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"Food is nourishing especially to those who burn a lot of calories. 7,000 years ago, our Chinese ancestors would cook in a porcelain jar on top of a fire. Food is a culture with a long history to us," Zhang Lisheng explained in all seriousness.

"I really think that I've recovered much of my strength, this is a miracle. Lisheng, I really think you should be our football team's nutritionist. Oh yeah, I suppose there's no hormone in this meat?"

Zhang Lisheng smiled, "The seasoning and ingredients are all natural. There's nothing to worry about, Randy. Alright guys, enjoy the meal. I'll go back to my room to do my homework."

"But you've only had a bowl of broth…"

"Mom, this special broth is like a compressed biscuit in Sichuan Miao Land in the past. Having a bowl's enough," Zhang Lisheng carried his backpack then climbed up to his room after he was done speaking. He began his daily secret witchcraft method cultivation after he quickly finished his homework. Hours pa.s.sed without him realizing, Zhang Lisheng opened his eyes automatically when the vitality in Mountoad's body could no longer sustain his secret method cultivation.

Looking at the time, it was already 1:45 a.m. the next day. He had cultivated for over five hours. It seemed like the raw meat from Dan Souza Butcher Shop that was expiring was better than he expected. Unfortunately, having an insatiable desire was human nature, Zhang Lisheng was getting irritated by the fact that he was going to waste five hours from 2 a.m.. to 7 a.m. in the morning.

He looked at the bright moonlight outside the window while thinking, he mumbled to himself, "Seems like I must speak to George…"

As he mumbled to himself, an odd, soft 'shh shh' sound came to his ears all of a sudden. Although attacking a police's family in America would face severe sentencing by law enforcement officers. The most brutal criminals could not simply dare to do it, but there were still lunatics lurking around sometimes. Moreover, Zhang Lisheng offended Yuehai Group in China. It was a big import and export trading company with great power on the surface that had close ties with America and European countries. It was possible for them to track his whereabouts and go on with their revenge.

The young man had his guard up then he quickly got off his bed while carrying his wizard worm. He opened the door lightly and followed the source of sound carefully. He pa.s.sed through the second-floor corridor and walked down the stairs. He walked all the way to the back door entrance on the first floor, that was when he faintly saw that there were three people that intruded the house.

He looked around quietly. Seeing that there was pretty vast s.p.a.ce there, he tossed the wizard worm to the three intruders expressionlessly and chanted witchcraft incantation softly, "Psh shh…" Never had he thought that the tallest one among the three intruders would shout out loud, "Who is that! Sh*t, what was that thing…" The voice was very familiar to him. Zhang Lisheng was shocked and controlled the wizard worm that was expanding by sucking air in the back of a motionless sculpture.

He walked out from where he was hiding and asked looking shocked while his face was pale, "Randy, who are you with over there? What are you guys doing?"

"Be quiet, Lisheng. I'll break your neck if you wake dad and Aunt Lili," Mich.e.l.le's nervously soft voice came beside Randy. Zhang Lisheng said while looking shocked, "Mich.e.l.le and…sister Riley. Oh G.o.d, are you guys…running away from home?"

"Hi, Lisheng," Seeing that Zhang Lisheng recognized her, Riley who had always been obedient, sensible and always prioritized in getting into good school greeted him a little awkwardly. Mich.e.l.le who was next to her said softly in a rude manner, "Zhang Lisheng, you're the one who is supposed to run away from home. We're just going out for some fun. It's Sat.u.r.day tomorrow, it is our relax time today as always."

"It's Sat.u.r.day tomorrow… I lost track of time. But you guys made such a big commotion at the back door from sneaking out. If Randy didn't speak up in time, I was very close to…to… Nevermind, you guys go ahead. I'll go back to my room to sleep," Zhang Lisheng picked up his wizard worm from the ground as he spoke and turned to the stairs expressionlessly.

He ignored Mich.e.l.le who was complaining behind him, "Oh my G.o.d, you…you were going to smash us with your wooden toad. Randy, we wouldn't have created such a big commotion if not for your clumsiness. Herrick would definitely think we're not going…"

Zhang Lisheng stared at the window at his bed head after returning to his room. The stiffness on his face was gone, he revealed joy on his face, "I didn't know that I could actually sneak out," He mumbled and climbed onto his bed. He opened the window and looked down with his body sticking out.

