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Lu Li had asked many to search for Bodhi Fruit and even asked the Du Family to offer some a.s.sistance. Lu Ling had been looking for it as well. The Samsara Palace was the most powerful force in the Central Plains and controlled a large chamber of commerce that was the Sanctuary, it was not difficult for them to know that Lu Li was looking for the Bodhi Fruit.

They might not know why Lu Li and Lu Ling was looking for Bodhi Fruit or learn that the fruit could cure Immortal's Perish, but the Samsara Place did take note of this matter. They would acquire the Bodhi Fruit as soon as it appeared in the Central Plains and they would not give Lu Li any chance.

Samsara Palace even told the Hades Society and the Pavilion of Blossoms about this and let them keep an eye on Bodhi Fruit as well so as to buy any Bodhi Fruit as soon as it appeared.

Lu Li bought Yang Yu's explanation. What was more, being such a coward, Yang Yu shouldn't have been planning a plot. Lu Li asked solemnly, "Where did you learn about the Bodhi Fruit? You know what will happen if you lie to me. I have a Human Sovereign Realm warrior next to me. When you lie, your soul will show the trace…"

Lu Li threatened Yang Yu who promised no lies. He pointed the saber on his neck and said after Lu Li moved it, "I don't know about the details but before I came to the Clouds Plains, I heard that the Great Buddhist Temple has an orchard. There is a batch of fruits that are about to mature. I heard that Bodhi Fruit is among them. Most of the fruits will be auctioned. The orchard is well-known at the Central Plains and every 100 years a batch of fruit will mature. Every time, people will talk about it heatedly. Young Master Lu, the information is authentic. If I lie to you, I will die like a dog."

After Yang Yu said his piece, Lu Li turned to Hu Lang who said after some thoughts, "The Great Buddhist Temple indeed has a famous orchard. The Great Buddhist Temple wasn't particularly strong before but because of this orchard, powerful warriors are able to grow. The Great Buddhist Temple developed fast during the past thousands of years. It now ranks top 5 at Central Plains."

Lu Li looked at Yang Yu and said again, "Do you know when the Great Buddhist Temple will auction the fruits?"


Yang Yu answered with certainty, "It should be in two months and a half, September 19th of the Central Plains calendar."

Hu Lang did some calculation and added, "If I am right, it should be after two months and a half."


Lu Li took out the Ding of Barbarian G.o.d and removed the Interspatial Ring off Yang Yu's hand. Lu Li had Little White to put away Yang Yu into the Ding of Barbarian G.o.d and took off Li Gu and Zhao Ge's Interspatial Rings as well. He threw their bodies into the Ding of Barbarian G.o.d. Then he was satisfied enough and asked Little White to put away Ding of Barbarian G.o.d.


Ji Mengyao was still in terror. Seeing a man suddenly come in, she thought Lu Li captured a brawny man to rape her. The black phoenix mark on her neck glowed as she was ready to attack. But she saw that it was Yang Yu with psychic power and stopped.

"Yang Yu? No…"

Soon, Ji Mengyao realized something. She was still naked. She was never warm to Yang Yu the coward and wouldn't even let him touch her finger. Now she was standing in front of him with no clothes?

Yang Yu fell into the Ding of Barbarian G.o.d hard. His wounds were hurting. He grumped and grimaced in pain. Hearing Ji Mengyao's scream, he looked over and inspected with psychic power as well.

Both were standing in astonishment. Yang Yu's jaw was dropped. He sensed that Ji Mengyao was covering her b.r.e.a.s.t.s with one hand and down below with another. Even though he was badly wounded, he couldn't help but have an arousal.

"Ah, ah, ah~"

Ji Mengyao was losing her mind. She had always belittled Yang Yu but now she was standing in front of him in embarra.s.sment and he was enjoying this view for free. She felt awkward, mortified and ashamed. She felt she could commit suicide.


Two more people were thrown in. Ji Mengyao thought someone else were coming and she was losing her mind even more. But then she noticed with psychic power that they were two dead bodies, which was to her relief.

"No, ah…Lu Li, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you devil…"

Ji Mengyao's pupils contracted in fear as she recognized that they were Li Gu and Zhao Ge. She was making love to them not long ago and now they were dead.

Ji Mengyao finally understood what Lu Li wanted to do to her. He had her undress, take off her Interspatial Ring and then threw in Yang Yu and two bodies that belonged to two men that she once bedded…

Was Lu Li trying to imprison her for a while to drive her crazy?

Ji Mengyao almost had a mental breakdown. All the Interspatial Rings were taken away and Ji Mengyao would stay naked all the time. Yang Yu, Li Gu and Zhao Ge were whipped so their clothes were ragged. Even if she were to take the clothes off the two bodies, it wouldn't be of any use, not to mention that their clothes were soaked in blood…

No Interspatial Ring meant no water and food. Yang Yu and Ji Mengyao were at a high enough realm to survive for a month without food or water but what to do when nature called?

Ji Mengyao was going mad, thinking about going number two in front of Yang Yu with two stinking bodies at the side. She released the black phoenix and attacked at the lid again and again. However, being a piece of Quasi Relic, the Ding of Barbarian G.o.d could not be cracked by just any warrior.

With the attack of the fire phoenix, the lid glowed, lighting up the s.p.a.ce, offering a feast for Yang Yu's eyes. Ji Mengyao was attacking in rage, moving her bodies violently, revealing quite a view.

"Stop it. The temperature will burn us."

Yang Yu soon saw the problem. Ji Family's black phoenix came with terrible temperature and the Ding of Barbarian G.o.d had a limited s.p.a.ce. Every time Ji Mengyao attacked, the temperate would increase…

"Lu Li, if you have the b.a.l.l.s, just kill me!"

Ji Mengyao screamed in grief and indignation. From the corner of her eyes, she saw Yang Yu staring at her. She yelled in rage, "What are you looking at? No man is good. I will claw your eyes out if you dare to look any more!"

Yang Yu looked away, feeling upset. But he was still stealing a look out of the corner of his eyes. He adopted quite a lighthearted perspective. If Lu Li wanted to kill him, Lu Li would kill Ji Mengyao as well. Yang Yu would feel quite worthwhile to be able to die with such a beauty. If Lu Li didn't kill him and he was trapped here, he would be happy to accept.

Ji Mengyao could feel Yang Yu's stolen looks. She walked over to the two bodies, gritting her teeth and torn off some blood tainted rages to cover her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and her hip. However, she just made herself all the more inviting. She felt more comfortable, though, by the act of self-deception.

"Swish, swish~"

However, the next second, the lid glowed. Thunderbolts became to charge around, hitting Yang Yu and Ji Mengyao constantly. Smoke came off from their bodies. The few rags on them and the two bodies were burnt into dust…

Ji Mengyao was trembling. Her skin and hair were burnt and many place over her body were scorched. Her hair disheveled, giving her a horrifying look. Where was that beauty?

"Lady Mengyao."

A sound of ridicule was heard, "You are pretty and s.e.xy and I will not be able to enjoy that when you have clothes on. I think it's better when you don't wear anything. Well…later, I will go to the Samsara Palace and I will throw you to the plaza in the city so everyone in the city can appreciate your graceful body."


Ji Mengyao spit out blood. Her eyes rolled as she collapsed. She fainted, too devastated by Lu Li's words.

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