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Chapter 632

Moreover, did he get my approval to sign the blood pact with me?

Hexi calmed down again after being fl.u.s.tered for a while .

Regardless of the process, at least in terms of results, it was in her best interest to sign a blood pact with Ouyang Haoxuan .

Initially, she did not want to regard Ouyang Haoxuan as a subordinate . She just wanted to keep the promise to General Ouyang to save him, then she would take over the one hundred thousand Zhenwei Army .

But since Ouyang Haoxuan was willing to stay with her and make her his master, she of course would take her as the main, she certainly couldn’t refuse him pretentiously .

Hexi looked at Ouyang Haoxuan and said solemnly, “Do you really think clearly?”

Ouyang Haoxuan gave a weak smile, “What do you say? Xi Yue, I owe you too much, except this method, I can’t think of anything to repay you . ”

Hexi looked at his dark deep eyes . After a long time, she finally nodded and said, “Okay, I understand!”

As soon as he had finished speaking, Hexi waved her hand, and the scene in front of them instantly changed .

It was no longer the hot desert, but it was a courtyard with picturesque scenery and full of spirits .

Uhm… although this courtyard was a little ugly .

After seeing the shock on Ouyang Haoxuan’s face, Hexi smiled and said, “I was originally planning to send you here after you wake up, but since you have signed a blood pact with me now . There is nothing to hide . ”

“Here is……”

“Here is Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory . ” Hexi said slowly, “And I am the new owner of Sealed Dragon Domain . ”

This time, Hexi finally saw the shock in Ouyang Haoxuan’s face .

She said with a smile, “There are many places suitable for cultivation in the Sealed Dragon Domain, and there are a lot of rare materials that can help cultivation . You can choose whatever you want . I have to go to Yanjing City first, you stay and rest well . ”

Ouyang Haoxuan had just merged with Fire Element Spirit Pearl, so he was very weak . It was the safest to stay in the Sealed Dragon Domain .

After giving the instructions to Ouyang Haoxuan, she let a Qi Refining stage servant, Little Si take care of him, Hexi hurriedly left Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory .

Watching Hexi’s figure disappear in the green scenery, Ouyang Haoxuan slowly lowered his eyebrows, covering the hot and deep darkness in his eyes .

In fact, when he was like a scorched black body that couldn’t move, his soul was not unconscious .

So, he heard it all .

Not only did he hear Xi Yue’s master’s evaluation of Five Elements Spirit Pearl, he also heard that Xi Yue did not hesitate to give up the Fire Element Spirit Pearl that the Feng Family crazily wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h to save his life .

He even heard Xi Yue’s master’s evaluation of him- One day, he would betray Xi Yue, so he asked Xi Yue to stayaway from him .

But how could it be?

Ouyang Haoxuan’s mouth twitched as a faint smile appeared .

There were only two reasons for him to stay alive now, vengeance and Xi Yue . If he left Xi Yue, what was the point for him to stay alive in this world?

Therefore, admitting Xi Yue as his master was the best ending .

In this way, he could always follow Xi Yue, watch her, follow her, and never have to separate .


When Hexi finished handling Ouyang Haoxuan’s matter, it was almost night .

She hurried back to Shengde Hall . Before she entered the door, she heard Shen Qingchuo’s crisp but angry voice .

“Hey, you who hide your face behind the mask, how can you stop me from finding Brother Xi Yue? Do you know who I am?”

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