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Chapter 37 Bursting Potion (Part I)


Tang Shaobao spent more than three hours to compound the potion that he planned to load into the storage ring. He was so tired that he had taken a refreshing potion and then ran downstairs in a hurry.

When Tang Shaobao handed the potion to captain Xiong, Yuxiao was also regaining his vitality under the care of military doctors.

Captain Xiong brought he fellows and Tang Shaobao led a horse to the martial training field. Captain Xiong opened the horse mouth and poured the potion Shaobao compounded into the horse mouth. After the horse drank the potion, Captain quickly ran out of the training court.

Right after Captain Xiong got outside the court, the horse began screaming and running like crazy. Quickly its body vastly expanded and its eyes turned blood red. The expansion process took about 10 minutes and then there was a sound of 'bang'! The horse exploded into pieces. Blood and minced meat mixed together, scattered around the whole court. It was like a living h.e.l.l.

Tang Shaobao was stunned by what happened in front of him.

"Congratulations, you have become a junior pharmacist." Captain Xiong looked at Shaobao and said. 

"B...Bursting potion." Tang Shaobao stupidly looked at the front, ignoring what captain Xiong just said. He didn't notice the murderous gaze from captain Xiong either. Shaobao felt that his energy was totally sucked out and fell onto the ground, with cold sweat flowing down his cheeks.

Tang Shaobao was not happy at all. He knew he had made a fatal mistake—he didn't have a 'cautious att.i.tude'. Being able to compound two types of medicines made him think he was capable to compound any elementary potion. But he ignored the fact that he hadn't fully mastered the medical properties of medicines and the fundamental theories. He thought he was such a genius that he was able to make medicines that other people could not, this mistake of him almost killed one person, one of his good friends.

"You could almost kill a junior captain of my cavalry, are you aware of that?"

Captain Xiong stared at the stunned Tang Shaobao and shouted with anger. After he gave out the blockade order, he realized that the cavalry soldier who drank the rampage potion was Yuxiao, whom he had decided to promote as the new captain of the cavalry. Captain Xiong couldn't wait to kill Tang Shaobao. But his rationale kept him from doing that.

"I, I am wrong."

At this time, Tang Shaobao got his rationale back and calmed down.

"Take him to the military cell and keep him locked there for several months before letting him out." Captain Xiong decided to give Shaobao a lesson. He ordered his subordinates.

Several cavalry carried Tang Shaobao, who lost all his power, to the military office.

This was the 10th night Shaobao spent in the cell. Yuxiao finally had some reaction. He opened his eyes slowly, feeling the changes in his body. He was as fragile as an infant. Even a little kid could easily knock him down.

He moved his fingers, realizing he couldn't raise his arms. All the meridians of his body were hurting like h.e.l.l. Even the heart beat was with pains.

"What's wrong with me?" Yuxiao thought in his heart that "Maybe because of the hurt by the magician, I became like this."

While he was thinking about all that happened, there were footsteps coming over to him. Yuxiao was too bored that he started counting the footsteps. One, two, three...Until the person came to the front of Yuxiao. Yuxiao didn't feel his hearing had become better than before.

"Hey, you finally woke up, how are you feeling now?"

Yuxiao saw an old man standing in front of him in a white dress and asked him with a smile.

Yuxiao looked at him but couldn't open his mouth. The pain in his body became stronger as he wanted to hurry. The old man in front of Yuxiao couldn't tell any expression on Yuxiao's face since his muscles were stiff. But he could see something in Yuxiao's eyes.

"Don't rush to speak. Stay patient. You will get better after some more rest. Now the meridians in you have almost healed. Fortunately, your body was very strong. Otherwise no one could have saved you."

The old man continued saying, "You are also a weird animal. After drinking the rampage potion, you actually had some much fundamental changes in your physical body. I don't know if it's good or bad. But after you fully recover and see your look, don't be shocked. You can always earn more military rewards to exchange for the recover potion to turn back to your old look. Don't be discouraged, man."

After saying this, the man took out some medicine and started to apply to Yuxiao's body.

Since the first time Yuxiao woke up, this old man always came to visit him. Seven more days had pa.s.sed. One day when the old man came over again, Yuxiao was finally able to say "Thank you."

"Good. It's good you can talk now. You have heard too much of me talking. Maybe you are bored with my talking." Then he started applying medicine to Yuxiao's body again.

Hearing this, Yuxiao felt very grateful. But he was too weak to do anything more.

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