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Chapter 481: The Capital Quaking!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Wei Hao, do you think I'm afraid of you? You want to challenge me? You're just making trouble for yourself."

Although Su Bai had spent quite some time hiding in the crowd, he seemed not at all humble in the face of Wei Hao's charge.

Foul scoundrel, just because I can't deal with w.a.n.g Chong doesn't mean that I can't deal with a brat like you!

A vicious look appeared in Su Bai's eyes.

What sort of person was Wei Hao?

He was the b.u.t.t of the jokes they made while messing around, their punching bag in Eight G.o.ds Pavilion. Su Bai had never been afraid of Wei Hao. And besides, w.a.n.g Chong had repressed Su Bai so much that his belly was almost bursting with rage.


Su Bai thrust out a palm, his entire body suddenly going red. His dantian began to reverberate with the ringing of metal as a majestic energy burst out from his body. This was not the strength of the Origin Energy realm, but the Stellar Energy of the True Martial realm.

Although he seemed ignorant and incompetent, Su Bai had broken into the True Martial realm a long time ago. As a member of one of the top-ranking n.o.ble clans in the empire, Su Bai couldn't actually be a true incompetent.

"Wei Hao, this time, I'll let you get a good taste of pain!"

Su Bai had a sinister gaze as his voice turned into a roar. But then suddenly, boom! A boundless power rang out with the clattering of metal as it smashed into Su Bai's hand.

Like he had been struck by some ma.s.sive mountain, Su Bai flew backward like a stray kite.

As Su Bai flew backward, he brought the seven or eight people in his path down with him.


"Su Bai, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Don't you have eyes?"

"What are you two doing? Fighting here?"

The orderly reception hall fell into chaos as those clan representatives knocked down by Su Bai began to curse.

"w.a.n.g Chong, shouldn't you be controlling Wei Hao!"

On the ground, Su Bai was both shocked and furious. He was shocked at Wei Hao's power and angry over the fact that he had shamed himself in front of so many people.

"Wei Hao, it's fine, that's enough."

w.a.n.g Chong couldn't help but inwardly laugh. From the moment Wei Hao appeared, w.a.n.g Chong could sense that his strength had increased by leaps and bounds. The Mountain Ascension Art had been an elite art back then, so it would have been stranger if Su Bai had won.

However, he had not called on Su Bai so that he could humiliate him or take revenge. Such a matter wasn't even worth mentioning when compared to what he planned to do.

"Hmph, Su Bai, weren't you mouthing off just now? Can't back it up? Heh, I'll let you go this time for w.a.n.g Chong's sake, but I won't go so easy next time!" Wei Hao said with a huff.

Now that w.a.n.g Chong had spoken, he naturally couldn't continue, but it was fine to give him a good tongue-lashing.

Su Bai's complexion fluctuated between green and purple, but to everyone's surprise, he didn't leave out of anger from his humiliation.

"w.a.n.g Chong, do those words of yours count? Do you really plan to exchange three months of one True Martial realm expert's time for one Wootz Steel weapon?" Su Bai asked, staring at w.a.n.g Chong.

He originally intended to not show himself. While he had outwardly agreed to listen to his father, he had actually wanted to make w.a.n.g Chong look like a fool.

But it was no longer the time for that.

Wootz Steel swords were the highest cla.s.s of weapons. They were not only gorgeous, they were also incredibly tough, simultaneously almost invulnerable and incredibly sharp.

Almost no saber or sword in the capital could compare to them. As a result, although every Wootz Steel weapon was remarkable, they had always been priceless.

The Duke Su Residence had once attempted to buy a Wootz Steel sword, but found out that the Wootz Steel swords were only being circulated in the palace and were simply impossible to buy outside.

In the past, Duke Su's status had meant that he had always been able to easily obtain any information or object he wanted from the Imperial Army.

The situation in this case was completely different.

The Imperial Army that had always been extremely respectful to the dukes of the empire had an att.i.tude as different as night and day to the Wootz Steel swords. Anyone who got their hands on a Wootz Steel weapon wasn't willing to let it go.

Ever since the Wootz Steel weapons had started being auctioned off, the number of them that had appeared outside the Imperial Army could be counted on one's fingers.

To the majority of the clans, this object was something they could look at, but not touch, could encounter, but not seek.

More importantly, the clans of the capital all had a few precious swords that had been pa.s.sed down through the generations, but the sharpness of the Wootz Steel weapons far surpa.s.sed them.

The price of such weapons was naturally impossible to estimate.

Martial artists had a lifespan, but sabers and swords could be pa.s.sed down without limit. This was where the value of Wootz Steel weapons rested.

If they only needed to lend one True Martial realm Tier 4 or 5 expert for three months to receive an indestructible Wootz Steel sword that could slice through metal, this would be an incredibly profitable exchange.

"Right, right, Young Master w.a.n.g, you can't just take back your words!"

"A great clan also needs its dignity. Young Master wouldn't throw away the w.a.n.g Clan's dignity for a Wootz Steel sword, right?"

