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Chapter 173 – Chaotic Battles


Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Zhao Fu turned his gaze to a small team of Goblins near the outer region within the historical remnant and started to move.

There were only 10 or so Goblins in this team because the outer region was not too important, so the defenses here weren’t as strong.

Zhao Fu stayed low as he snuck over. The Goblins didn’t notice Zhao Fu at all and were idly chatting with each other. Zhao Fu directly took out the Sky Demon Sword and jumped down from a structure, dealing with a few normal Goblins in just a few strikes.

With Zhao Fu’s current strength, he was still unable to instantly deal with the remaining Goblins. As such, he had to use the structures to dodge their attacks.

The team of Goblins furiously chased Zhao Fu, and Zhao Fu took advantage of his agility and the structures to deal with a few Goblin Rock Throwers.

Finally, there was only a red Goblin and two Hobgoblins remaining. Zhao Fu set a trap, and they were bound by green vines from the three Flower Spirits.

Only then did Zhao Fu walk out from a dark corner with a smile. The three Goblins desperately struggled on the ground as they hatefully glared at Zhao Fu; if their mouths were not bound by vines, they would most likely be loudly cursing at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu walked over and slashed apart the vines covering the Goblins’ mouths. One of the Goblins immediately yelled, “Despicable human! You’ve killed so many of us; we definitely won’t let you go. If you release me, I’ll definitely kill you!”

 Hearing this, Zhao Fu couldn’t help but laugh – this was simply too stupid. Who would be stupid enough to release and fight the enemy that he or she had caught?

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