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Chapter 21 Training started(Part I)

"Brother, do you think I'm handsome?"

He began to be interested in Yuxiao at his first sight. After throwing down his cutlery, he squeezed the fat on his face and shook his shoulder-length curly, purple hair, and asked.

"You think you're that you're. Otherwise, you won't believe people who said you're handsome. Right?" Yuxiao did not answer him directly, and asked a rhetorical question.

After hearing Yuxiao's words, Shaobao suddenly understood something. He said, with nodding his head, "Good point, brother. There's some depth to what you're saying. I think you are praising me handsome. Which dorm do you live in? If you have time, come to my dorm for a chat.

Yuxiao looked at his priggery and smiled. "I live in a building with you, on the second floor."

"Oh, really, I didn't know this."

Shaobao couldn't look any better at the moment, smiling like a s.h.a.ggy dog.

"I only just arrived this afternoon. You were resting when I visited you. Yuxiao answered his question.

"I was wondering why you seemed so predestined to me. Now I find you get a good taste. You can find that I am a handsome and pa.s.sionate good man, a good brother. I'll be your elder brother. As your brother, it's not appropriate that I don't give a generous gift on first meeting to you.

Shaobao was a bit shameless about calling himself as a big brother without asking Yuxiao's age. He continued, "I just developed a potion this morning, and I'll put it up for sale at the auction room before the sky gets dark. As your elder brother, I'll treat you well."

As soon as Yuxiao heard that he had developed the potion, Yuxiao asked curiously, "what potion?"

Shaobao thought that he was interested in the potion, said cheerfully, "I did some random research last night and made this Quick Healing potion which could treat trauma quickly. I'm not bragging. By the way, do you know what the Quick Healing potion is?" 'He asked Yuxiao this time, turning his head to look at him, and did not go on.

"I have no idea. Yuxiao also said it directly.

"Oh ~!

Shaobao shook his head, added with an arrogant look, and said, "Obviously I'm a genius. It doesn't matter if you get scald, burn, bruise, b.u.mp, knife wound, bite, or whatever it is, you just put it on and you'll be cured. I found the scar on your face, but it seems to heal a little early. If you use it to the injury you've just suffered, it will be cured and without any scar left. But I've been working on an advanced potion for a while, and I don't have the materials to make the scar-free potion. Otherwise, I'll easily get you one.

Yuxiao thought as he listened to his big talk, "This man is interesting. In comparison, my mentality is not as good as his." With Shaobao's bubbly cheerfulness and shamelessness, these two men soon got to know each other. They arrived at the auction house just in time for the final round of sales. Yuxiao saw that there were so many things being auctioned in this place that he had not even heard of them in his city. And the quick healing potions that they needed to auction were sold in the first round for ten gold coins.

Fortunately, Yuxiao did not know anything about the potion, which caused Shaobao to brag a little more in front of him. Shaobao was completely satisfied with his vanity. Just as they were getting up to leave for a big meal, the auctioneer explained the name of a potion "Fight Master potion". The effect is to allow a junior Fight Master to ascend directly to the level of Fight Master, without any side effects.

Yuxiao listened and stiffened. Then sat down. He looked into the potion's eyes with a gleam of excitement. He is expected to get a bottle of that potion. Shaobao also sat down and whispered in Yuxiao's ear. "Are you a junior Fight Master, brother?"

Yuxiao nodded his head and did not deny it. But as the starting price of 500 gold coins rose to more than a thousand, Yuxiao's eyes were filled with disappointment. Finally, the potion was bought by a VIP in a small room at the price of 2,100 gold coins.

"Are you still thinking about that potion, brother?" "Asked Shaobao, looking at Yuxiao's glum face.

Yuxiao shook his head. Although the potion touched him a lot, he also knew that he would have to pay a lot of money to buy a bottle of this potion. Maybe his efforts to break through the Fight Master will be much less than the cost of the struggle for money to purchase one.

"It's not really worth any money, brother. Don't be discouraged, and I'll make you one when I get enough ability. Shaobao seemed to think of something at the moment and then looked at Yuxiao and said, "brother, now you have a good chance to get a bottle of Fight Master poison."

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