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“You are saying a very interesting thing. Are you implying, that I also have the power of precognition?”

“It does not have to be concretely you. I was just wondering if you had a person with bigger power than Emerald close to you.”

“If it is the magic to see into the past, I have indeed learned it, but that only digs up the memories I have already experienced and can not see into the future. Though, if I had the power of precognition I believe it would be quite convenient.”

As I answered with a chuckle, Prince Rain scratched his head. Seems like he does have the self-consciousness that he’s saying something unrealistic.

“I just cannot understand no matter what. How were you able to smile so composedly yesterday? During the wedding ceremony you were accused by the Prince of the nation and driven into a difficult situation in a place without allies. That calmness is impossible. Even more so if you claim to truly be innocent. Isn’t that the time to panic in thought that at this rate false accusations would be put on you?”

Certainly, that att.i.tude might have been unnatural. But if I showed a timid appearance, wouldn’t it look like they were right? It would make the Prince’s words all the more convincing.
That’s why behaving with plenty of composure at that time was the best action.

In the first place, imagining myself acting panicked makes me almost laugh just by thinking about it. It would be impossible, to begin with.

Now, what should we do.
I’ve learned about this development from the “Anime” in my previous life, it’s not like anyone would accept it even if I confessed this.
…..But these kinds of suspicions appearing is within the range of expectation.

”I was prepared for it. When the replies for the letters stopped coming, I started wondering if there was another person you had feelings for.”

As I talked while mixing in sighs, the Prince’s face darkened. Now, let’s stab the sore spot without any hesitation, shall we?~

“As it is, before getting married people start thinking about various things and get melancholic. In addition, marriage with a person you have never seen before would incite nothing but anxiety….I was thinking that at worst you would just not appear, but to think that a development overpa.s.sing that “worst”would be waiting…I could not do anything but laugh.”

“Miss Sonia……”

“Despite looking like that, I was desperate. Miserably breaking down while crying or pathetically going mad with anger would not be allowed at that place. I wanted to protect my pride even if it meant revealing the truth that my mother kept hidden for 20 years. What a stubborn and foolish woman. Are you shocked, I wonder?”

Will’s doubtful gaze was stabbing at my nape. Does it seem like a lie that much?
But Prince Rain sitting in front of me awkwardly shook his head.
That’s right. You do not have the right to deny my words. It does not matter if I am good or evil, because the fact that you have been infatuated with another woman while having a fiancee is true.

一For now this should be enough to explain why I wasn’t shaken up. It’s a matter the Prince cannot pursue too deeply anyway.

I wonder if it’s okay to stop acting pitiful now?
Honestly it doesn’t fit me, right?

“I do not hold the power of precognition and there is no person around me who has it either. You probably know, but the development of predictive ability for witches is one of the 『Taboos』. It’s a very dangerous thing, you know?”

The Prince is still looking at me doubtfully.

“What a strange person. Wouldn’t doubting your allies be more realistic?”

Even though everything would make sense if you thought that there were betrayers who leaked the information to me. Although I was more or less expecting him to get seriously suspicious, the prince just let out a carefree laugh instead.
…..If it continues like in the original work, after this, one of your allies is going to betray you, you know? will you be alright?
Well, I don’t have any intentions to instigate things so I have no idea how things will turn out though.

“Umm…Prince Rain, what will happen to Emerald from now on?”

At the moment when the conversation broke off, Will asked timidly.

“She seems to have locked herself into het room in the castle and is waiting for the next prophecy to come. I’ve heard that she is desperately struggling to overcome this situation somehow.”

They probably imagined the appearance of their beloved earnestly trying her best, because both the Prince’s and Will’s expression turned sorrowful.
As expected, I want to kill her,  that girl….

“Honestly, why did it come to….oh, no, I am not blaming you, Miss Sonia. I am just angry at my incompetence. I wonder where I went wrong. Before this everything would have been well if we prevented the bad prediction. From now on what should we…..”

Should I call it pitiful or foolish?
That sight of him being swayed around by the incomplete power of precognition is just too funny.

“There are many things that I do not understand…..and the captured witches also keep talking about incomprehensible things like wanting the『Rose-colored life』or getting p.r.i.c.ked by the 『Thorn of the thorn』…..”

Ah ah~
Prince, you will die if you say more than that, you know?
Or rather, if I don’t plug up this guy’s mouth even I will be…

It can’t be helped, you are already getting too noisy.

“The revelation that you claim Miss Emerald received, please tell it to me word by word.”

The Prince answered smoothly while tilting his head.

“The daughter of the red witch will fulfill the oath and bring destruction and disaster to Mistria. Thou, seek the Blue Prince and four comrades to go against it.”

I sighed lightly.
This is also the same wording that was used in the original work.

