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Chapter 686: Crown Prince’s Though

Not to mention the lofty Feng Family, that the Jinling Royal Family did not dare to go against, actually repeatedly suffered a loss to Xi Yue. They could not do anything with him.

From these things, it could be seen how powerful this Xi Yue was now.

I have never heard of a woman Xi Yue pays attention to, then why does he pay attention to an unremarkable Nalan Hexi? Is it because Nalan Hexi really has a pure yin physique?

So what if she doesn’t have the pure yin physique. As long as I can connect with Xi Yue through Nalan Hexi, I will have countless medicinal pills at that time. Maybe the whole Shengde Hall will be mine.

Thinking of this, Shangguan Qi’s eyes darkened a bit.

Isn’t it just a little side concubine? So what if she is ugly? I can just leave her alone after marrying her.

For Shangguan Qi, improving strength and political power was the most important thing now.

Nalan Ziyun still whispered in his ear, “Your Highness, you see that my second sister is really in love with you, and her cultivation qualifications are good. Instead of marrying an ugly woman with a useless physique, it’s better… …”

“Ziyun, you don’t need to say more!” Shangguan Qi interrupted him suddenly. The pair of eyes looked at Hexi with a hint of doing a charity, “I have long admired Nalan Third Miss’s intelligence and dignity, and I don’t care about her appearance and apt.i.tude at all. I want to marry Nalan Third Miss. Is Doctor Nalan still reluctant?”

Nalan Zhengze’s face looked even more gloomy and ugly. He wanted to reject, but he couldn’t go against the crown prince’s power.

The crown prince was different from the Zhu Family. If he agrees, and what if Nalan Hexi uses An Lingyue’s relics to seek favor from the crown prince, wouldn’t Nalan Family get nothing in the end?

When Nalan Feixue heard Shangguan Qi’s words, she screamed without thinking, “Prince brother, how is this ugly trash worthy of you? How can you really admire her? I’m the one whom you should admire!”

“Such an ugly monster like Nalan Hexi should marry to Zhu Zhongba that fat pig! The prince brother, look at me! I’m Nalan Feixue, and I should be your concubine!”

Shangguan Qi snorted as if he hadn’t heard Nalan Feixue’s shout. He felt a little contempt for Nalan Feixue’s behavior in forcing a marriage.

He encountered many women who want to marry him like this, and in his house, there weren’t really any women that were more beautiful than Nalan Feixue. Now for him, of course Nalan Hexi, a woman who was valued by Xi Yue, was more important.

Zhu Yiqun was trembling in anger. Nalan Feixue said these words, is she trying to put shame on my Zhu Family?

Hexi really unexpectedly heard the conversation between several people.

Shangguan Qi wants to marry me a side concubine? He even disregards my ugly appearance and useless physique! What is he thinking!

Qing Luan, who was following Hexi, looked even more unsightly!

Hexi is the future princess of the King of h.e.l.l Mansion and my master’s sweetheart, why are they coveting our princess? Are they tired of living?

Azhu lowered her face and secretly crushed an inscribed jade slip in her arms.

Shangguan Qi straightened his clothes and turned to Hexi, showing an expression that he thought to be elegant. He said gently, “Third Miss, I want to marry as my concubine, are you willing?”

After Shangguan Qi said this, he waited for Hexi to weep with joy, nod desperately, and beg him to marry her back.

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