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After seeing Xiao off, Jiang Shaoliu returned the red plant and sat on the ground with his legs crossed, facing the entrance.

He had successfully condensed his second life ring after the battle with Sha Xing — the stomach ring.

According to the Great Sage's Formula, it would make virtual qi into true qi, turn consciousness into reality, and improve blood circulation so that one would feel fresh every day.

Now that the stomach ring had been condensed, he could get the true qi.

But before he could practice, he had to heal his wound.

He took out the fruit Liu Guang and Chen Anguo had given him and ate what was left of it, watching his various scratches and injuries heal so fast he could actually feel his skin grow and stretch over them.

"Oh that felt good."

His eyes closed, he took a deep, long breath and began to meditate.

With every breath he took in the vital force of Heaven and exhaled less turbid qi.

He seemed to see his entire body from the inside within his mind, with so many meridians contracting or expanding while so many clumps of sticky grey-white stuff were squeezed out.

He began to perspire, his sweat mixed with grey-white impurities. The true qi flowed through the meridians and pooled around the acupoints, which made his body tingle.

After his first life ring was condensed, he could feet heat flowing through him, which was not visible but existed indeed.

Now his second life ring was condensed, but it was not accompanied by the feeling of heat. This was the real true qi, flowing inside him to form a complete circle.

"This must be what is meant by consciousness becoming reality. As a result, you can't only feel your insides but directly observe them, what's called Internal Vision in the cla.s.sical works of Chinese medicine."

The stomach ring was rotating at high speed, expanding and deflating like a pump to its extreme limits.

It absorbed heavenly energy from the air he breathed and extracted pure true qi into the blood much more efficiently than before the stomach ring had been condensed.

"My lungs aren't enough. It will take a long time to finish this whole process of improving the blood circulation since my true qi insufficient," he thought as his fingers formed convoluted finger formulas. "I'll have to rely on the Breath of the Air to extract true qi, so that I can make this process run faster."

The so-called Breath of the Air referred to the direct exchange of air between the atmosphere and the blood. Ordinary people could only breathe with their lungs, but Jiang Shaoliu was not bound by that circuitous pathway.

With his first life ring and with the Great Sage's Formula, he could breathe air via the pore on his skin.

Countless pores on his skin opened at once, sucking up innumerable microscopic breaths of cool air.

"That feels nice," he sighed with satisfaction.

Each pore could take in only a tiny amount of air, but with so many pores added up, they could breathe in as much air as a whole extra set of lungs.

Now he could absorb twice the amount of energy from heaven with each breath and convert it to twice the amount of true qi.

"It means dredging the channels and collaterals which includes the twelve main warps, the seven meridians as well as the other minor meridians too, which will consume more true qi."

It was obvious that the impurities had been removed from the body by the true qi, which made it now fully suffused him.

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