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Four wild wolf points was not bad, but the real points were in the bears. Even the weakest Grizzly Bear Cubs gave ten points.

Of course, Grizzly Cubs weren't easy to kill, and adult Grizzlies were a serious threat.

Lu Li took in a deep breath and smelled a fragrant scent in the air. His face then broke into a smile as he realized that it was the smell of honey.

Bears loved to eat honey; this was common knowledge to everyone. In the past, hunters had used this to their advantage, which made catching bears an effortless task for them.

As Lu Li followed the scent, he saw a large beehive attached to a towering tree several hundred meters ahead.

Collecting honey was also a simple task. Lu Li used the smoke method and gathered a large amount of honey in a short amount of time, albeit with a few stings. After all, he was not a professional beekeeper.

A bear's vision was not great, but they had a keen sense of smell.

According to strategy guides, Lu Li was supposed to choose a big tree where the bears would often appear. Then, he needed to dig a hole under the tree and bury a pot of honey, leaving the top of the pot exposed. Finally, he had to cover the mouth of the pot with a rock.

When a bear pa.s.sed by, it would be attracted by the sweet smell of honey.

The stone on the pot would also be attached to a larger stone on the tree. In order to reach the honey, the bear would move the stone aside, causing the larger one to fall onto its head and stun it.

Lu Li didn't have much faith in this method, but he could see the benefit of it.

Instead, he placed the honey, and crafted a snare trap. This trap wasn't useful for capturing a grizzly bear, but it could limit the bear's movement for ten seconds.

If Lu Li couldn't kill a grizzly bear that was immobilized, he should just stick to killing small animals.

Bear hunting in real life was a dangerous sport. It wasn't like the game at all, which mostly depended on the player's level and equipment. A few hundred years ago, bear hunters would take a pledge before leaving for hunts that they would bring everyone home, regardless of what happened to them. T

Lu Li waited patiently in a haystack nearby for about ten minutes before a huge, black bear finally meandered over. The ground shook with every step it took, and Lu Li began to think that he had perhaps been a little too ambitious.

Fortunately, the black bear was completely entranced by the smell of the honey and didn't notice Lu Li at all.

It reached out and licked the honey in the hole, unaware that it was now wrapped in vines.

It was time!

Lu Li jumped out of the gra.s.s and shot the bear with a crossbow in its back leg with the intention of wounding it. As long as he could hurt it, the bear wouldn't be able to run away, even if Lu Li couldn't kill it in time.

The target of his shots was the bear's eye.

Despite its menacing roars, he shot the arrow into its left eye at close range. Unfortunately, he couldn't deal any direct damage to its brain, which would immediately kill it.

The black bear was now going berserk.

This was a test of mental strength. Hunting a bear in virtual reality was modelled after real life. Even if the player kept reminding themselves that it was fake, the scene still appeared quite realistic.

Nevertheless, Lu Li stubbornly remained steady and aimed at the black bear's other eye as he continued to pull the trigger.

When it managed to break free from the snare, he still had time to shoot it in the heart. However, this was no longer necessary. The second arrow that shot into its eye had fully penetrated its head. The bear thrashed about for a few seconds more before crashing into the ground.

50 points!

This huge black bear was undoubtedly deserving of 50 points. Lu Li picked up his items and quickly left the area. The smell of blood was bound to attract more beasts, and greed was often the greatest hunter-killer.

He rode his horse for a while before using his honey to lay a second trap.

After a while, another lone black bear wandered nearby. This was no smaller than the first one, but it was covered in blood. Its wounds looked like the result of a struggle, so Lu Li reasoned that it had killed a hunter.

This kind of injured beast was actually more dangerous, but Lu Li decided to continue anyway. It was too late to run away now.

In fact, he had been quite fortunate far. Honey didn't always attract lone black bears - sometimes they would come in groups. If that happened, he would have no choice but to run away.

The black bear was soon tied up by the snare that he had placed. Lu Li than ran up and successful hit its eye, but the second arrow as blocked by its paw.

In the face of a black bear rushing straight at him, Lu Li didn't panic. Instead of shooting the last arrow, he dropped the bow and pulled out his hunting knife.

When righting beasts like this, the main difference between regular and great hunters was not their strength, but their ability to overcome their fear. As long as he was not afraid, Lu Li would have no trouble with this injured bear.

After avoiding the initial charge, Lu Li flexibly dodged around a tree and cut open the bear's waist.

It then rushed towards him furiously, and the thick tree trunk was almost snapped by the force of its body.

Lu Li then jumped away and waved his knife again. He was like an annoying flea that the bear couldn't seem to rid itself of.

Most players who entered the hunting grounds gave up after their first encounter.

How could someone who grew up in the city overcome a beast like that?

When the black bear died, Lu Li found that he had also been injured. His back had been slashed by its claws and it was just a flesh wound, but the b.l.o.o.d.y appearance made it look serious.


Lu Li lowered his head and saw that an arrow had grazed his neck and hit the ground not far from him. It was a great shot, and he immediately knew that it wasn't an amateur attacking him.

However, he didn't panic and rolled to hide behind a big tree.

He also conveniently managed to get his bow back. Lu Li tucked himself into a ball in an attempt to make himself as small as possible as he tried to work out where his attacker was.

His opponent was a man with a bow and arrow, and he looked like he was in his mid-thirties. He also seemed surprised that Lu Li managed to escape his attack.

If he hadn't taken a bow with a slow attack speed and had a crossbow as strong as Lu Li's, