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The woman in front of her was elegant but her gaze was calm with an odd, piercing cold.

Sister Scar suddenly realized that she had offended someone that she should not have o...

"This... isn't this Mu..."

"Shut Up!"

Mu Chenyan was extremely disgusted. She did not want to hear her name coming out from her mouth!

"I... I was ordered by someone. Miss Mu, please forgive me and forget about my past mistakes..."

As she pleaded, she leaned forward and tried to hold Mu Chenyan's hand.

Mu Chenyan frowned, took a step backward and looked at the dirty woman in disdain.

Tian Qi who was standing at the side used his body to block Sister Scar. Tian Qi's murderous gaze frightened Sister Scar and she dared not move.

In fact, Sister Scar was considered a common citizen compared to the members of the n.o.ble aristocratic families. Thus, there should not be any interactions between both parties. 

Even so, such a lowly woman who was not even worth mentioning actually bullied Mu Chenyan!

The anger in Yuan Xuan was intensifying!

"Quick, tell me who ordered you to do do!"

Sister Scar did not know what was happening. Nonetheless, she could feel that she was in deep trouble with them coming by and making such a huge scene. She slumped on the floor and started wailing.

"It-its... the Yuan Family of Luo Hai!" She said tremblingly.

"Shut up!"

Yuan Xuan jumped out of the chair and a hint of piercing cold gaze flashed through his phoenix-narrow eyes.

"Who in the Yuan Family gave you the order to torture Mu Chenyan?"

His tone was no longer low and suppressed. His furious gaze was like a cold blade which could carve out pieces of human meat.

Mu Chenyan was also shocked by this information!

Despite all the speculations that she had before, she did not wish upon the day when she needed to face the truth.

She was in doubt, in shock, and in grief. Then, she turned her head to look at Yuan Xuan.

Even Yan Jun did not expect this answer.

The last time he came here to interrogate, the few women simply refused to reveal any information. The only thing they said was they followed the prison's rule and hit the newcomer.

Since ancient times, it was an unspoken rule in prisons and there was nothing new about it. 

But today, she revealed the truth in front of Mu Chenyan. It was someone from the Yuan Family and the situation suddenly became very awkward.

"The prison guard gave an order saying that Miss Mu offended the Yuan Family, so I was told to 'take care' of her." "You should know that newcomers are bound to be bullied. Moreover, Miss Mu was cold and aloof..."

As she spoke, Sister Scar peeped at Mu Chenyan. Seeing that she was unresponsive, she continued, "When Miss Mu first got here, she did not cry or complain. All she did was read and all of them were imported books... Everyone thought that she intentionally put on an act..."

The corner of Mu Chenyan's lips curled up and she sneered coldly.

She was indeed as she was described at that time.

Wu Ze was concerned that she could not bear the loneliness inside, so he would sneak in some books for her.

Even Wu Ze knew that someone as proud as her would not be able to accept such a drastic change in status. Moreover, she was once the number one socialite that everyone admired.

The books were the greatest gifts to accompany her!

Even so, it actually seemed like a sign of misfit in their eyes.

"Therefore, even without orders from above, Miss Mu would also be treated differently. Nevertheless, we were told to take care of her since the beginning!" "Later on, the higher-ups told us that someone did not want her to live peacefully... So, we did not hold back..."

Sister Scar said it very naturally as it should be.

When the prison guards at the side heard what she said, they were already frightened out of their wits. They quickly explained,

"Yes... Someone from the Yuan Family of Luo Hai sent words saying that Miss Mu killed their Old Mistress's dearest person and that Miss Mu was removed from the Yuan Family... So, we were told to punish her properly... Thus, we allowed their behaviors..."

Yan Jun felt that the situation deviated a little from their expectations!

Yuan Xuan looked at the few women in front of him coldly and the pressure in the air caused everyone to hold their breaths.

This high-above and extremely arrogant man was dismembering every single one on the scene with his gaze!

After a moment, his supernatural-sounding voice pierced through everyone's ears, "Was it the Old Mistress of the Yuan Family?" "

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