without success."

Ye Haoran was also frustrated by his heart, sighing: “There is no way, but I still have a backhand.”

“Oh?” Ye Wei heard, his eyes lit up.

“Father, I don’t know what you just said…” Ye Wei asked carefully, in fact, he also heard the wind, or else he came back from the frontier defense camp overnight?

Ye Haoran drank a cup of tea and sold a Guanzi, only to be proud of it. “For the time the father had thought about it, asking for help is not as good as asking for help. Even if Wan Xuan is willing to protect the family, it is not very convenient. If we are Ye Jia clan… also have a cultivator…”

Ye Wei said, “There must be discretion before we move at least.”

"Yes!" Ye Haoran said with a smile on the table. "When Ye Xuanzhen came to the house to borrow a book five years ago, I wanted to ask him to accept the two children's. But it was the first met, it is not good to ask for a request, so I didn't say it. This time, when the Immortal comes, no matter whether the book is helpful to him, the father must also take this opportunity to make a request for a teacher."

Ye Wei listened and smiled, and asked embarra.s.sedly, “I am just four years old. I don’t know if I can let Wanzhen people accept it. This age is a good age to start learning the martial art.”

Ye Haoran immediately understood the main purpose of his son's hastily rushed back. He pointed to his son and smiled indifferently. “Is you not my son? I will help you to consider it? But this is not the same as our martial arts. Only an age of 8-year-old man can become a immortal”

“Ah, this is actually the case.” Ye Wei was disappointed.

Ye Haoran also sighed. “The last time someone came to borrow a book, I didn’t mention anything. There are also reasons for this. At that time Only 9th child reached eight years old age. Now it is different. Even you, the old man has 32 son and daughters are over eight years old, I think… there are always two such ones who have the qualifications to become immortals.”

In the eyes of Ye Wei, who was just disappointed, he ignited hope. “Father, do I have hope for this?”

“Of course, as long as there is a qualification to cultivate immortality, you can worship Wan Xuan as a teacher.”

The temptation of immortality is so great for mortals, and Ye Wei is also happy and laughs. “It is best that if we all cultivated into an immortal, and enjoy longevity.”

Ye Haoran was in a good mood and even joked with his son. “So that is not your father and brother?”


They thought well, but they forgot what they said just now. The qualification of Xiu Xian is one of the millions. How can there be so many people suitable for practice? The two generations of Ye Family are just a few dozen people. Among them, there is a qualification for the cultivation of immortals. The chances are very small, not to mention the qualifications of good or bad.

The two chatted, and Ye Haoran suddenly said: “Oh, you go back and visit Ye Kong. He suddenly has a clear mind recently. And has a good wisdom.”

“The 8th brother have recovered?” Ye Wei was a little surprised. Then he said, “This is a good thing. It is reasonable to inform the whole government and reward it.” Ye Wei said.

Listening to Ye Wei said that Ye Haoran just had a head, but suddenly he thought of the ugly mother of Ye Kong and said, “I am not in a hurry. I am asking you how to see him suddenly.”

Ye Wei is awkward, well, it's good, so be happy.

Ye Wei did not dare to say it directly. Think about it. “The 8th brother could not say a thing when he is all stupid. Now he is eldest one with lots of understanding.

“It’s not that simple.” Ye Haoran shook his head. “If you said he can talk now and at most, he knows something, but you don’t know anything, he is smart now, his character is changing… Hey, when you see, you will understand.”

Ye Wei grabbed the head. “I heard people say that there is only a line between genius and idiot. Many geniuses are very idiotic in his daily life. I guess the 8th brother changed overnight, from idiots to geniuses.”

Ye Haoran listened and felt that there is some truth, smiled, “I originally guessed that he was acting before but your logic seems to fit perfectly.”

Ye Wei also laughed. “In fact, I also thought about the possibility of his acting.”

Ye Haoran thought so in his heart, and no longer thought about it. He nodded. “Then go, if you find something is wrong, come back and tell me.”

Ye Wei nodded and left the study room. He went straight to the outer court to see Ye Kong. What he didn’t expect was that Ye Kong was sick at the moment. Looking at the sick Ye Kong, Ye Wei did not say much, and left. .

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