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In a second, the surroundings became noisy.
The discussion about which one is right, me or the Prince, is creating disorder.

"Well, the fact that Alonisama killed the previous King…even if it was for the greater good, it can't be forgiven….”
"But wasn't Jebera the one who actually killed him?"
"Alonisama could have killed Jebera and become the King just like that, but she returned the throne to the Royal family of Mistria."
"That's right. That person didn't desire to attain much. As a proof of that, she made the remote region of Cucurouge into her residence…She was by no means greedy!"

I was thinking that because there were many of the Prince's allies here, or more like there was not a single person here who knew me, splitting the sides into two would be enough, but from the looks of it, the situation is leaning towards my advantage.

Prince Rain’s complexion turned bad.
It’s not like he started believing in my story but within him some doubt must have been born. “I don’t know what’s the truth”. That’s the kind of face he has on right now. Just as I wanted.
As soon as I thought I was safe for now,

"I don't know about Alonia and it might've been the way you said, but….but…..!"

Miss Emerald replaced the Prince and came to the front.

“What about the mystery incidents that have been happening recently? After all, the culprits said that they were acting on your orders!”

"Something must be wrong with you to believe a criminal's words like that"

I got irritated so much that unconsciously I talked with a cold voice. Oh well, whatever. I don't have any reason to be on friendly terms with this woman anyway.

“"Within the witches there are also some who hate my mother, because there was a time when she dominated them with fear to unite them under her banner. Aren't they just trying to unjustly frame me because I'm her daughter? Oh, or maybe they are jealous of my engagement with the beautiful Prince and their aim is to make us break up?”

I look at Miss Emerald while chuckling. Was she able to understand my sarcasm?

She looked down while biting her lips.

“Is there any other proof that I am an evil witch? Don't tell me, you were planning to convict me merely with the testimony of some witches?”

“That’s not true! Because….!”

Miss Emerald shouted, as if making up her mind.

“I am called Emerald Poplar! Actually, I was born with the power of precognition and one day I suddenly received a tremendous revelation! It said that the daughter of the Red Witch would bring disaster to Mistria and it told me to find the Blue Prince and four allies to prevent it! That's why, that's why, I…..!”

Yup, I know. The first episode of the original "anime" was about Emerald, who received a revelation and went on a journey.
The girl before me, really must has the power of precognition.
After all, the Prince and his attendants only dare to do such bold actions without a firm evidence exactly because they believe in her powers.

But I won’t accept it.

“I thought it was a well-known fact, that the power of precognition is very unstable. It can't foresee fates that change with the flow of time very precisely…I don't think that everything you said is a lie but there's no guarantee anywhere that prophecy really will come true.”

“Such a thing……! My prophecies are always frighteningly accurate!”

“Then, why were you almost defeated by me in an argument just a moment ago?”

“Th-that’s because I’m still immature and can’t predict what I want by my own will….”

Maybe she realised that she didn't have any persuasive power, Miss Emerald teared up and stopped talking. But then she immediately raised her face and started appealing to the King and guests. She's pretty tough.

“Please believe me! You shouldn’t allow Rain-sama and the Red Witch to marry! Mistria will be destroyed!”

However, the words that came out of her mouth were so foolish that one wouldn’t be able to stop laughing.
Everyone is frowning. Even the Prince Rain stopped Emerald, who still kept shouting.

I secretly let out a sigh. Right now I can understand the original Sonia’s feelings a little bit. It’s not surprising to snap and go crazy in this situation.
Let’s finish this farce already. The mood has already been dampened.

“You don’t have to worry that much, I wouldn’t want to marry Prince Rain either way….As if I could do something like that.”


“To be manipulated by unfounded rumors, to go against the historical pact and insult me and mother…There is no longer any desire left in me to marry such a foolish man. As you wish, I will never marry Prince Rain….No, I will never marry anyone from Mistria's Royal family.”

The only one relieved by my words is Miss Emerald.
The Prince, Prime Minister, bureaucrats, and guests distorted their faces as if in fear of something.
Maybe they are anxious that I'll declare a war on them right now.
That's how much I’m righfully allowed to get angry in this situation. However, if I choose to fight them now, it won't be much different from the original work. Or more like, it'll just be troublesome.

