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When I was twelve years old, I mastered the magic enabling me to see into the past.
It’s a pretty difficult magic. “You’re a genius appearing only once in a hundred years”, “You must’ve inherited your talent from Alonia, impressive, impressive”, is what the elders used to repeatedly tell me everytime we met. I wonder if they’ve grown senile?

I used this magic to see my own past.
Because father had already died before I became aware of my surroundings, I wanted to know what kind of person he was. Seems like he didn’t have much interest in children. He was a gloomy guy who read books all the time.

Despite this disappointment, I went back further into past because of my curiosity. Further than the memories of when I was a child or even the time when I was just a fetus, the moment I started wondering what was my first memory, I went beyond the boundary and saw something unbelievable.

It was most likely the memories from my previous life.
I was able relive the life of a woman in another world!

That woman was an “Otaku” — a person who dreamed of the fantasy world.
In particular, She loved the story called “Emerald and the Legend of the Witch” or EmeWitch for short and was using it as nourishment for her life.

Amazingly enough, that so-called "anime" was telling a story about the country where I lived. Seeing my mother depicted as the root of all evil and coming to terms with the reality of being the "Last Boss"…
The woman from my previous life used to say this about me: “Ah–, die quickly, you s.h.i.t! Actually, I’ll kill you myself!”. How vulgar.

I wonder what has become of the law of time-s.p.a.ce?
Did the author of this “EmeWitch” have the power to predict the future in another world, or was it the desire of multiple people that gave birth to this world, or was it just G.o.d’s mischief…?

Since it seemed like it would be hard work to find out the truth, I decided to postpone it and instead think of the countermeasures for what's to come.
Because, at the end of the story I die after being defeated by the woman called Emerald.

After this, everything might not go the way it was intended in the story, but my life is on the line here. Even if it’s hard to believe, I can’t ignore it easily.
Anyway, I’ve been careful not to pile up evil deeds like in the original story. I started taking a pretty farsighted approach after repeatedly looking into my past life.
The letters from Prince Rain I've been secretly looking forward to before, changed into something gloomy and I only started paying half the attention to mother's words.

I will never be manipulated by someone else or be deceived.
That’s how I swore to live.

Today is the day when the evil witch, Sonia Carnelian appears in the original story.
Mysterious girl wrapped in veil goes mad with anger after being accused by Prince Rain. Just like that, she gets emotional and reveals everything about her mother's sin and her own schemes…isn't that stupid?
After confessing everything, she tries to kill Emerald out of jealousy but is stopped by the Knight serving the Prince, leaving no other choice but to retreat. But still not forgetting to leave parting words while cursing the Prince.

Something like that is impossible for me.
I wouldn’t be able to do something so unsightly even if you gave me chests full of gold.

That’s why I decided to tweak the script as soon as possible.

“…… No, today I came only for the marriage under the agreement between King of Mistria and my mother Alonia. I have nothing to do with the crimes that Prince Rain seems to be accusing me of.”

Talking as if singing, I tore off the pure white veil.
Long crimson hair spilled out and as soon as my face got exposed, the whole place got noisy.

“How beautiful……”

Somebody let out a whisper.

Right? Right?
I have confidence in my looks.
It’s a bit wrong to say so myself, but my flaming crimson hair and red copper colored eyes attract people’s gazes and chain them to me.
In my hometown I’ve been called the demon of beauty. My skin, hair and nail care is perfect. My figure too, has been perfected by everyday effort.

Even the maidens who helped me change clothes and put on make-up, couldn’t help saying: “Even by standing next to Prince Rain, you won’t lose to him at all”.

What do you think, Prince Rain?
Compared to the girl standing next to you, I’m not inferior in any way, right?
Rather, with the addition of the dress and make-up, I’ve been perfected.

Prince Rain was standing stunned while repeatedly blinking. Finding that face a bit cute, I smiled, and saw his shoulders twitch a bit. Or maybe it was his heart that throbbed.

I want you to regret a bit.

Nonetheless, it’s not a good nature to show off your own beauty too much.
Let’s keep the bragging to a minimum and proceed with the talking.

“Pleased to make your acquaintance, King (of) Mistria. I’m Sonia Carnelian, daughter of the Crimson Witch.”

After I bow elegantly, His Majesty the King silently nods towards me.

