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Chapter 230: Such a Rookie
None of them could arrive at a conclusion after moments of hard thinking. Lu Li never saw this man, so he couldn’t figure out who he was.

Bai Xiashuang suddenly looked at Lu Li after a while and said, "Lu Li, don’t think about that powerful warrior anymore because Grandpa Xi will look into that. I want to ask you something. Did you kill that Fate Wheel Realm warrior of the Yu Family?"

Bai Qiuxue’s eyes rekindled. She looked at Lu Li with eagerness. They were both curious about how Lu Li, a warrior at the Spirit Sea Realm, could kill another person at the peak of the Fate Wheel Realm.

Lu Li shook his head with a bitter smile and said, "Lady Shuang, do you think that this is possible? Have your heard of a warrior of the Spirit Sea Realm can kill Fate Wheel Realm warriors? Let alone at the peak of the Fate Wheel Realm!"

Bai Xiashuang blinked as she was not quite convinced. She answered, "But… the people in the Wu Ling County said they saw you kill him."

"That is right!"

Lu Li nodded and said, "I did kill him but I only killed a half-dead man. The Fate Wheel of that warrior was destroyed, and he was badly injured which was why I could end his life. I don’t have the ability to destroy his Fate Wheel, let alone a three-layered one. It was that powerful warrior that made a sneak attack."


Bai Xiashuang understood and so did Bai Qiuxue. They could see it now that Lu Li explained. It was normal that a powerful warrior of the Eternal Realm could destroy the Fate Wheel and Lu Li took the opportunity.

The twins didn’t quite believe in Lu Li to be so capable. That being said, Bai Qiuxue still looked a bit disappointed. She thought Lu Li was going to surprise her.

Lu Li was relieved. He wanted to use Hunchback Tian to take the bullet for him. Now that Bai Qiuxue didn’t know that mysterious warrior, he naturally made him the man responsible. In this way, the Bai Family wouldn’t have any suspicion.

The secret of Little White could not be revealed. Otherwise, even the Bai Family would take part in fighting over it. A miraculous beast that could easily break through a Fate Wheel would be wanted by anyone.

Of course, there were somebody at the Wu Ling County that saw Little White. The cat would be out of the bag sooner or later, and Yu Family might come to know it. But Lu Li was not concerned. In half a year, Ye Cha and the others could leave the small world. Lu Li would be in no fear of the Yu Family with several n.o.ble Lord Realm warriors with him.

Also, once Ye Cha came out, he would leave the Thousand-island Lake and the Northern Desert to the Central Plains. He had been staying in closed-door training at the Thousand-island Lake because he was not powerful enough, and consequently, he couldn’t get to the Central Plains. If Ye Cha could bring him to the outside of the Central Plains, he wouldn’t wait any longer. He desired to go to the Central Plains to look for the Lu Family.

Bai Qiuxue thought for a while, looked around and said, "Lu Li, this is a nice place of yours. Can we live here for a couple of days?"

Lu Li was caught by surprise. Bai Qiuxue wanted to live temporarily at the Blood Evil Island? Was it suitable for their ident.i.ties? This was where he lived. If the outside world knew that a single man and single ladies lived together like this, wouldn’t it be a stain on the twin’s honor? Why weren’t the twins going back now that he had returned? Were they having romantic feelings for him?

Lu Li threw a glance at Bai Qiuxue when these thoughts came to his mind. All he saw was a blushed face that enchanted Lu Li. He nodded and said, "Ladies, if you want to live here, then it will be the honor of the entire Blood Evil Island. I myself will be very happy. Please feel free to live here and you can spend your life here."

"A life?"

Bai Qiuxue’s cheeks got even redder. Bai Xiashuang stared at Lu Li and said, "Lu Li, you wish. We are just afraid that when we get back, our auntie will scold us. We want to live here for a few days and go back when our auntie is not so angry anymore. Spend our life here? You wish!"

"Oh, oh!"

Lu Li tumbled to the truth but he was even more embarra.s.sed. Madam Yan was angry because the twins had risked their lives to the Heaven Martial Kingdom or him. Lu Li felt a surge of strong emotions after recalling how the two had risked their lives for him.

Lu Li soon asked Hunchback Tian to look for Patriarch Seven who sent over several maids, many daily necessities, and delicious food.