The ground from the window on the second floor was approximately three meters high. Such height was high enough to stop Randy, the tall and strong American young man jumping off absurdly. However, to Zhang Lisheng who grew up in a poor mountain area, such height was similar to one of the lowest foundation of Guawo Village entrance.

However, it was pretty meaningless for him to sneak out given that he had no intention of doing it. Just when he was closing the window, he heard a soft knock on his door. 'Baam…' Zhang Lisheng closed the window immediately and opened his door in while feeling puzzled. He saw Randy speaking softly outside his door, "Hey buddy, we've opened the back door. Do you want to seize your youth with us out there?"

"It's okay, don't worry about it. I won't tell Uncle Lavin or mom that you guys sneaked out. Goodbye Randy," Zhang Lisheng said while feeling stunned, he wanted to close his door right away. Never had he thought Randy would hold the door that was closing by force while winking quirkily and spoke softly, "Buddy, don't lose hope just because you're skinny? You must know that you have a foreign charm since you're from China. To some girls, you're a delicious 'snack'. Perhaps you might bring back some surprise if you go out tonight."

"What the h.e.l.l, where are you guys going?"

"Of course we're going to party at a bar. There's music, babes, booze, and you'll meet many interesting new friends. Don't worry, I'll get you a fake ID. You Asians look the same to people who don't know you anyway."

After all, Zhang Lisheng was still a young man who had not seen the world. Even though he was a wizard now, he was longing a little for the party that Randy was talking about. However, figuring that he might not be able to control himself he figured that he might go partying a second, then a third time if he agreed to go this time. He firmly declined because he realized that doing this might delay his cultivation in the future, "Thanks for your invitation Randy but I don't want to be anyone's 'snack' today. Moreover, I'll have to work at the butchery shop tomorrow. You guys go ahead, remember what Uncle Lavin said, be aware of your surroundings since you're going to a bar so late at night."

"Alright then, I can't force you since you're so close-minded. Goodnight, serious Lisheng."

"See you tomorrow, Randy," Zhang Lisheng closed the door after he was done speaking. He was left alone in the room. All of a sudden, he felt a little lonely and coldness in him as he watched the chilly moonlight shone outside the window. However, he soon lifted his spirit once again and mumbled, "There's always loses and gains in life. Since I've chosen to go on the path of witchcraft, how could I not bear hardships."

He climbed to his bed and chanted witchcraft incantations, he began his cultivation slowly. He only stopped chanting incantations when the sun rose the next day, he was feeling thirsty when he opened his eyes. After stretching, Zhang Lisheng washed up in the bathroom then put on some clean clothes. He put Mountoad in his backpack, carried it then quickly ran downstairs.

Lili had gotten herself busy preparing breakfast for the family while Sullo was giving a helping hand while chatting and smiling. Randy, Riley, and Mich.e.l.le who sneaked out to party all night sat on the couch in the living room. They were trying hard to look energetic as they stared blankly at the morning news on the tv. They were waiting for breakfast to be served so that they could catch up on their sleep after they were done eating.

Gill and Harry, the youngest siblings among all of them were sitting on another couch whispering to each other. Zhang Lisheng glanced through everyone quickly and shouted loudly, "Mom, Uncle Lavin…Gill, Harry, good morning. Mom, I'm going to work with George. I'm already late, I won't be having breakfast at home. See you tonight," He then rushed out of the door.

"But baby...baby…" Lily was stunned. Just when she was going to put down the frying pan to say something, she realized Zhang Lisheng had already rushed out of the door. She saw from the ceiling to floor window in the living room that Zhang Lisheng was riding his bicycle as a professional cyclist would have. He rushed onto the street.

Randy said while yawning, "No wonder China's going to replace us, they're going to be the most powerful country in the world. Look at that young man who grew up there, for his 7 hours work, he doesn't want to join the midnight party on Friday and he would skip breakfast with bacon pancakes on Friday morning. Moreover, he would cook broth that tastes weird but delicious…"

"Shut up Randy. He's just a pretentious fella who has social anxiety. Also, stop yawning and don't talk about partying. Dad's ears are super sharp sometimes," Mich.e.l.le warned softly into his brother's ear. Meanwhile, Zhang Lisheng felt liberated while traveling through Brooklyn, New York's streets. In reality, he was not working on his rest day at all. He finally got the freedom that he desired after all this time. He was planning to find his only friend George to do something 'interesting'.

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