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Du Ziling had got to the spiral mountain road, Zi Lian and Yu Lingxu were right on his heels. Ye Yuhan was the last one, accompanied by a warrior of the Soul Pond Realm.

As for the rest, some of them were at the foot of the mountain, some others were still on the stairs. Nearly 40 warriors of the three teams were injured. Eventually, they successfully sent Du Zilian, and Zi Lian to the spiral mountain road.

Du Ziling had two warriors of the middle stage of the Soul Pond Realm accompanying him. Zi Lian and Yu Lingxu themselves were at the middle stage of the Soul Pond Realm. So were Ye Yuhan and another disciple of the Ye Family, Ye Longyu.

Lu Li and Bai Qiuxue had climbed more than 800 stairs. But Lu Li was slowing down by a large margin. He would continue to slow down. Yet, Du Ziling and the others were as brave as tigers and as fast as wind.

At this rate, Lu Li and Bai Qiuxue would be caught up with. Once that happened, the advantage of being ahead would be all gone.

Since Bai Qiuxue would not leave him alone, Lu Li felt he could not refuse the grace. He had to speed up stubbornly with his teeth clenched.

Two thousand, 3000 stone stairs.

Lu Li had to slow down again. He fetched some water from his Interspatial Ring, gobbling down. Bai Qiuxue was also covered in sweat. The spiral mountain road encircled the mountain till the peak. The two could not see the ones at their back now. However, every now and then, they would hear Du Ziling’s shouts. He should not be far behind now.

Lu Li sat on the ground to have a rest, not minding his appearances. He glanced over to Bai Qiuxue. Seeing that she was unmoved, Lu Li didn’t persuade her anymore. He gritted his teeth and continued to climb.

Lu Li secretly calculated the distance. There must be at least 10,000 stairs on this spiral mountain road. The gravity had reached more than 40,000 or even 50,000 pounds now. With every step, Lu Li could feel more burden. He couldn’t even stand up straight.

Lu Li’s physical strength was not bad, being at several tens of thousands of pounds. After he released his Bloodline Skill, he would get stronger. That being said, his Bloodline Skill could only last for an hour. How would he dare to use it at will? Yu Lingxu was right at his back. What if Yu Lingxu were to attack him when he was vulnerable?

After another 2000 stairs, the ones at the foot of the mountain looked like ants now. It was as if they could hold all the mountains in a single glance. Once again, Lu Li stopped. He breathed heavily, sitting on the stone stair.

So did Bai Qiuxue. She was sweating. Her back was soaked. Her hair stuck to her face. Looking from the sides, she looked very ravishing.

Bai Qiuxue drank some water. Sensing that Lu Li was staring at her, she blushed. At this moment, her clothes were wet, sticking to her flesh. Even though nothing could be seen, she still felt shy and kind of embarra.s.sed, sitting with a man.

Lu Li realized what he did was inappropriate. He turned back his head and said embarra.s.sedly, "Lady Qiuxue, go ahead first. Don’t tell me about moral mind. If you stayed…I actually would not feel at ease. We have suffered so much to come this far. Even if you don’t want the treasures, you must get some for me. Your Bai Family is not in want of treasures, but I am."

Bai Qiuxue said nothing. After a while, she looked and Lu Li and said, "Okay. If so, I will go first. No matter how many treasures I get this time, we will split between us."


Lu Li grinned. Bai Qiuxue nodded to him. Then she stood up and moved fast toward the peak. Her speed was increased by several times at once.

"This Bai Qiuxue has good personality. She truly deserves to be the pearl of the Thousand-island Lake."

Lu Li nodded to himself. After some rest, he moved on. Bai Qiuxue sure was powerful. It was just a few moments, now Lu Li could not see her. Her speed was not influenced by even a little.

"Little White, get back here."

Lu Li was worried that somebody might see Little White. He waved to it and Little White rushed back and got onto his shoulder.

"Little White was not influenced by the gravity for even a bit?"

Lu Li was stunned. He thought about it and stopped using his Xuan Energy, trying to go relying only on his physical strength. However, he still found it incredibly hard to move. The gravity still had a huge impact on him.

"Little White, the Gravitational Inhibition Formation does not work on you?" Lu Li asked Little White with curiosity. It understood and shook its head with pride.

Lu Li ordered Little White after some consideration, "Then you go to the peak first. Try to see if there are any treasures, like the ring and the scroll you got last time. If you can get some, go and find a place to hide and wait for me. I will buy you the best food in the world after we get back."

"Squeak, squeak~"

On hearing the word food, Little White’s eyes glistened. It nodded and rushed to the peak in a blur, vanishing at once.

Lu Li was uplifted. He would be rich if Little White could get one or two Interspatial Rings. Any Interspatial Ring found on the peak could not be empty.

Bai Qiuxue was not here so he could stop worrying about how he looked. He used his hands and feet altogether, climbing upward like an ape.

To crawl up like this was easier than walking. He felt more at ease and he could be faster now.

He managed to climb 2000 stairs at once. Lu Li had got to more than 7000 stairs now. He was so tired that he directly lay on the stairs, breathing heavily. His muscles were trembling. It was even difficult for him to breathe now.

He felt more comfortable physically, lying on the stairs. He closed his eyes and planned to rest for the time for two incense sticks to burn. He was so exhausted that he felt he could collapse.

"Bang, bang, bang!"

Not long afterwards, a m.u.f.fled sound of footsteps came from behind him. A figure approached him in strides. Lu Li opened his eyes and looked at that man. His expressions changed a little. Du Ziling had caught up. He was so surprisingly fast.

"Stay out of my way!"

Du Ziling was drenched in sweat but he was not slowing down. Looking at Lu Li lying on the stairs, he shouted angrily.

Sensing the murdering intent in Du Ziling’s amorous eyes, Lu Li quickly got up and moved to the side to sit down. At the same time, he put his guards up.

Du Ziling continued his way upward without even so much of looking at Lu Li. He didn’t take any rest. His booths were glistening. Clearly, they were high rank Xuan Artifact.

"Middle stage of the Soul Pond Realm, Seventh-rank Bloodline, and so many treasures on him."

Lu Li smiled bitterly. Now that Du Ziling had caught up, the others were be close, right? He was the first to climb to the mountain, but he would be the last to reach the peak.

Sitting up was too much effort. After Du Ziling left, Lu Li lied down again. However, in just a moment, another man walked by in strides, also a warrior of the Heaven Frigid Kingdom.

"Get lost!"

That man lifted his hand, ready to release his Xuan Energy externally. Lu Li quickly moved to the sides and made way. The warrior stopped his attack. He just looked at Lu Li indifferently and rushed ahead.


Lu Li could take no more rest. Later, if Yu Lingxu got here, Lu Li would be in trouble if he was recognized. Lu Li quickly climbed up on all fours and with his teeth clenched.

"Bang, bang, bang~"

Soon, two m.u.f.fled noises came up. Lu Li stopped and stayed on the sides. He looked back and saw two people behind. His eyes lit up first and then his pupils contracted.

Zi Lian and Yu Lingxue were here!

Zi Lian was sweating profusely. Her clothes were wet. Her slim and beautiful body was exposed. Lu Li threw a glance at her. He was in no mood of appreciating her body. Then he looked into the eyes of Yu Lingxu who was at the back.

"He…knows who I am!"

Sensing the murdering intent in Yu Lingxu’s eyes flashing away, Lu Li felt something was not right. Would Yu Lingxu make a move here?

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