Lu Li himself would not live at the Dragon Elephant Mountain anymore. Otherwise, it would dishonor the twins. He didn’t return to the Earth Dragon Island either. He lived in the Blood Evil Fortress, and everyday, he spent it in accompanying the twins to dine, chat, and wander around the Blood Evil Island…

"I am so bored!"

Two days in and Bai Xiashuang was already bored. The Blood Evil Island was only this big, so how much fun could there be? The twin sisters had been to every interesting place of the Thousand-island Lake. Naturally, they were not so interested in this small island.

It was better for Bai Qiuxue as she was a quieter person. She lived a leisure life reading books in her spare time. But not Bai Xiashuang who was restless. She looked at Lu Li who was sitting next to them and asked, "Lu Li, do you know how to play the game of go?"


Lu Li answered after a moment, "I know some, but I am not very good at it. My skills are quite limited."

"Come play with us!"

Bai Xiashuang suddenly found a source of fun. She took out the checkerboard and pieces, then she waved at Lu Li, "Lu Li, come and let’s play!"

Lu Li touched his nose. He was not quite fond of go, but Lu Ling was. She often asked him to play with her when they had nothing to do.

Lu Ling was had trouble walking so she rarely got out of the tribe. Lu Li would play with her to please her. He felt his skills were not good enough as he was always beaten by Lu Ling. Never for once did he win.

Therefore, he was somewhat reluctant to do this. n.o.body liked to be bullied, but he was the host. He couldn’t refuse and had to sit down now that Bai Xiashuang was so bored.

First was the coin toss. Lu Li was to make the first move. He randomly placed a piece in the middle. Bai Xiashuang immediately showed expressions of disdain because… it was the Tengen position that was in the center.

In the game of go, the best positions were the corners and the borders. Corners were the places that could be occupied with great ease, then came the borders. Pieces would be gradually placed towards the center. Lu Li, however, made the first move and put a piece in the center. He clearly didn’t know how to play…

To tease such a rookie robbed the sense of achievement from Bai Xiashuang. Bai Qiuxue threw a gentle glance over and resumed her reading.

Bai Xiashuang made casual moves, fast ones as well. Lu Li was quick, also, as if he was randomly dealing with her. Soon, their pieces covered up more than half of the board. Suddenly, Bai Xiashuang slowed down because she realized that many of her pieces were captured by Lu Li. Without her evening know about it, she was at a disadvantage.

She looked at Lu Li, trying to figure out if he was doing this on purpose or by pure coincidence? But Lu Li looked so calm that she could not tell.

Soon, the result came out. Bai Xiashuang had lost, and it was an utter defeat!

"Again, again. I was too careless. I will make you run like a sheep," Bai Xiashuang yelled. Lu Li smiled a gentle smile and continued. He had some understanding of Bai Xiashuang’s skills now. She was weaker than him, in fact, much weaker.


Hearing Bai Xiashuang’s voice, Bai Qiuxue looked over with doubt. Bai Qiuxue put her book down after the two made their moves and started observing carefully.

In the time for just two incense sticks to burn, Bai Xiashuang suffered another crushing defeat. She was fuming with anger and screamed, "Again, again. Lu Li, you just got lucky."

"Shuang-er, let it go. Don’t shame yourself with your skills," Bai Qiuxue suddenly said. She looked at Lu Li and said with a straight face, "Lu Li, you are very skilled. Let me have a try."

"Okay, sister, you must make it even for me."

Bai Qiuxue knew that her own skills were not up to scale but Bai Qiuxue was a well-known talented girl. There was only one person in the entire Thousand-island Lake that could beat Bai Qiuxue in the game of go, the Old Man of Heaven Prison. Even Madam Yan wasn’t a worthy match for Bai Qiuxue.

Bai Qiuxue walked over and took Bai Xiashuang’s place. This time, Lu Li slowed down. Every move came after some deliberation. Bai Qiuxue looked relaxed at first, then her eyebrows were knitted together. She was hesitating with every move and would spend a lot of time in thinking.


Bai Xiashuang looked at the board and realized that it had been some time since Bai Qiuxue made a move. Some bad feelings came up.

The second best go player of the Thousand-island Lake was going to lose to Lu Li? Lu Li, a b.u.mpkin, could beat Bai Qiuxue who had been in the world of go for more than a decade?


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