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"Sorry bro, it was a misunderstanding," the man apologized with a grin.

Lu Li didn't believe him; the man hadn't loosened his grip on the string of his bow.

However, simply hiding here wasn't a solution either.

"Oh, since it's a misunderstanding, I'll be coming out then," Lu Li said innocently as he rushed out from behind the big tree.

Lu Li was moving quite quickly. Even without any speed bonuses, a target sprinting at full speed was still quite hard to hit. The man was obviously worried that if he didn't hit his target, he would soon become a target himself.

As such, he refrained from shooting and waited for a better opportunity.

Lu Li dashed behind another tree. It was bigger and had thicker branches, which made it easier to shoot from.

The other player was standing in the open and was now vulnerable.

"Since you don't trust me, I guess we'll just be minding our own business then," the man said, beginning to regret provoking Lu Li, but maintained his shooting position as he slowly retreated.

However, Lu Li didn't give him a chance; he stretched out his arm and pulled the trigger. The small crossbow he had could be operated with one hand, but was still powerful enough to be lethal.

The arrow missed and landed a distance away from the man, but he didn't dare to relax after that.

"Don't go; let's talk," Lu Li said as he adjusted his shooting position and stretched out his arm again. He was in a better position this time, and his enemy was not afraid to move.

"Spare me this time; I really didn't know you were a person. I made an honest mistake," the man said as he smiled bitterly.

He also had to fully draw his bow, otherwise, he would be completely defenseless.

Although this was a game, it was really quite difficult to keep a bow drawn. He had previously regretted attacking Lu Li, but now his arms regretted it too.

"That could work, but you will have to pay for your life. My horse was killed by a bear, so I want your horse. If you give it to me, I'll let you go…" Lu Li shouted.

Would he believe what Lu Li was saying?

"Alright, I'll put my weapon done, and you can come out."

The man knew the urgency of the situation. The longer he kept his bow drawn, the worse off he was. His hands were becoming numb, and he knew that the moment he let go of the bowstring, he would be dead.

"Send it over," Lu Li laughed coldly.

"No way!" he refused angrily.

"I can get your horse just by killing you as well," Lu Li said casually. He didn't seem to care much for the other player's tone.

"Fine, fine, I'll do it," the man agreed helplessly. He let go of the arrow and threw his long bow away.

Lu Li slowly came out from behind the tree, but didn't lower his crossbow.

The man reached for the dagger by his waist, but his face suddenly filled with anguish as he saw an arrow fly out and thrust directly into his chest.

"You gave me your word!"

"You did too," Lu Li said as he let a second arrow loose and hit the man on the chest, killing him.

The Bear Hunting compet.i.tion was more realistic than the game. Blood sprayed out of the wound, just like in real life, but Lu Li was completely unfazed.

The System prompted that he had received 47 points, which was almost equivalent to killing a black bear.

You could also get points for killing players!

In this way, Lu Li discovered the true nature of the Bear Hunting compet.i.tion. Not only was killing the other players not prohibited, but doing so would also transfer all the points that they had gathered to their killer.

The man had a total of 47 points and was obviously a hunter who had plenty of fighting experience.

Unfortunately, he still died at the hands of Lu Li. Crossbows were 10,000 times better than bows in a confrontation like this, and Lu Li had also managed to confuse him by leading him to believe that he actually wanted his horse.

In fact, Lu Li's horse was tied to some trees not far away from here.

After Lu Li received the System prompt, he didn't need to check if the player had really died. He walked over to the corpse and collected the loot that had dropped. The man had some arrows, a long bow, a dagger, some fresh water and a few pieces of dried food.

The best reward he received were the points.

47 points plus the 4 Lu Li had received for killing the Wolf and the 95 for killing the two black bears meant that he now had a total of 146 points.

Lu Li also found the other player's horse and sold it to the System. He received 2 points for it, but it was better than nothing.

As the hunting became more dangerous, Lu Li had to be more careful.

After waiting for two hours, a third bear finally appeared, but Lu Li was hesitant to face it as it was followed by another slightly smaller one.

Lu Li knew that this was its mate, and not just a friend.

Everyone knew that tigers lived alone, unless there was one male and female tiger. The same could be said for these black bears.

The two black bears were now not far from him. They were following the fragrance of the honey, and if he ran now, he probably wouldn't reach his horse before he was intercepted by them.

Lu Li set aside his crossbow, and picked up the longbow.

Along the way, he had tried shooting a few arrows with it and had to admit that virtual weapons were far superior to those in real life. In terms of strength and accuracy, they far exceeded their real counterparts.

The two bears ran together towards the honey, but Lu Li didn't shoot his arrow immediately. Instead, he calmly waited for an opportunity. He knew that the timing of his attack was key, otherwise, he would have no chance.

He now regretted not killing other players earlier. If he had the rifle from before, his chances of success would be higher.

The rifle was more lethal than the crossbow, but it was very loud and made him vulnerable to being ambushed. It also needed to be loaded with bullets, which were in limited supply.

The two black bears rushed the side of the big tree, and began reaching into the honey pot.

The moment they stopped moving, Lu Li's fingers released the arrow. It whistled through the air and buried itself deeply into the side of the larger one.

It was clearly suffering, but didn't die immediately. It waved its claws around wildly and hit the other black bear.

Lu Li lined up another shot, and aimed it at the second one.

When it turned around, it saw Lu Li standing in the gra.s.s. It was clear that this man was an obvious threat to them, so she came running towards him with a low growl.

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