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Volume 4: Chapter 49: So It Begins

In the fifth division.

Aizen smiled and listened to the words from the newly transformed Reaper before him, and his gla.s.ses flashed slightly.

“One million? I thought that Kenpachi Chengdui’s fifty thousand was already all his troops. That’s too much!”

Aizen said with a surprised tone.

He was indeed surprised, even a little shocked. This crazy Chengdui unexpectedly can summon such a huge army. the 50,000 elite combat power has already made him awed, but it makes sense, the other party said that he is a king of a wide world.

However, the next one million really made Aizen a little dazed.

Someone with such a huge army is beyond his expectation.

“Perhaps Captain Aizen hasn’t recognized the power of our king, but please believe that this million is only the glorious corner of the king’s military strength.”

The reaper said lightly.


“That’s really good news!”

Aizen smiled.

” I heard that Captain Chengdui, has found Urahara Kisuk?”

“Well, any news about Urahara’s Hogyoku?”

“After all, we need it in such a large-scale transformation of Reapers!”

Aizen valued Hogyoku very much, and long-term research made him understand the powerful properties of this thing better than Urahara Kisuke. That is the ultimate requirement for one to rise to Soul King Palace and become the Soul King.

Kenpachi Chengdui may have huge power, He didn’t know how huge and dangerous the strength under Qin Yi’s hand was, but he believed that Hogyoku is his trump card.

The snake could hide and watch tigers fighting, and finally, the two of them will be dead, how interesting it would be!

“My king has found the Hogyoku, and ordered his hands to seize it.” the Shinigami glanced at Aizen.

“Please rest a.s.sured, Captain Aizen, there will be no problem.”

Aizen was indifferent: “no problem then, send him my regards. “

The Shinigami nodded turned and left.

“One million soldiers! Kenpachi Chengdui.”

“How big and powerful is the power behind you?”

Muttered, Aizen’s eyes narrowed.

“It’s really exciting!” This

Human World, in the Urahara store.

“Urahara sama, that’s not good, Hogyoku is gone!!” Tessai Tsukabishi said with a panicked voice, Zaraki, and Urahara Kisuke, Li Yuanli, and others Stood up suddenly.

“What did you say?”

” Hogyoku is gone!”

Tessai Tsukabishi said loudly.

“How is it possible? Obviously, no one has ever been here!”

Urahara Kisuke said in shock.

There are several strong people in this shop at this moment. Who can steal Hogyoku under such circ.u.mstances?

Suddenly, Li Yuanli’s pupils shrank, and he flicked his sword in his hand, severely waved it to the top of Kisuke Urahara’s head.


Zaraki was startled, shouted, and grabbed his Zanpakuto.

Urahara Kisuke looked shocked and hurriedly bowed his head.

“Huh!” The blow of the blade blew his hat, causing gooseb.u.mps on his whole body.

“clang!” The dull sound of metal colliding came out, and Li Yuanli held his Zanpakutu.

At the same time, opposite him, a white-browed Shinigami who held the hilt of a Zanpakuto without a blade appeared in front of him.

This horrible scene shocked Urahara Kisuke, he retreated.

“He, he, how did he enter?!”

“Who are you?” The rest of them shouted in shock.

“Unexpectedly, someone could discover me, you are very unique!”

The white-browed Shinigami said to Li Yuanli, tilting his head.

“You are not from this world!”

Li Yuanli said in a deep tone.

The Zanpakuto in his hand shook a power beam, knocked the Reaper out immediately.

The latter twisted his body, stepped on the wall behind him, and dashed again.

“Oh? So you are a king, so it’s no wonder that you can detect our whereabouts!” The white-browed Shinigami approached Li Yuanli, and the two quickly slashed at each other. He was surprised and his expression became serious.

The king is fundamentally different from other races. He is very aware of the incredible powers of such a powerful race.

“It’s time to retreat.”

“it’s a king we can’t deal with it!”

It’s not that the white-browed Shinigami is weak, but he was very aware of the King’s power. If it was just Kenpachi Zaraki or Urahara Kisuke, it’s not a problem. (I don’t think so)

The figure flashed and twisted suddenly. What was surprising was that his body was so particle-like, disappearing in front of them little by little.

Li Yuanli was also shocked, He rushed forward and waved his sword.

But it was too late, and nothing was cut.

“Remember the Past!” With a blink of his eyes, he used his ability, then, Li Yuanli’s expression became more solemn.

He quickly turned around and said solemnly: “come on, We have to leave now.”

“leave? Are you crazy?”

Urahara Kisuke surprised.

“Kenpachi Chengdui’s army is here. I saw them they stepped on these days.”

Li Yuanli said solemnly.

“Chengdui? His army? As long as it is not him, it’s not a problem!!”

Zaraki said sternly.

” There are many of them and we can’t handle them.”

Li Yuanli glanced at everyone in front of him, his voice was serious.

“come on let’s go!”

“But the Hogyoku.”

Urahara Kisuke hesitated.

“If we stay here, we will die!”

Li Yuanli said loudly, his tone already a little hastily.

This made everyone aware of the importance, and they began to evacuate quickly and walked towards the door.

“I’m very curious, what did the Shinigami mean when he called you a king?”

Urahara asked suspiciously.

While talking, Kenpachi Zarakiopened the front door.

Then, Zaraki’s pupils shrank sharply.


Tessai Tsukabishi was shaking all over.

“Are these the guys of Chengdui?”

His voice was extremely solemn, and Zaraki firmly grasped the Zanpakuto in his hand.

In front of him, the endless black-clothed Reapers surrounded the three floors of Urahara’s store and the third floor, which had already been surrounded by water.

The number was totally unpredictable!

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