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Chapter 428: Riot and Savior

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

With amazing eyesight, the Wizard Li’s Conqueror looked at the three steam iron ships, that were not much bigger than sesame seeds, following behind the wooden ship through the narrow circular window of the cabin. He then muttered to himself, “These mainlanders are already going to starve to death but they haven’t even found that Venis City yet! Don’t tell me that my two months have gone wasted just like that? Amongst these many fugitives, the only valuables ones are Hanoo and Anduki. They must have the ability to fill in the damaged nautical chart but that n.o.ble captain would rather die than succ.u.mb to the h.e.l.lfire barbarians. As for the navigator, he would most likely succ.u.mb to me though that chance is only 50-50, argh this is too risky! But if this continues to drag on…what if Hanoo suddenly dies due to malnutrition and overexertion? I would lose everything! Should I continue this refuge game or just end it right away?”

When Zhang Lisheng was weighing the pros and cons of this matter, he suddenly heard a loud commotion resonating from the outside. After a while, Annete suddenly ran into his cabin in a hurry, “Mr. Lisheng, Mr. Lisheng, please save my sister! Save Helena…”

This Young Master from the Venis City’s Bailile Family had always secretly sneaked behind his own tutor Hanino to look for Zhang Lisheng since the 20th day of their increasingly difficult fleeing voyage. He had shown his desire of becoming a spellcaster many times and had repeatedly asked about the special conditions needed to become a wushu master.

With such obvious hints, of course Zhang Lisheng knew what he wanted but he continued to feign ignorance and let it slide.

Upon seeing the young man feigning ignorance, not showing any care or intent to pa.s.s on the spellcasting ability to himself, Annete soon gradually stopped coming to look for Zhang Lisheng alone, particularly these few days where they did not even come across each other at all.

At this time, when Zhang Lisheng saw Anette appear in front of himself in a panic, he could not help but ask, “What’s wrong, Young Master Annete?”

“Mr. Lisheng, those sailors have launched a riot. They have first hit Helena’s personal maid, Anilunsa, and then somehow rushed into the cabin where the women live. It was a good thing that Captain Anduki managed to stop them in time but it seems like they won’t stop at all. I’m worried that something will happen so I came to you. Only you, only you alone can scare them with your power of spellcasting! Only you can save Helena…” Annete replied in panic.

“I know that the situation is not good now, but it doesn’t have to suddenly deteriorate into this right? Is Hanoo okay?” Zhang Lisheng was stunned. He jumped down from the hammock and blurted out.

“Mr. Hanoo is fine. He’s in the steering cabin.”

“That’s good,” The young man breathed a sigh of relief and patted Annete’s shoulder to calm the boy. “Don’t panic, Young Master Annete. I’ll follow you now right away.”

“Thank you, thank you! Mr. Lisheng, let us go now! Hurry…” Upon hearing that Zhang Lisheng was willing to help Helena, who had never been nice to him before, Annete could not help but sigh in relief. Hastily, he led the young man to his twin sister’s cabin.

Due to the deliberate arrangement of the experienced sailor Captain Anduki, the women’s cabins were on the corner of the second floor of the cabin. Helena’s cabin was in the innermost position. It was originally a huge utility room where the sailors would usually never pa.s.s by.

As they crossed the deck and walked into the ground floor corridor along the steep stairs, Zhang Lisheng, who was following closely behind the boy, could clearly hear an angry voice shouting, “Captain, we have not caught a fish for several days. Sailors like us who work hard every day can only eat half full at your command, but the ration for these women has not decreased. Not only that, that Anilunsa is only a maid for Miss Helena and yet she’s so arrogant towards us. Just because Wilter gave her less than two pounds of fish, she slapped him right away. Can’t they look at what situation we’re in right now? If it wasn’t for us, these women would have long starved to death! We can’t believe that they’re actually so ungrateful…”

Walking in the direction of the sound, Zhang Lisheng turned two corners and soon saw several dozens of strong sailors in front of a cabin at the end of the corridor, some of them had their waist bent while some had their scalps rubbing against the ceiling.

Although the sailors had different heights, they had a hint of despair and a maniacal expression on their faces. The person leading them was a skinny and dark young man and it was apparent that he was the one shouting just now.

“Hadari, Miss Helena has already scolded Anilunsa for doing so just now. She has also promised that the rations for all of them, her maids, butlers and her, would also be reduced to half. What else do you want?” Standing in front of the thin and strong young man, Anduki blocked the door and asked loudly all of a sudden.

The long-established authority of the captain intimidated everyone the instant he opened his mouth. Even the strong young man could not help but become silent right away.