"Five True Martial realm experts is no problem! Young Master w.a.n.g, you'd better not go back on your word!"

"That's right! That's right!"

It only took a few moments for the crowd to take a completely different tone and voice their approval.

The conditions the w.a.n.g Clan had offered were simply impossible to resist. No one had expected the terms to be so generous.

"Wait a moment! w.a.n.g Chong, don't do this!"

Bai Siling was quite panicked over the fact that w.a.n.g Chong had made this sort of promise.

"Siling, it's fine!"

w.a.n.g Chong smiled and waved his hand. After allaying Bai Siling's worries, he turned to the crowd and announced, "Our w.a.n.g Clan's words can naturally be counted on, and I'm also putting my reputation on the line here. On my end, I only have one thousand Wootz Steel weapons. After this wave, even if I wanted to, I wouldn't have any to give out. Thus, I'll stop as soon as I reach one thousand True Martial realm experts. Whether or not you can get a Wootz Steel weapon will depend on yourselves!"


w.a.n.g Chong's words were like a boulder falling into the crowd, instantly causing them to rush out of the room.

This matter involved a ma.s.sive boon to the clan. Everyone was afraid to fall behind.

"Su Bai, wait a moment!" w.a.n.g Chong sternly called out.

In the crowd, Su Bai, who had already run seven or eight zhang, suddenly came to a quivering halt. As he slowly turned around, he had an unsightly grimace on his face.

"w.a.n.g Chong, are you going back on your word?"

Though he truly had come to make trouble, he was also no fool. Exchanging ten elite experts for ten Wootz Steel swords would be of ma.s.sive benefit to the Duke Su Residence.

Only an imbecile wouldn't make such a deal. In comparison, the grudge between him and w.a.n.g Chong might as well not exist.

If w.a.n.g Chong suddenly went back on his word, then he would be in trouble!

"Hmph! I'm not going that far!"

w.a.n.g Chong waved his sleeve and grinned.

"But I presume that you also understand our relationship. So, Su Bai, don't think that you can send some people over, take the Wootz Steel, and also make trouble for me in secret.

"I don't demand much of others, but for you, don't send any of your Su Clan's trusted agents. And don't send anyone below True Martial Tier 6. In addition, I know that your Su Clan recently recruited a new batch of experts. It shouldn't have been more than two months ago. This amount of time probably hasn't been enough for you to completely tame them, right? If you want to get some Wootz Steel swords, you should know what to do, right?" w.a.n.g Chong indifferently said.

Su Bai's face froze, his complexion ghastly pale. w.a.n.g Chong had been right on the mark. He really did have such plans.

No matter what w.a.n.g Chong planned on doing, as long as he planted a few of the Su Clan's trusted agents inside, he could obtain the sharp Wootz Steel swords while also getting a grasp of w.a.n.g Chong's movements and secrets. If it was necessary, they could even stab w.a.n.g Chong in the back.

If something really did happen, they could just say that they didn't know anything and push the responsibility on a few of their guards.

Alas, w.a.n.g Chong had already prepared to defend himself against this move. And he even knew about the new batch of experts that the Su Clan had recruited.

"Hmph! w.a.n.g Chong, don't get too smug! There will come a day that you'll regret this!"

Although w.a.n.g Chong had seen through his plans, Su Bai wasn't willing to give him the final word. After throwing out this phrase, Su Bai quickly departed.

A matter involving Wootz Steel weapons was no minor one. He had get back and tell his father as quickly as possible.

"w.a.n.g Chong, why do you need so many people? And you're even exchanging them for Wootz Steel weapons!"

Once everyone had left, Zhao Yatong took a few steps forward and voiced the question on her mind.

"Does it have to do with the southwest?"

It was still Bai Siling who was the first to catch on.

w.a.n.g Chong said nothing, only glanced at Bai Siling and gave a deep nod.

As those clan representatives left the w.a.n.g Clan Residence, the news that the w.a.n.g Clan was exchanging Wootz Steel swords for experts quickly spread through the capital.

The entire capital began to quake!

"f.u.c.k! I knew I should have gone!"

"It's over! It's over! It's all your fault! This was a chance dropped right in our laps, but it was lost all because you jabbered too much!"

"Hurry up! Do you know how much effort the clan head wasted trying to get a Wootz Steel sword from the palace? And he still failed! Now the Wootz Steel weapons are being sent right to our doorstep! We can't miss out!"

"I don't care how many experts the w.a.n.g Clan wants from our clan. I don't even care if they die! We have to get those weapons!"

"Quickly, gather the clan's experts. In addition, make preparations! I have to immediately pay a visit to Young Master w.a.n.g! No matter what, I have to get a few spots!"

In the capital, the clans were in a flurry, many of them regretting their previous decisions. The matter of the southwest had currently transfixed the entire capital, but the southwest was very far away.

In comparison, the exchange offered by Young Master w.a.n.g was intimately related to the well-being of their clans.

Countless clans quickly began to take action.

And while the clans were beginning to gather the experts, all the thousands of sword shops and sword smiths in the capital were also in a frenzy…

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