“I have no intentions to annul the Peace Treaty that mother obtained at the price of risking her life. Let's continue to coexist in this world, without the Kingdom of Mistria and the witches having to fight each other. However -”

I looked at the King, the one who seems like he’ll understand me the best.

“This time, the offer to break off the engagement comes from Prince Rain, or to be exact, from the Kingdom of Mistria. As a price for accepting it, I will ask for compensation.”

It’s only natural, right?
Actually, you should be rather glad that I'm the one proposing the idea to wrap up this situation.

“….I understand. Let’s hear your wish.”

King, even your voice is cool ❤ It resounds heavily in the eardrums.
I stopped myself from being enchanted and pretended to think. The answer has already been decided but I don’t want them to think that this was what I was aiming for since the start and alert them.
I let my sight wander around the Cathedral for a while and eventually point at the black-haired young man.

“You, person with a sharp atmosphere right there…you're Prince Rain's Knight, right? And the sword hanging from your waist is…witch killer, b.l.o.o.d.y Magasa.”

Ignoring the rumbling of the audience, I twisted my red lips.

“King of Mistria, please allow me to make him my attendant and take him back to my hometown, Cucurouge."
The golden eyes of the young man opened wide, and a color of dislike clearly appeared on his face.”

He also appeared in the original "Anime".
Will Obsidia.
A close friend of the prince, who is fighting to be the first…no, the second strongest Knight in the kingdom.
He’s also a stalking horse who is in a one-sided love with Emerald, suffering in agony under the name of friendship.
But within "otaku circles" he's overwhelmingly popular, to the point of even overshadowing the Prince.
Even my reincarnation from the other world had a crush on Will.

The woman from my previous life relentlessly hated Sonia because she killed Will at the story’s final.
To be precise, Will died after he tried to shelter Emerald and fell victim to Sonia's magic. Will, who heroically kept loving Emerald without even being able to confess his feelings till the end. His figure melted hearts of many "viewers".
Moreover, Will didn't die in vain. In the end, he also dealt a blow to Sonia. And because of that wound, Sonia who was unable to utilize her full powers was defeated by Emerald. What an appealing a.s.signed role. He's just too cool.

The woman from previous life used to say this.

“If I were Sonia and saw a good man like Will, I’d never kill him! Capture and keep him! That’s what being an evil witch means!”

There is no common point or spiritual connection between me and that woman, but I strongly agree with her about this matter.
The original Sonia acted like she could only see the Prince and Emerald, she always had blood rushing to her head. She did something very wasteful.

To be honest, in regards of looks Prince Rain is on another level. He's just too beautiful. But Will is good too. Like his trained body that you can notice even from under his clothes, or his sharp and dangerous aura, or even his awkward yet lively self, everything is greatly attractive.

I decided after seeing him directly with my eyes.
I want Will.
Let’s take him back and keep him.

“Such a thing! Such a thing! Will-kun is too pitiful.”

“Please wait, Your Majesty! Will is – !”

Miss Emerald and the Prince are desperate.
Oh yeah, you both treasure Will the most after yourselves, right? That’s why he’s worth stealing away.
Taking no notice of the two, His Majesty the King looked straight at Will.

“Will Obsidia…what are you going to do?”

Will's face distorted for a second, but he instantly recollected himself and kneeled according to the Knight's courtesy.

“If the peace of Kingdom can be maintained solely with my life…I won't have any complaints. I will embark towards Cucurouge."

That’s how it should be.
Thus I obtained a Knight in exchange for a broken engagement.

Inventory: “Edgy Knight has been acquired!”
Inventory: “Would you like to equip him?”

G.o.d. what a s.h.i.tty chapter. This has to be the first chapter I’m not satisfied with. Some words are definitely mistranslated and the romanisation of names makes me want to kms but since I don’t know any better, I don’t have any other choice but to leave them as google dictates . I’ll go over those 3 chapters once more time during the weekend to fix things up but for now have this chapter.
as usual, feel free to point out anything wrong in grammar or in translation, I promise I won’t cry too much during the night for being a failure.

Anyway, there we go. I think that the”prologue” arc is over now, from here on real story should kick in.

As usual, big thanks to Asd.i.c.k for proofreading ❤

For some reason I think that the King has Bradley’s voice from FMA

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