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With the help of the illusion formation built by Ke Mang, the cleaning-up effort was moving faster forward. Ye Hu was solely in charge of drawing more Fire Leopards over. Usually, by the time he came back with another batch, the former batch had been eliminated.

At the beginning, warriors from Clouds Plains were hostile toward the ancient races but their att.i.tudes had been changed. After all, they were on the same sides and the ancient races had one Human Sovereign Realm warrior as well. Additionally, Ke Mang did make a great contribution. Another race was known for their medical skills and they treated wounded warriors.

Ke Mang and his team set off on building another illusion formation because they all knew about the existence of a Beast King among the Fire Leopards.

Even though the Beast King would not be alarmed right now, it would happen sooner or later after too many Fire Leopards were killed. Ke Mang hoped he could build an ancient divine formation so as to facilitate the five Human Sovereign Realm warriors to kill the Beast King.

The reason behind was that warriors from Clouds Plains were getting careless. They had been having some easy days and they had become sluggish. After two warriors were killed and several badly wounded, n.o.body dared to slack anymore.

On the ninth day, while a warrior at the peak of the n.o.ble Lord Realm was in heated battle, he suddenly stopped on the spot, his mind absent. Several warriors nearby protected him from the attacks of the Fire Leopards. Otherwise, he would have been killed instantly.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha!"

Pausing for a moment, the warrior at the peak of the n.o.ble Lord Realm suddenly laughed as he said, "It came to me. Finally, I understand it now. I will be reaching the Human Sovereign Realm! Ha, ha, ha, ha!"

The warrior laughed like a crazy person. He sat down right on the spot and began cultivating right away regardless of the fact that he was surrounded by more than a dozen Fire Leopards.


Hu Lang dashed over, shielding the warrior from the Fire Leopards. He spoke to the dozen warriors behind him, "Protect him and don't worry about anything else. Brother Six from the Tu Family is highly possible to be reaching the Human Sovereign Realm this time."

Hu Lang's words surprised many. Many here were at the peak of the n.o.ble Lord Realm. The total number was more than six or seven hundred. They had been stuck in the n.o.ble Lord Realm for years. Brother Six of the Tu Family had been in the n.o.ble Lord Realm for nearly 50 years and to the surprise of many, he might be able to make a breakthrough shortly after he came to the Inferno.

"The laws in heaven and earth are clearer. I hope that after you spend some time here, you can all learn some Profound Meanings."

Lu Ling's words echoed in many warriors' minds. They had thought that it wasn't true. But Brother Six of the Tu Family's progress rekindled everyone's antic.i.p.ation.

Human Sovereign Realm warriors…

n.o.ble Lord Realm warriors were just lords and those of the Human Sovereign Realm were kings, emperors.

There was a huge gap between lords and kings. When one warrior reached the Human Sovereign Realm, he could bring immense benefit to himself and his family.

While the warriors felt envious, they began to fight more seriously. In the meantime, they were all trying to sense the world to see if they could learn some Profound Meaning.

To reach the Human Sovereign Realm one must learn Profound Meanings or else it would be impossible. Human Sovereign Realm warriors were powerful not only because of Force Fields but also Profound Meanings.

The warriors were cheered up. Lu Ling, on the other hand, was not surprised. She had chosen commanding here over returning to the Clouds Plains because she felt the Inferno was a special place even though she hadn't quite figured out why the laws in heaven and earth in the Inferno was so clear.

Brother Six of the Tu Family had his soul controlled by Lu Ling so she wasn't worried. He would remain her slave after he reached the Earth Immortal Realm if possible. Therefore, she didn't even think twice before she sent Hu Lang to protect his safety.

Lu Li was still in his own world. He had no idea what had just happened. Ye Hu kept luring more Fire Leopards over but Ye Cha hadn't returned yet. He must have gone to the central region of the Fire Leopards' territory.

On the 13th day, another one had an epiphany. This time, it was a warrior of the middle stage of the n.o.ble Lord Realm. He didn't sit down to cultivate directly. He went back to the valley and then began contemplating.

Everyone else was shocked. In just half a month, two had gained insights. The Profound Meanings they learned might be of low levels but they were Profound Meanings no less.

The five Human Sovereign Realm warriors felt uplifted!

Only Human Sovereign Ream warriors, and not others, knew how to reach the Earth Immortal Realm. Toward the later stage, Human Sovereign Realm warriors focused on the cultivation of Profound Meanings. One must learn an eighth-rank Profound Meaning before reaching the Earth Immortal Realm or else the final step could not be made.

Many thought that Profound Meanings were hard to learn and that one could be counted lucky to be able to learn a low rank Profound Meaning ever. It was believed by many that a warrior could only learn one Profound Meaning. Those notions were all wrong.

Only Human Sovereign Realm warriors knew that Profound Meanings could be integrated together. Several low rank ones could be combined to form a Profound Meaning of higher ranks. If a warrior desired to become stronger, then the warrior must learn more powerful Profound Meanings.

It was said that Grand Master of the Demon-slaying Hall was the only warrior that could master a ninth-rank Profound Meaning. It was because n.o.body else could do so that he had been in the position for more than 1000 years with no one else challenging him.

If the five Human Sovereign Realm warriors could learn Profound Meanings faster in here, they would see their abilities enhanced and it was possible for them to reach the Earth Immortal Realm.

"Ha, ha, ha!"

Three days later, Brother Six of the Tu Family suddenly opened his eyes and laughed. He flew toward the valley in delight.

Hu Lang's eyes glowed. He yelled, "Brother Six, are you close?"


Leaving behind one word, Brother Six of the Tu Family rushed into the base camp. Obviously, he was going to cultivate to the Human Sovereign Realm.


Many warriors' eyes flickered. They both admired and envied him. They began to devote more efforts, hoping they could be the next to be enlightened.

"Someone come here!"

Lu Ling yelled. She said to a warrior of the Drifting Cloud Hall and said, "Send a word to Tu Ni. Tell him to gather all the talented disciples of the Clouds Plains and send them there. Let them cultivate in the valley."

The Xuan Qi in heaven and earth were profound and it was easier to learn nature laws, making the Inferno the best place for cultivation. The Clouds Plains boasted a great number of talented disciples who could cultivate faster in here.

"It is a pity…"

Lu Ling sighed. If they could have decades, then they could see the birth of many Earth Immortal Realm and Human Sovereign Realm warriors. By that time, they wouldn't be afraid of the Samsara Palace.

The window of time of 10 years was far too short. Even if Hu Lang and others could make constant progress, it would still be hard for them to reach the Earth Immortal Realm. On the off chance that they could, would they be worthy opponents for the Earth Immortal Realm warriors of the four forces?

But when they took control of the Inferno, they would possess a land of treasure. Their hope of surviving the confrontation of the four forces would be greatly elevated…

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