When Anduki saw that the situation was soon going back to be under control, he relaxed his tone and said, “All of us have worked for more than one or two years for the Bailile Trading Company already. Some of our grandparents, or great-grandparents have served the Bailile Family since a long time ago. As a proud Venisan, I’m sure everyone knows the meaning of loyalty. There’s a reason as to why this has happened today so n.o.body will blame you. However, since Miss Helena has already given her words, it’s unreasonable if we continue to pursue this matter. G.o.d is watching us from the sky, so return to the deck and continue your work, sailors. We’ll be saved…”

Upon hearing the captain’s words, the impetuous sailors, who had originally planned to risk everything on this single venture, started to have a hesitant expression on their faces. However, at this moment, a muttering full of hatred suddenly resonated from behind Anduki. “If we’re saved, I’ll definitely let you guys have a taste of ‘revenge’…”

This sentence was like the spark that fell into a barrel of explosives, finally causing the situation that was at the verge of collapsing to head towards an irreparable situation.

“Miss Helena is harboring grudges against us!” The instant these words resonated, the strong and thin young man already shouted at the top of his lungs. “We’ll soon starve to death in the barbarous h.e.l.lfire sea region because of the willfulness of Bailile’s Young Master and Miss but they think we deserve this! In this case, why do lowly sailors like us have to care about such bullsh*t like having G.o.ds watching us or such and just wait for our death in silence…”

“Everyone calm down! It’s not Miss Helena’s voice just now! It’s not her voice! It’s Anilunsa’s voice! It’s Anilunsa…” Anduki quickly explained when he saw that thing was quickly spiraling downward.

Unfortunately, the crazy fire in the hearts of the sailors had been ignited once again. The leader of the riot would not give the old captain a second chance to control the scene again. With a strong might, he pushed him to the ground with force.

“Mr. Lisheng, Mr. Lisheng, go save my sister! Those crazy people have barged in!” Just as Annete relaxed a little, he immediately saw the scene of how the captain fell and the sailors rushing into Helena’s cabin. He became even more alarmed than before and shouted at Zhang Lisheng right away.

At this time, Zhang Lisheng, who had already made up his mind to call for the steam iron ships behind the wooden ship to sink the wooden ship with all the other refuges together and bring Hanoo back to Shrimp B1 Island, replied nonchalantly, “Young Master Annete, your sister has a maid whose head that is filled with gra.s.s. She’ll pay for this sooner or later and right now, it’s just…”

“That Anilunsa grew up together with Helena. In the past few years, let alone the servant, even I cannot stand her arrogance at all! If it wasn’t for the fact that Helena has been protecting her… Wait a minute, Lisheng! That’s right, it’s not the time to evaluate my sister’s personal maid now. Save her! Save Helena…” Annete grabbed Zhang Lisheng’s cuffs and said incoherently.

“Young Master Annete, you’re too noisy…” Zhang Lisheng frowned and looked at the young man. Just as Zhang Lisheng was about to knock him out so that he could perish together with the wooden ship, Zhang Lisheng’s ears moved suddenly. An irrepressible delight crept upon the corners of his mouth as he changed his mind. “How silly! How can I make my move if you grab onto my clothes like that?”

“I’ll let go! I’ll let go now…” Upon hearing this, as though the young man’s body was flowing with magma, Annete jerked his hand away. At the same time, Zhang Lisheng’s body swiftly charged forward. In just a blink of an eye, he crossed half of the corridor and came to the back of the crowd of sailors who were pushing their way into the cabin. Like pinching straw, Zhang Lisheng threw the strong adult men behind him one by one.

In just slightly over ten seconds, more than half of the sailors in the riot were beaten to a pulp and piled up together. After clearing the corridor, the young man strode into the cabin and realized that in the huge cabin, four to five out of the less than 20 women already had their clothes stripped off and were pressed onto the ground. At once, he frowned.

Gently waving his hand, he mobilized the invisible force that he had obtained from the Eye Beast King’s soul. Just as he was about to break the necks of all the sailors that had gone crazy in the cabin, he suddenly realized that doing such a cruel demonstration was not appropriate at all. At once, his body jounced, as he used the invisible force to knock all the sailors out.

Then, the young man told the women loudly, “Stop shouting. Put on and tidy your clothes up. Throw these madmen out of the door later.”

With a stride, he disappeared with a flash.

The women in the cabin originally thought that there was absolutely no way for them to escape this but in the midst of their despair, they astonishingly saw all of the thugs fall to the ground and faint in just a blink of an eye. After being in a daze for a while, somebody finally shouted, “I-It’s that outlander… It’s that outlander who saved us once again. Oh dear G.o.d! Please bless him and give him more money…”

Right at this moment, the cabin door was suddenly pushed open. A tall and st.u.r.dy young man, who was wearing a luxurious double-breasted captain uniform while holding a fine sword in his hand, rushed into the cabin with his body bent low and his face grave.

Glancing around and finally setting his eyes on Helena, who was wearing a ragged but tidy clothes, his expression became visibly relaxed. Striding up to the girl, he said loudly, overwhelmed with emotions, “Helena! I’m so relieved to see you! Don’t worry! Your suffering is over now! I’ve brought a fleet to save you…”

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