“And my promised one — Rain Mistrisama. I’m honored to meet you. But I can’t help feeling regretful. To think that I would hear such words from the person I believed to be my future partner in life…Those insults you’ve spouted not only about me, but also about my deceased mother Alonia, I can’t overlook them.”

As the proof that I had no underhanded intentions, I calmly stared at Prince Rain.

In the original "anime", during this moment Sonia's face still remained hidden, covered by the veil. It was only shown during the final stage, after she was cornered. But on the "internet" she was speculated to definitely be a beautiful girl because Sonia was voiced by a super popular "voice actor".
Surely, I’m also often told “your voice is very erotic, I’m envious”. Fufu.

….Wait, that’s not what I wanted to say! By showing my face like this, I’ve cleared everyone’s doubts. No matter what I say with my face covered, it’ll sound suspicious, right?

Despite backing down for a bit, Prince, who got encouraged by Emerald and the servants, spilled out some arguments.

“B-but we have the proof right here…there is a witness. Alonia's sister disciples definitely said, that witches' attack 20 years ago was all planned by her.”

“You’re right. I have no intentions to deny that matter. Mother deceived her master Jebera, had her attack the Kingdom and made her kill the previous King of Mistria.”

“Then…then you admit, right? That Alonia was the true evil."

Commotion stirred up in the Cathedral in a split of second.
Imitating the Prince, I also try to control the situation with my hand. Wave of noise gradually dies down. I’d like people to hear the story until the end.

“No. My mother never encouraged the raid with selfish desires. She had a reason.”

I turn around and face the audience dignifiedly.

“From what I've heard, because the predecessing King of Mistria was fearful of the power of the witches, he raised the whole country - and was conducting a witch hunt, isn't that right? The witches were chased out of the lands where they lived or were executed without any reasons….At that time, every witch including my mother was filled with anger and hated Mistria.”

It was only 20 years ago. Within the gathered n.o.bles, there are many who still have memories of that time. There are also those who nodded or hanged their heads down at my words.

“Between the witches and the Kingdom of Mistria a rift formed and with each day, the momentum of the battle kept rising. Even without my mother instigating Jebera, I reckon an attack on Mistria would still be unavoidable.”

“Just because―”

“That's why my mother hurriedly attacked the kingdom. The more the witch hunt continued, the more the witches who would want to destroy Mistria would appear and unite, increasing the scale of battle. If that happened, many citizens of the Kingdom and witches would die. Or the fight would continue till one of the sides would truly be eradicated. Isn't that right?”

While asking so, I spin my words, not giving the Prince and the others time to answer.

“The previous King of Mistria, who resolutely performed witch hunts and Jebera, who was the spiritual support of the witches. By getting rid of those two as soon as possible, the desire to battle that had been increasing was lowered. Because my mother truly wished for peace, she had to think of a plan herself and dirty her hands. To end everything with the minimum sacrifice. ……..Of course her heart was hurting. "I really wanted to reveal my strategy" - is what she used to say. However, as a savior who stands between the kingdom and the witches, it was absolutely necessary and only mother could fulfill that role. Because her true aim was to propose peace so that the witch hunts would never happen again.”

I took a moment to pause but n.o.body uttered a word.”
Neither the Prince, Miss Emerald nor the audience was moving, as if the time had stopped.

“The cause of my mother’s illness was the guilt for being called a savior despite tricking her teacher and killing her with her own hands. … Her body was weakened because of her mental anguish.”

After closing my eyes mourningly, I gently smiled.

“I’m truly sorry for having to deliver the truth in this way. But I think that it’s the perfect time now that my mother has already been deceased for 2 years. I will say it again. My mother did not plan a raid on the Kingdom for her own selfish desires. It was to avoid an even bigger war….Do you understand it now?”

Phew, at last done with editing. From now on I’ll post unedited chapters with pa.s.sword first and make them public after i finish proofreading. Took me and my friends more than 1 hour for this chapter, rip.

Anyway, story didn’t move much even despite chapter being so long. We only found out about her past life and well, some truth(?) about Alonia. I feel pretty blue balled but we’ll see how next chapters will go.

Big thanks to Asd.i.c.k, Startickles and disgayer for proofreading with me because I can’t article properly for my life :”
Also can you guess which paragraph I hated the most?  hint: it’s f.u.c.king most of them.
P.S Since this was done mostly with the help of google, there will probably be mistranslations. Don’t be shy to point them out.
P.P.S Witch of Salvation –> Crimson Witch

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