“Certainly, if we are talking about the red witch in Mistria, that is my mother and I am her only daughter. And with the words mentioning the pact, my engagement with Prince Rain can be a.s.sociated….however, this is too vague, isn’t it? I almost thought that it was directly designating me as evil.”

I wonder how many red-haired or red-eyed witches are in this world. At the very least it is not just me and my mother. And even with the pact, you cannot be sure that it is about the marriage with Prince Rain, right?

“Right at that moment, the mystery night accidents by the witches started happening frequently and because my name came out as the mastermind, your judgment was clouded. Not verifying the contents of the prophecy carefully was the reason for the blunder this time.”

“No, but, the coincidences so far can’t be ignored….”

“Is that so? Then let’s imagine that the daughter of that red witch is me and my marriage with Rain-sama would call destruction upon Mistria, now there is no need for worry anymore. If you want to be fixated on Miss Emerald’s prediction so much, Mistria has already been saved.”

As if caught off guard, the Prince stiffened up.

“My marriage with Prince Rain is gone and the pact will never be truly fulfilled ever again. Then, no disaster of destruction will befall Mistria. Isn’t that right?

If it was like the original work Sonia would go mad with anger and from the point when she would curse the Prince it would be the time for the stormy “second series” to start, but reality didn’t turn out that way.
Aren’t you glad, Prince Rain?

“It seems like Rain-sama’s desired solution was not achieved, but the purpose has been fulfilled. Are you still not satisfied despite that? Is it a failure if everything does not go well? Did you really want to become the hero of the nation along with Miss Emerald so much? ….that is being too greedy. What is it that you wanted to protect the most?”

You were insulting me as a greedy witch but let me return those exact words to you.

After a while, the Prince raised his hands and shook his shoulders. Self-deprecating laugh resounds.

“I surrender…Indeed, my position as the Crown Prince has become shaky, Emerald has been captured and Will was s.n.a.t.c.hed away by you. I also do not know the mastermind behind the mystery incidents and what is implied behind the disaster of destruction still remains a mystery….but if Mistria’s crisis can be evaded I do not mind. That is – the most important thing.”

I am truly the worst, aren’t I?

While muttering so, Prince leaned back on the cheap chair. Tiredness must have flooded him all of the sudden, his body looked heavy.

“My apologies for dragging you in for my self-satisfaction, Miss Sonia. With the ceremony to annul the engagement complete, we will become total strangers, but I will be hoping for the day when we will be able to exchange friendly handshakes as the representatives of the kingdom and the witches.”

“……Yes. someday.”

Today is still not that day.

Even though he pulled back for now, it is not likely that the Prince has been fully cleared of suspicions towards me. There were good results and that is why he convinced himself.

It’s not like I’ve fully forgiven him and Emerald either, but seems like they’ll meet a terrible fate even if I let them go so I’ll leave things as they are. That aside, I want to go back to Cucurouge fast and live bitter-sweet days together with Will.

The moment I thought so, the Prince announced something unbelievable.

“….Miss Sonia. Please don’t bully Will too much. Even though he looks like that, he’s actually a delicate and easily hurt man.”

“Prince! What are you…!

Will looks embara.s.sed. They do have a difference in status but they are still best friends. In reality their relationship must be good. That being said, Prince’s remark just now was mean. What a truly terrible man.

He still has the nerves to say such things even after flirting in front of Will as if to rub it in his face despite noticing Will’s feelings towards Emerald.
Even with the matter this time, everything has been settled with Will becoming the sacrifice but he doesn’t seem to get it at all.

Actually, the final episode of 『EmeWitch』had the worst possible reputation.
It was because after the sentimental "end roll" when Emerald defeated Sonia in exchange for a great sacrifice, everything ended with her marriage to the Prince.
Even though Will died and many of their comrades were deeply wounded, only those two welcomed the happy ending untouched.

The woman from my previous life was in a pathetic state wetting the sheets with tears, crying「Dress up for mourning! Isn’t this the part when you should visit Will’s grave?!」
……I understand her feelings. I understand them now.

Greedy, heartless and hypocritical Prince.
I am truly glad that I did not have to marry you.

After that, the dissolution of the engagement happened without any difficulties.
The Contract Magic that had been sticking to me since my birth was lifted and I exhaled a breath of relief.


Interestingly enough, the t.i.tle of this chapter is “The Prince of Disaster”.

Funny, huh.

This was a pretty short chapter but my laptop has been acting up and I’ll have to suffer for a bit till I either format the windows or buy new laptop.

七大禁考 was written as seven major prohibitions(I think) but read as taboo.

Thorn of the thorn thing is ​棘のとげ, hmu if it means something else

P.S there were some dodgy sentences there so if you’re reading raws don’t be shy and correct me.

P.P.S thanks to asd.i.c.k, cherry boi and disgayer for checking mistakes

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