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Lu Li and the others sat for a while in the pavilion adjacent to the dock. Many Island Owners arrived with their sons and daughters. When the ladies got here, they all looked at Xu Yaoyang with such ardent looks as if they were going to eat him up…

After the time it took for two incense sticks to burn, representatives of seven or eight forces arrived on after another. Xu Yaoyang personally led these people to the G.o.d-down City in carriages.

The G.o.d-down City was not far away. They arrived after less than an hour. Finally, they stopped in front of a magnificent courtyard. Lu Li was ready to get off the carriage with his men. Surprise emerged in his eyes after he casually looked around.

There was an old man in a glorious robe standing by the gate of the courtyard. The man’s qi and energy was profound. Lu Li could not sense his realm. Needless to say, he was a powerful warrior of the Fate Wheel Realm.

There was a cyan willow leaf-shaped mark on the man’s neck and he was a Bloodline Warrior of the Fifth Rank. Xu Family of the G.o.d-down City deserved the name of the Overlord of the northern Thousand-island Lake; they were indeed formidable.

"That is Xu Sihe, Second Patriarch of the Xu Family."

Patriarch Seven whispered in Lu Li’s ear. Lu Li nodded and got off the carriage. Xu Sihe turned his looks to Lu Li instantly. He walked over to Lu Li with a big smile on his face before Xu Yaoyang even introduced Lu Li and said, "I am Xu Sihe, Second Patriarch of the Xu Family. You must be Island Owner Lu?"

Since Xu Sihe gave face, Lu Li of course knew how to behave. He bowed slightly and said, "Greetings, Master Xu."

"Good, good, you are a hero in your youth. A young hero."

Xu Sihe kindly took Lu Li’s hands in his. He looked to the other Island Owners and casually said, "You are all old friends now. Come to the fortress with me. Brother Lu, please!"

Seeing Xu Sihe go into the courtyard with Lu Li arm in arm, many Island Owners, Young Masters and Ladies were envious. Since when did the patriarchs of the Xu Family treat the affiliated forces with such politeness? It would be difficult for them to even meet Xu Sihe, not to mention walk with him arm in arm.

Patriarch Seven and Liu Yi stood with straight back as they felt honored. Lu Li didn’t feel smug. He knew clearly that Xu Sihe was not doing this for him, but for Ming Yu. Without Ming Yu kneeling down to him, Xu Sihe might not see him even if Lu Li got down on his knees.

The birthday banquet hadn’t started yet. Xu Sihe showed everyone to a side hall and engaged in chitchat with them while serving them refreshments.

Of course, Xu Sihe mainly talked to Lu Li. He asked Lu Li the situation of Blood Evil Island and if they needed any help. He also asked if Lu Li wanted a wife and whether he could set him on a date…

In a trance, Lu Li almost thought Xu Sihe was an elder member of his family. Lu Li casually answered the questions. He was polite and respectful, but he would not give honest replies to questions about Ming Yu!

Xu Yaoyang went inside to apologize that he had to leave. He went back to the dock to pick up more guests. That was a disappointment to the ladies of many forces. The Chief Patriarch of the Xu Family and their Family Patriarch never appeared which was understandable. Airs must be put if need be.

After an hour, a servant of the Xu Family rushed in and whispered something to Xu Sihe’s ear. Xu Sihe suddenly stood up and said with a delightfully surprised expression on his face, "Friends, Lady Bai Xiashuang has condescend to come to the G.o.d-down City. Please go with me to welcome her."


All the Island Owners stood up. This time, it was the Young Master’s eyes that were kindled with happiness. Lu Li stood up with them. He asked Patriarch Seven with curiosity, "Bai Xiashuang is a Young Lady of the Bai Family?"

"Bai Xiashuang, Bai Qiuxue!"

Patriarch Seven explained in a low voice, "They two are the most known Young Ladies of the Bai Family. They are the most shining pearls of the Thousand-island Lake. The two Young Ladies are twins. The most important thing is both of them have awakened Seventh-rank Bloodline. Old Man of the Heaven Prison favored these two in the younger generation. They are by Old Man of the Heaven Prison’s side all year long. Their statuses are even higher than many patriarchs of the Bai Family."

