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Translator: "Mythko" Editor: "Weasalopes"

The sixth floor was completely dark and I was not able to see anything, so I created a skill called "Night Eyes" and my vision improved.

So far, everything goes okay.

But now, I regret to be able to see clearly this sixth floor.



Since the existence that is in front of the pa.s.sage isーー terrifying!

It has almost no hair, its two eyes protrude, and its skin is rotting.

Also, it doesn't wear clothes it's completely naked. Though it seems to be a male.

Name:Six Zombie



Infection Immortal


<The person who is bitten or its skin torn will be turned into a zombie. However depending on the target, the effectiveness will change.>

Moments after appraising it, the zombie came to attack me, so I shot it with stone bullets.


I missed completely.


Now I know why the zombie has the number six in its name. In the middle of its sprint, the zombie began to suddenly fell apart.

Head, torso, right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg.

Now, there are six!

What's scary is that each party is crawling towards me.


The right arm jumps up and approaches my face as I crouch down. Wait, now the face and the other parts are attacking me from the floor.


I dodge the rolling attack that comes by the side and then I run with all my strength.

「He that fights and run away may live to fight another day!」

After all, I will lose if I receive an attack, right? I can't fight against such a dangerous monster right now.

Thank G.o.d my feet are faster. I put a considerable distance between us.

Rather, the zombie should not be able to maintain this state for a long time.

Returning to the same place, the zombie was still *uuuuuu* weeping

I checked my skill creation skill in a safe area.

『Zombie resistance』 500 LP

It's a skill that completely prevents zombification, though it's a bit expensive.

I have about 800 LP, and I want to have at least 200 or 300 saved.

If I exchange money for LP, then it would be 20 million up to 30 million of ria…

「It's tough, isn't it?」

While thinking whether I should leave and come back another time, the zombie comes as close as possible towards me. I need to gather information.

I tried to think in a different way about the information shown in the appraisal.

Immortality, as the name suggest, it does not mean that all vital functions will stop. However, it still has weak points, and one of them is saint and light magic attribute.

Then, it might burn with the white flames.


The aim was a success. The fire spread from the fingers to the whole body, and soon I emerged victorious.

If you attack its weak point, then it becomes quite fragile. It seems that it will be easy from now on if I fight one by one.

My level increased, I continued exploring.

Similar to the second floor, there are many rooms. I'm afraid of traps, but there may be treasures inside, so I decisively open one of the many doors.


Yes, let's run away.

My mind is unable to deal with a room packed with so many zombies, so it received quite the shock.

Once, my father told me that Stalgia house's men were mentally weak. That blood is surely inside me.

「Bacheeeel, are you heeeere?」

I cry out in a low voice. I would like to speak louder but more six zombies can come.

…Wait a second.

I remember the fourth floor.

If I remember correctly, on that floor the souls of deceased people who died in the dungeon are gathered.

There was an elf but she was a woman, and she wasn't someone called Bachel.

「Then that means, that he isn't dead.」

Now I'm fully convinced that Bachel-san is alive.

But in that case, why he did not come back from the fifth floor?

He may have been caught in a trap similar to the master's.

Then that means that it's necessary to check every room here. It will be hard, but I'll try my best.

I decided just as I was turning back.

I stretched my hand and put myself in battle mode. There was a zombie standing in front of me again.

BurnーI felt a sense of discomfort just as I was about to use the magic.


Is not there something weird? First, it has hair.

Second, although it is all worn-out and be difficult to differentiate it, what the zombie is wearing is probably clothes. It's even wearing a bracelet on its arm.

「Uaa, uaaa」

Compared to Six Zombie, its movement is very slow, so I had plenty of time to appraise it. First, the bracelet the zombie is wearing is just a decorative item.

Name: Zombie

Level: 170


Archery・B Two-handed dagger art・C Acute hearing Wind attack Zombified

It's strange that a zombie possesses all these skills. Could this zombie be…?

「Can you understand me? Please stop.」


「It's useless, huh.」

Even so, I'm grateful this zombie is slow. I used the skill Back Step to retreat, and then started to examine the skill 【Zombification】.

<The state after being turned into a zombie by an infection. Rationality is lost and the person in question will attack humans, animals, etc. instinctively.>

I activated the edit skill in a hurry.

Remove『Zombification』500 LP

Kuuu, If I use it, then it will be tough after since I will only have 300 LP left.

I withdrew temporarily. After I moved to a safe place, I took out 10 million ria. It disappeared with a poof, and my LP increased by 100.

It was a considerable amount, but I didn't have any doubt. If this zombie is who I think it is, then 10 million is nothing…

Now having 400 LP, I don't think there would be any problem if I edit the skill now.

I went back to where the zombie was and removed the skill 『Zombification』.

It was but a moment.

「Uuu, uuuuuuuーAh, what on the earth was I doing…?」

The skin that was rotten becomes smooth in a blink of an eye. It may be because his reasoning came back that his expression is totally different as if he were a completely different person than a few moments ago.

As for his ears… they are sharp. Like an elf.

「Um, could it be that you are Bachel-san?」

「Yes, that's right, and you are?」

Here it cameーー, I took a guts pose.

I'm really grateful that I didn't burn him on our first meetingー!

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