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Chapter 523: You Will Be Buried With Me

The hairs on Su Wan’s back stood up, and her heart couldn’t help but beat violently.

Who had ever seen someone beg for help with a knife to the other person’s neck?!

Was this fun?!

Su Wan was terrified. Even if she didn’t turn around, she could feel that he was staring straight at her.

That malicious gaze seemed to want to dig two holes in her body.

Su Wan turned her head slightly and only saw a slender and clean hand.

She had to admit that this hand looked quite nice. The joints were clear and the nails were very carefully trimmed. If it was not for him holding a knife against her neck, perhaps she would be able to feel a little admiration.

If only Nono was here! It would have directly anesthetized him!

Why didn’t she let Nono come with her today?

It was a pity that she couldn’t fortell.

Su Wan was filled with regret, but she could only suppress the shock in her heart. She forced herself to use the interstellar language that she was not very familiar with to communicate urgently with him.

“Put down the knife first. I promise I will definitely save you.”

Su Wan said these words nervously. Suddenly, she felt the knife on her neck being moved away!

Su Wan’s almond-shaped eyes lit up. She thought that he could still communicate properly. However, she was only happy for a second when suddenly, her chin was pinched hard.

A handsome face slowly entered Su Wan’s sight. The dim light shone on his face. In that pair of emerald green eyes, like stars flowing in them.

Su Wan was instantly stunned, and she even forgot to struggle!

It was clearly a completely different look, but before the man’s facial features were completely revealed and only half of his face was left, she really felt that he looked like Jiang Xuecheng!

The outline of his face really looked like a G.o.d!

The man with a pair of jade demon eyes stared at Su Wan without blinking. His gaze was deep, like the seemingly calm but treacherous sea water in the middle of the night was about to swallow a ship.

Before Su Wan could fully recover, the man with jade demon eyes took out a red pill and stuffed it into Su Wan’s mouth.

Su Wan’s pupils suddenly dilated. What the h.e.l.l did he feed her?!

However, the man did not give Su Wan the slightest chance to resist. He only pinched Su Wan’s chin twice and forced Su Wan to swallow the red pill.

After confirming that Su Wan had swallowed the pill, the man with the jade demon eyes snorted and immediately let go of Su Wan.

Su Wan stared at the strange man angrily. She held the corner of the wall and tried to spit out the pill.

However, the weirdest thing was that the pill seemed to have suddenly disappeared. Su Wan could not feel its existence at all.

Seeing that Su Wan wanted to vomit the pill out in pain, the man with the jade demon eyes raised his eyebrows slightly.

Su Wan’s heart suddenly sank. She held on to her last glimmer of hope and looked at the man weakly.

“What did you feed me?!”

This man with a pair of green eyes emitted a dangerous aura. She could not afford to offend him at all. Now that she was fed a pill, Su Wan’s heart felt extremely stifled!

“Do you still need to think? Of course it’s poisonous.”

The man snorted coldly. His gaze was as cold as a knife, as if he was mocking Su Wan’s naivety.

For an instant, Su Wan even felt that she saw a cold, blood-red light in that pair of emerald green eyes!

No, he really wanted to kill her!

This recognition made Su Wan’s entire body tremble. She could not help but feel her heart skip a beat.

Su Wan was extremely frustrated. How could she think that this devil looked like Jiang Xuecheng.

It must be because she missed Jiang Xuecheng too much that she was hallucinating!

Seeing Su Wan’s indignant look, the man’s expression was extremely calm. Every word in his voice was filled with coldness. He was as ruthless as the river water that had frozen in the early winter.

“You have to guarantee my safety these few days. Otherwise, when that poison pill acts up, you will be buried with me.”


Su Wan’s expression changed again and again. She had always been a good-tempered person, but she really wanted to slap this man more than a few times!

This guy who appeared out of nowhere was simply shameless to the extreme.

She was a good worker, who exactly did she offend?!

Su Wan’s emotions rose and fell violently, but because she had been poisoned, her life was in his hands. No matter how angry she was, she had to consider her own life and death.

“Okay, follow me.”

Su Wan gritted her teeth in anger, forcing out these words through the gaps between her teeth.

Hearing Su Wan’s awkward interstellar language, the man with the jade demon eyes did not look surprised at all.

His sharp and cold eyes locked onto Su Wan’s body. As long as this woman made any strange movements, he did not mind holding a knife to let her feel the taste of death first.

Su Wan brought the strange man with the jade demon eyes into the lower cabin. The man’s thin lips were tightly pursed. Along the way, he was looking around at his surroundings, maintaining a high degree of vigilance at all times.

In the lower cabin, the moment Nono saw Su Wan, she immediately came forward to welcome her.

Suddenly feeling the presence of the stranger, Nono’s round eyes immediately widened.

“Master, who is he?”

Nono was speaking in Chinese. The man with the jade demon eyes could not understand what was being said, so he frowned.

Su Wan looked at Nono and smiled bitterly.

“I will explain to you later. Anyway, as long as you know he is not a good person, it will be fine.”

Hearing Su Wan’s words, Nono’s body immediately emitted a blue light. Su Wan was shocked. She knew that this was the sign of Nono’s transformation, so she quickly stopped it.

“Nono, don’t waste your energy first. I was fed a poison pill by that man. Let’s slowly think of a way.”

As Su Wan said this, she reached out and caressed Nono’s head. Nono pouted her mouth aggrievedly and looked at Su Wan with some heartache.

The man with the jade demon eyes stood at the side coldly. He watched Su Wan and Nono communicate in Chinese, and a faint light flashed across his eyes.

All of a sudden, before they could react, a series of hurried footsteps came from the stairs.

The alarm bells in the lower cabin instantly went off.

“They’re here to look for you?!”

Su Wan’s mind was full of thoughts, and the light in her eyes flickered uncertainly. If she had not been fed that pill, she could have pushed this man out directly.

But now, her life was in danger!

The man with the jade demon eyes nodded. He was expressionless, and his whole body was covered in a layer of frost.

They were all in the same boat now. If this man died, she wouldn’t be able to live either!

Su Wan looked around anxiously. She was annoyed that she had to pack up the things in the lower cabin so quickly. The furnishings were very clean now. It was not easy to hide a man.

Su Wan’s eyes swept over the bed she was sleeping on. Her eyes that were as clear as water instantly lit up!

There it was!

That pitch-black face seemed to have gained some spiritual energy at this moment.

Su Wan immediately pushed the man with the jade demon eyes under the bed without thinking.

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