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Given that the authority of the Grand Master of the Demon-slaying Hall was not to be challenged, the Northern Desert had been peaceful lately.

So had the Clouds Plains. So long as the two forces of the south Serenity Plains remain detached from the Samsara Palace, the ones on the north would not dare to infiltrate the Clouds Plains. After all, there were six known Human Sovereign Realm warriors at the Clouds Plains, which gave it stronger power than the two forces of north Serenity Plains.

Lu Ling went back to the Clouds Plains once but she came back after two days. Tu Ni was the emperor of the Clouds Plains. As long as he was there, the Clouds Plains would be free from riots. Lu Ling was not worried.

She sent many scouts to the Serenity Plains and bought off many spies at a huge cost. She required that she must learn any signs of disturbance or trouble first hand. The Teleportation Formation to the Deserted World was at the Serenity Plains. If the two forces of north Serenity Plains made a move and destroyed the pa.s.sage, Lu Ling wouldn't be able to send over reinforcements.

Clouds Plains was impenetrable right now. Scouts of Samsara Palace and the Serenity Plains could not gain access. They couldn't know that Lu Ling was at the Deserted World. Less than 10 had knowledge of the pa.s.sage. The odds of it being exposed were low.

The territories which once belonged to the Fire Leopards were taken over. Mystical Materials were collected. The amount was startling. There was no proof that humans had been in this small world. Fire Leopards, like other beasts, didn't consume Mystical Materials, which explained the large quant.i.ty.

What was more!

The Mystical Materials all had long ages. Some of them must have been growing for at least tens of thousands of year while others were even older than a dozen thousand years.

Lu Ling had the Mystical Materials appraised and cla.s.sified. She didn't dare to use them when not sure about the effects. She had to allocate more people from the Clouds Plains for this matter.

Three months pa.s.sed!

Lu Ling didn't advance on the territories of other beasts. There was a lot on her plate and she was not ready to expand yet. She must digest the resources she had now and the warriors must progress.

Many Eternal Realm warriors from the Northern Desert and the Deserted World were being relocated over. The total number reached at least more than 1000. Lu Ling provided them with unlimited supplies of Mystical Materials on the prerequisite that they could make breakthroughs in realms constantly.

She could have allocated many Eternal Realm warriors from the Clouds Plains but the Serenity Plains and the Samsara Palace were keeping an eye at the Clouds Plains covetously. She was afraid to make a big move for fear that the Deserted World might be exposed.

This was indeed a land of treasure!

During the past three months, another score of warriors had learned Profound Meanings, including Hu Lang who was at the initial stage of the Human Sovereign Realm.

Hu Lang learning a new Profound Meaning inspired Qu Cheng, G.o.d of Meng and others. At the Human Sovereign Realm, warriors would be primarily focus on learning Profound Meanings. Every time they made progresses in Profound Meanings, their abilities would be enhanced as well. Therefore, everyone was cultivating day and night. Hei Ni even began to wander around to find chances on his own.

Lu Li and Ming Yu had been in closed-door cultivation for three months and Little White was in the Ding of Barbarian G.o.d. Lu Li had learned the fundamentals of the Profound Meaning. He knew it was of the s.p.a.ce properties and the name was s.p.a.ce Vibration.

This Profound Meaning was not of a high rank, only the fourth. Nevertheless, the Profound Meaning could be integrated into Soul Shattering perfectly. In this sense, the Profound Meaning was powerful enough.

Apart from cultivating Xuan Energy, Lu Li had been studying this Profound Meaning in the past three months. The number of vibration valves had reached 10 and counting.

Ten vibration waves of strength penetrating into enemy's brain, bypa.s.sing the outer layer of defense, how terrifying that was! Even G.o.d of Meng was afraid to be Lu Li's test subject now. G.o.d of Meng's Soul Pond would not explode but he could suffer from concussion. Soul was not something he wanted to take risk at.

Ming Yu had been making fast progresses. His realm was elevated but it would still be a long time before he could reach the Human Sovereign Realm. If everything went well and he could keep cultivating, it would cost him at least a year to reach the Human Sovereign Realm.

Lu Li stopped cultivating!

He could continue to study s.p.a.ce Vibration Profound Meaning but he decided to build the sixth Fate Wheel and reach the middle stage of the Eternal Realm first.

Realm was Lu Li's weakness right now. When his realm was not high enough, his attacks and reactions wouldn't be fast enough. Faced with a Human Sovereign Realm warrior, he could be killed immediately.

Lu Li asked about the general situation and went back to the Snow Mountain of Dragons. Then he went to the Northern Desert to see how things went. He brought Lu Feixue to the Inferno with him on the way back.

The Northern Desert was peaceful. The only thing that disappointed Lu Li was—there was no information about the Bodhi Fruit. Madam Yan had sent someone to the Central Plains and Lu Ling had been asking around but there was no information about the Bodhi Fruit. Lu Renhuang also appeared to have vanished.

Lu Ling came back. Lu Renhuang had come out. The only unresolved matter for Lu Li now was Bai Qiuxue and Jiang Qiling. The later had been told to stay at the Demon-slaying Hall and there was no telling how she was now.

Lu Feixue settled in a tent. Lu Li went to his own to cultivate. The valley was quite s.p.a.cious but now, being the base camp, it was crowded with at least thousands of tents with people living in all of them…

Lu Li asked Ye Hu to protect him while he built his Fate Wheel. It had been some time since he built the last one. Lu Li's foundation was stable now and this time, the process was smooth. He succeeded in merely six days.

After he came out from cultivation, Lu Li didn't get slack. He rested only for a day before he resumed cultivation. He had little time. It had been almost a year since he left the Demon-slaying Hall. He had used one year out of the 10 years. In nine years, the four forces would bear down on the Northern Desert and the Clouds Plains. He had not the luxury to squander away his time.

The talented disciples and other warriors in the base camp were inspired by Lu Li and other's diligence. Almost all the warriors had been cultivating hard. The several dandy boys were driven out of the Inferno by Lu Ling. But she didn't let them go back to the Clouds Plains and the Northern Desert. Rather, she sent them to the Shadowland City.

Inferno was so important to Lu Li and Lu Ling that she would not allow any leak of information. The two exits of the Deserted World were guarded by ma.s.sive forces and n.o.body was allowed out.

Once the Inferno was exposed, not only the four forces, but also the other eight forces would swarm over to fight for the land of treasure.

Another two months pa.s.sed by. Suddenly, outside the valley, there came up a thick mist. There were people cheering amid the mist.

Ke Mang and Ke Lv spent months, went through materials worth at least hundreds of billions of Xuan Crystals and they finally succeeded in building the ancient formation that could aid in future fights.

This was one of the 10 ancient formations owned by the Shadowland Race, a formation that could trap and kill Human Sovereign Realm warriors.

Several Human Sovereign Realm warriors went to have a try. They confirmed that this destruction formation was horrifying. After that, Lu Ling ordered to advance toward a territory of another beast kind.

More than a thousand Eternal Realm warriors had come over the past five months and many had reached the n.o.ble Lord Realm. Now the total number of n.o.ble Lord Realm warriors had reached more than 1700.

As time went by and with the support of Mystical Materials, many more would reach the n.o.ble Lord Realm. Lu Ling was confident and determined to conquer the Inferno.

Ye Cha moved out first with some n.o.ble Lord Realm warriors. One Human Sovereign Realm warrior stayed behind to command and the other all moved out. Lu Ling led the teams in person and Ke Mang went with them as well. More than 1000 n.o.ble Lord Realm warriors set off on the new expedition.

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