"Seventh-rank Bloodline!"

Lu Li’s eyes shone with surprise. How powerful would the Bloodline Skill of Seventh-rank Bloodline be when released? Could it be as strong as the black snakes of Ghost Snake Granny who could easily kill thousands of people with one move?

People were walking towards the outside. Lu Li followed them after Patriarch Seven urged him. He found many Patriarchs of the Xu Family were also standing by the gate to welcome Bai Xiashuang, including the Chief Patriarch of the Xu Family, Xu Tianwen.

Xu Tianwen didn’t exchange pleasantries with the others. He just nodded and then hurriedly led everyone towards the outside. They went directly to the Teleportation Formation at the plaza.

Lu Li followed everyone. He saw a group of men surrounding a young lady in a white dress from the distance. When he got closer, his eyes kindled. As one of the brightest pearls of the Thousand-island Lake, she really was incredibly beautiful. Her appearances and bearing were not worse than the young lady with the purple flower mark Lu Li saw at the Frigid Cloud Mountain.

The girl looked younger than Xu Fangfei. She might be of the same age with Lu Li. Even though she hadn’t blossomed completely, she was as enticing as a rose in bud.

Her face was pretty like jade, her skin creamy, and her eyes were bright as stars. What impressed Lu Li the most was her nose, small and exquisite. The tip of her nose was raised up a little, giving her a lively and witty look.

"She really has the Seventh-rank Bloodline!"

Lu Li secretly nodded after he saw a purple half-moon shaped mark on the young lady’s neck. This was the second time he saw a Seventh-rank Bloodline mark. That lady he ran into at the Frigid Cloud Mountain also had a purple mark.

"Middle stage of the Soul Pond Realm? So powerful…"

Lu Li tried to sense it and his mouth twitched. She managed to get to the middle stage and towards the latter stage of the Soul Pond Realm at such a young age. Ladies of Super Families really were incredible.

On second thoughts, Lu Li understood it all. Bai Family was the No. 1 Family of the Thousand-island Lake with numerous resources. The twin sisters Bai Xiashuang and Bai Qiuyu had been taking pellets since they were young and perhaps they grew up by eating treasured materials from heaven and earth.

The Chief Patriarch of the Xu Family Xu Tianwen gathered around her with a group of people. They showed great respect. The other Third-rank Island Owners also walked closer to cotton up to her. Lu Li was the only one standing still.

Lu Li never liked flattery. Also, he was the disciple of the Lu Family, a family that had one of the 10 most powerful bloodlines around the Central Plains. Why would he cringe before others? Besides, who’s to say the Bai Xiashuang would grow fond of someone that followed her everywhere?

Since Lu Li didn’t move, Hunchback Tian and Patriarch Seven and the rest naturally wouldn’t exceed their duties and suck up to Bai Xiashuang. Patriarch Seven pressed Lu Li twice, but the latter turned a deaf ear to the former. There were so many people, so Patriarch Seven quit persuading Lu Li.

Many people cl.u.s.tered around Bai Xiashuang. She looked not too excited as she had seen such scenes for too many times. She replied indifferently and looked towards the north. She had her eyes locked on Lu Li.

Lu Li clearly was a master of a force since he had many people behind him. He had come here with the other forces, obviously to welcome Bai Xiashuang. Yet now, he was standing out in the crowd as he remained still.

Bai Xiashuang threw an inquiring look with curiosity towards the Chief Patriarch of the Xu Family. Xu Sihe, who was standing next to her, came to his senses and he said while gesturing to Lu Li, "Lu Li, come and greet Lady Shuang. Lady Shuang, this is Lu Li, the new Island Owner of our Blood Evil Island."


For the first time, smile showed up on Bai Xiashuang’s face. She looked at Lu Li up and down curiously and said with a smile, "Lu Li, I have heard about you."


Before Lu Li came to her to pay respect and salute her, Bai Xiashuang talked to him first? It was the first time she smiled since she got her. Besides, she stated she had heard about Lu Li. This caused a huge sensation in the crowds.

Sons of many Island Owners and several Young Masters of the Xu Family were jealous. They itched to cut Lu Li up alive.

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