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Chapter 768: He Isn’t Worthy Of You!

Upon hearing Jiang Xuecheng’s merciless words, Diya’s face instantly turned deathly pale!

She truly didn’t expect that Jiang Xuecheng would refute her words so directly!

However, what Diya didn’t expect even more was what Jiang Xuecheng would say next!

“Miss Diya, the G.o.d’s Palace isn’t a place where you can make trouble without reason! Please have some self-respect!”

Jiang Xuecheng looked at Diya indifferently. He was not moved at all by the red-rimmed Diya.

Because this was not just a slap to her face. It was not just the face of the Siswell family. It was even the face of the high priest!

Diya had always regarded the high priest as a G.o.d-like existence. She had thought that for the sake of the high priest, Jiang Xuecheng would never directly refute her!

After all, during the days when Su Wan was not around, when she usually came to the G.o.d’s Palace, didn’t the emperor have a very normal att.i.tude?

She knew that the emperor’s personality was relatively cold, so she had always stood silently at the side and watched the emperor. The Emperor had never chased her away, nor had he ever hurled any malicious words at her!

Why had the emperor changed today!

It must be because Su Wan, this b.i.t.c.h who ran away and back, had used some tricks to confuse Jiang Xuecheng!

She and His Highness were supposed to be engaged in two weeks!

Su Wan, this shameless commoner girl, should not be pestering His Highness recklessly if she had even the slightest sense of shame!

The more Diya thought about it, the angrier she became. She glared fiercely at Su Wan, her eyes full of warning.

Jiang Xuecheng naturally noticed Diya’s glare. He frowned and crossed his body in front of Su Wan.

Su Wan didn’t expect Jiang Xuecheng to protect her so much.

Looking at Jiang Xuecheng’s tall back, Su Wan felt a warmth in her heart.

Everything would get better and better. After she had more contact with Jiang Xuecheng, she would try to talk about things on Earth.

Perhaps, the two of them could still return to the time when they trusted each other and did not hold any grudges against each other.

After all, trust was always mutual.

Su Wan subconsciously smiled at Su Wan, the joy in her eyes was not hidden at all.

Jiang Xuecheng also smiled at Su Wan. It was clearly a tense moment, but under the sun, the two of them smiled surprisingly warmly.

A special atmosphere flowed between Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng. The two of them seemed to have become one. They were originally two halves of a broken painting.

Now that they were pieced together, it was so seamless that no one could squeeze in between them.

And such a harmonious scene naturally stung the eyes of the onlookers.

Not only Diya, but also Fiennes, who had been standing by the side without saying a word from the beginning to the end.

Fiennes saw the clasped hands of Jiang Xuecheng and Su Wan, and a strange emotion flashed through his blue eyes.

Because of his family background, he had been taught since he was young that he could marry a girl he liked, but he must not let her interfere with the proper business.

She was just a commoner girl. No matter how beautiful, outstanding, and understanding she was, she could be raised and play outside. If she were to be put on the table, she might be sneered at by others.

Which n.o.ble family, from an old man in his sixties or seventies to a young master, did not keep one or two confidantes outside?

However, there could only be one in the mansion!

This was the rule of the n.o.ble families!

If Su Wan really wanted to marry, she would probably have to bear a lot of pressure that she should not have, right?!

—— Fiennes was the best evidence. With such a cowardly mother, if it wasn’t for the purity of the Dragon’s Blood that he inherited, he wouldn’t have been promoted to his current position!

Fiennes had never thought that someone would really throw away the benefits that they deserved for the so-called “love!”

Fiennes suddenly felt a little jealous of Jiang Xuecheng and Su Wan. In terms of background, the two of them couldn’t be said to be a good match. Wasn’t Su Wan also bent on leaving this G.o.d’s Palace?

However, why did the two of them become so close to each other after being separated for a period of time?

Jiang Xuecheng held Su Wan’s hand generously, allowing Fiennes and Diya to look at them.

However, compared to the crazy Diya, Jiang Xuecheng felt that Fiennes, who had been silent all this time, made him feel even more uncomfortable.

A dog that could bite didn’t bark.

This young master of the Siswell family did not say a word when he saw his sister being so embarra.s.sed. He could even casually look at him and Su Wan. It was not because he wasn’t scheming!

Although he had not known Fiennes for a long time, he was still very wary of this person.

Jiang Xuecheng’s expression darkened. He gave Diya and Fiennes the order to leave.

“Fiennes, I see that your sister is a little emotional today. You should take her back and calm her down.”

He was driving her and her brother away!

Why on Earth did he do that?!

Diya’s heart was beating wildly. Her eyes were surging. She did not know whether it was anger at Jiang Xuecheng for not knowing what was good for them or hatred towards Su Wan that she could not hide.

Or perhaps, it was a combination of both emotions?!

“Your Highness, what right do you have to chase us away?!”

“Don’t tell me that you don’t care about the words of the High Priest? We are going to be engaged in two weeks! We will be engaged!”

As she spoke, the veins on Diya’s forehead bulged ferociously. That bright and beautiful face actually looked a little scary at that moment.

She seemed to have deliberately emphasized the time of two weeks, biting her words especially hard.

Jiang Xuecheng looked down at Diya. His eyes were indifferent, as if he did not hear the threat in Diya’s words.

Ever since he was young, he hated it the most when others used something to threaten him!

“You mean, I went against the High Priest’s decision?”

Jiang Xuecheng’s voice suddenly sounded. His voice was low and cold, but there was a chill in it that made people’s hair stand on end.

Diya blinked her eyes in fear. She could hear that Jiang Xuecheng was unhappy, but…

Diya gritted her teeth and finally nodded.

“Yes! Your Highness! Even the High Priest has said it! Only I am worthy of you!”

When Jiang Xuecheng heard this, he suddenly sneered.

“I don’t know when the highest will of the G.o.d’s Palace has become the High Priest. Moreover, isn’t the High Priest herself not married? What right does she have to interfere with others!”

After saying these ruthless words, Jiang Xuecheng did not look at the Fiennes siblings anymore. He directly dragged Su Wan and turned around to leave!

Diya did not expect Jiang Xuecheng to be so decisive. She wanted to chase after them, but someone beside her stopped her!

It was Fiennes.

Diya finally could not take it anymore and started to cry. She sobbed intermittently.

Fiennes raised his hand and wiped off Diya’s tears.

“Diya, do you understand now? His Highness doesn’t like you, and he’s not worthy of your liking!”

Although this sentence was very disrespectful, Fiennes said it firmly!

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