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The pain made him yell again, followed by the instant movement, and at this moment, the speed reached its peak.

The only remaining sand ninja was almost killed in a flash.


There is no ninjutsu and no other ability to launch the ability again, but Chakra is rapidly increasing.

In the twinkling of an eye, his Chakra volume has reached the pinnacle of the Jōnin level.

One after another crazy plundering, Qin Yi rose considerably in this short battle.

Shaking his body, staring at the last person in front of him who was already in a panic, he started an instant technique.

“Swish "

His body suddenly disappeared and when it reappeared, he arrived at the other side's front.

he resisted the dizziness, Qin Yi almost relied on instinct to print at this moment.

“wind and fire release: Fire and wind dragon!”

At this time, under the peak Chakra, the flames engulfed the wind and accompanied by the fierce sharpness of the wind blades and the high-temperature burning of the flames, instantly swallowing up the last one.


Frightened cries came out, and the last one was killed directly by this sudden ninjutsu.

Qin Yi's series of actions, like the autumn wind, quick and dazzling, all Kingdom warriors, only reacted now.

“Your majesty!”

When they saw that Qin Yi had killed one of them and made them almost without any strong enemies of resistance, one was surprised and then shouted excitedly.

After finding out that there was no enemy in front of him, Qin Yi’s heart was loose.

It was at this time that the pain in his head was even stronger, and a deep sense of exhaustion struck his heart, Everything ahead turned dark as he softly fell.

“Your majesty!”

The soldiers were so shocked that Qin Yi fell and supported him looking nervously.

Gandalf had already turned to come here. He soon took Qin Yi and after exploration, he was relieved.

“His Majesty is okay.”

Above the edge of the jungle.

“The fight temporarily ended.”

Tobirama said.

When they saw the ninja costumes, the soldiers were nervous but Gandalf waved.

“There is no need to be nervous. They are not enemies.”

“How is he?”

After looking down at Qin Yi, he asked with a touch of worry.

“It's not that bad.”

Gandalf glanced at the hand and could feel the majestic energy of the other person, said Condensed.

He pointed the staff to Qin Yi’s chest, and the pale white energy emerged and was gathered in Qin Yi’s body. Soon, Qin Yi’s face was much better.

"As for the invitation from the Hokage in your village, the king may not be able to go."

Slowly, he stood up and Gandalf spoke to him.

“I’m not in a hurry. I’ll wait for your leader to get better. I will come again.”

Tobirama smiled and said.

He looks very gentle, but he knows all the people who know him. The younger brother of the Hokage has never been a gentle person.

Gandalf nodded and saw the girl come over and nodded slightly. He opened a way between him and Tobirama.

“We have something to do for a while, I’m sorry, thank you for your help.”

Tobirama shook his head and smiled and said that he was rude before and respected Gandalf.

afterward, under the guidance of Gandalf, the soldiers of the kingdom quickly entered the depths of the forest and merged with Fang Lan's unit.

Tobirama disappeared after looking at this.

His expression became dignified and the strength of the old man just made him feel a little creepy.

“The old man, the strength of the body Very close to the Tobirama, like CHakra, but it’s not "

Uchiha Izuna's face sank.

"Those people are very mysterious. After close observation, I found that they have a very different smell  from the world’s people’s, strange."

“And the old man's strength, I am afraid it is not ordinary!”

Tobirama was on the way.

The ninjas around him looked strange, but they haven’t said anything.

“Go back and pay close attention to the position of these people, but don’t let them know.”

“After their leader awoke, we will formally contact him and perhaps we can understand more.”

Whispered, the curiosity in the heart of Tobirama was growing.

Qin Yi's gang spoke the different language, wore different clothing from this world’s clothing, and Gandalf’s power, etc., all seem to be an unsolved puzzle, making him more and more curious.

Two hours later, in Konoha Village the Hokage office.

Staring at the copy on the desktop, the cynical look that has been made between Hashirama has become more serious at this moment.

“The mysterious army suddenly appeared in the forest of Konoha.”

“A talented young ninja who is surprisingly talented to develop bloodline, ninjutsu, and a new method of printing appeared.”

“In the end, there is that powerful old man?”

Carefully pondered, and after a few moments of thinking, the Hokage said.

“It seems very necessary to meet them.”

“Hopefully, there will be a good result!”

He looked up out at the window at the village of Konoha which was under construction. The eyes of Hashirama were somehow deep

The village that was just established hopes that the major forces and the strong will join in, but it will put an end to the turbulence of all those who harbor other thoughts. The army led by Qi Yi, can be said to be a huge force, and the number of people has reached 6,000 to 7,000. Although strength is not great for Konoha, it cannot be ignored.

This force must be handled with care and caution.

It is neither a violation of his philosophy nor an impact on the newly born village of Konoha

At this time, Gandalf and other 5,000 soldiers have already joined with Fang Lan and others.

At this point, all the kingdom’s soldiers are gathered together so that they are all relieved.

“What about my brother?”

On the way, Xi Yao did not know how many times he asked for export.

“Mr. Gandalf has just said, your highness, His majesty has nothing to do with it.”

General Qin Lin, who was beside the princess, comforted softly.

Watching Qin Yi, who was carried by soldiers on stretchers, Qin Lin was also curious at this time. In his impression, the king has always been lazy and stupid.

But how did a trash behave like that? No one expected this!

He also asked Gandalf, but the old man had only one answer.

“His majesty is gifted, and he has begun to understand the power of the world!”

Qin Lin was shocked. He was very clear about the meaning of this sentence. The Kingdom pa.s.ses through other worlds, and once the king can reach the power of the other side of the world, it means that they will grow too!


He was shocked and surprised.

"Her Royal Highness is relieved that His Majesty uses only his own strength and is temporarily in a coma. He will soon wake up."

Gandalf once again consoled Xi Yao.

The latter is worried about Qin Yi, how can she leave?

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