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With Zi Huanqiao's help, Lu Li and Lu Ling's ident.i.ties were kept confidential. Zi Huanqiao told the warriors to leave the city plaza area and all the powerful warriors not to use psychic power. Anyone that did would be regarded as spies and be sentenced to death.

Lu Li and Lu Ling were dying to be back to the Ling Empress City so they had to take Teleportation Formations. Zi Huanqiao teleported to the Heaven Martial City in advance to make arrangements. Afterwards, he teleported back to escort Lu Li and Lu Ling over.

At the Heaven Martial City, the plaza was empty. n.o.body was there and no one used psychic power. Zi Huanqiao was quite skilled in this.

Then Zi Huanqiao teleported to the Ling Empress City before Lu Li and Lu Ling. He went to work with Madam Yan to get ready. After an hour, Zi Huanqiao came back to escort Lu Li and Lu Ling to the Ling Empress City.

The plaza was empty as well at the Ling Empress City but there were some psychic powers felt. Clearly, there were enemy scouts in the city.


After those warriors used their psychic power, Ming Yu, Yu Huashen and two patriarchs of the Cyan Phoenix Race sprang to actions. Madam Yan had given a strict order to kill anyone that dared to use psychic power. Those warriors must be scouts from the Central Plains and their existence could not be allowed.

Lu Li and Lu Ling didn't concern themselves about this. Ming Yu would handle it. Lu Li showed Lu Ling to the imperial palace where Madam Yan was waiting with Bai Leng and someone else.

"Greetings, Emperor, this is…"

Madam Yan bowed and looked at Lu Ling with curiosity. She was so stunning that Madam Yan found herself jealous. Lu Ling could be counted as the most beautiful in the world for her looks and temperament were even better than Bai Qiuxue and Bai Xiashuang's.

"I will explain to you later."

Lu Li was in no mood to talk now. He waved his hand and led Lu Ling directly toward Lu Feixue's palace. Madam Yan clearly didn't know that this was about Lu Renhuang, which meant that even if Lu Renhuang did come out, he didn't alarm anyone. But Lu Li was convinced that Lu Renhuang would to go Lu Feixue.

Lu Li and Lu Ling hurried to Lu Feixue's residence. She was drinking tea in the hall. When she saw Lu Li coming with a pretty girl, Lu Feixue said with joy, "Lu Li, you are back. Well....where did you find this pretty girl?"


Lu Li and Lu Ling looked at each other, their minds weighted down with disappointment. Lu Li let go of Madam Yan and others before he asked Lu Feixue, "Aunty, have you seen my father yet?"

"Your father?"

Lu Feixue frowned as she asked, "Why did you ask? Has he come out?"


Lu Li looked at Lu Ling in confusion. According to the information provided by Qu Cheng, Lu Renhuang should have come out. If so, he must have gathered information and he should have come and look for them. How come he didn't go to Lu Feixue?

Lu Ling was baffled as well. Clever as she was, she could not find a reason. But she reacted fast. She knelt, kowtowed to Lu Feixue three times and said, "I am your niece Lu Ling, auntie."

"Niece? Lu Ling?"

Lu Feixue stood in bewilderment for a moment. She checked Lu Ling up and down and her eyes reddened. She came over to help Lu Ling up and said, "My niece, stand up, please. Lu Li, you have found you sister. How wonderful…"

Lu Li had told Lu Feixue everything about Lu Ling. For the past couple of years, Lu Feixue had been wanting to meet Lu Ling. She cared for and worried about this niece. She was so overwhelmed with joy that she could finally see her niece today.

Lu Feixue was sobbing too much to speak. Lu Ling looked at her with a smile. Lu Li had told her about their aunt and Lu Ling cared about her as well. After all, Lu Feixue was their father's only sister.

Lu Feixue asked Lu Ling many things while Lu Li kept deliberating about Lu Renhuang himself. According to information provided by Qu Cheng, his father should have come out during his visit to the Clouds Plains. There were traces of people living in the Ice Abyss that were a month old. That meant, Lu Renhuang had been living there for more than a decade. He certainly wasn't dead now, not when he could survive the more than 10 years.

Theoretically speaking!

When someone was trapped for over 10 years, the first thing he would do after coming out was to gather information. Northern Desert was under Lu Li's control and everyone knew stories of Lu Li. Lu Renhuang could have gone to anyone and would be able to acquire what he needed.

More than a decade ago, Lu Renhuang could already best other Human Sovereign Realm warriors. Even if he had made no breakthrough in his realm, it would not be difficult for him to collect information.

In that case, he should have come to the Ling Empress City where he could locate Lu Feixue just as easily. He could avoid meeting with others but not with his sister.

This was where it went off. Lu Feixue never saw Lu Renhuang!

Lu Feixue finally began to think about Lu Renhuang after she chatted with Lu Ling for a while. Lu Ling explained what they had found.

Lu Feixue frowned. She was in deep thoughts. A moment later, she suddenly remembered something and said, "Half a month ago, I was still in closed-door cultivation. I faintly detected a strong psychic power had reached me. At first, I didn't feel it. I only was alarmed later. But…it disappeared soon. I questioned Bai Yan and Ming Yu about it but they said they didn't find anything about it. There was not unfamiliar powerful warrior at the Northern Desert. Was it…my brother checking on me?"

"It should be!"

She continued, "That psychic power is simply too strong. I think the warrior must be at least of the Human Sovereign Realm. Unrelated Human Sovereign Realm warriors wouldn't check up on me. After all, I am of no account for the Northern Desert. None of Madam Yan, Yu Huashen or Ming Yu had such experience."


Lu Li and Lu Ling felt lost. If that warrior was Lu Renhuang, why didn't he meet Lu Feixue? How come he never went for Lu Li and Lu Ling? It would be nice for him to leave a note.


Thinking of that, Lu Li asked in a hurry, "Have you inspected the hall? Did you find any note or something?"


Lu Feixue blinked in confusion and said, "The maids clean it every day. They didn't see anything of that sort."

Lu Li wasn't convinced. He began to inspect the hall with psychic power again and again. After a while, his eyes glowed. He flew out and stood in front of the palace.

Lu Ling followed his lead. She trembled and flew out as well. Lu Feixue followed them out and looked toward the gate as Lu Li was doing.


Lu Feixue teared up as soon as she took a look. Her tears fell like rain as she murmured, "Brother, you are so cruel. Why didn't you meet me?"

Over the gate of the palace, there were two small characters. Clearly, someone had carved them there with a weapon. The writings were vigorous and bold, natural and smooth. They read "Renhuang". But the words were small and the carving was shallow. One would miss them if not careful.

Lu Renhuang had come out!

But as to why he didn't meet Lu Feixue or go to the Deserted World to find Lu Li, n.o.body knew the answer.

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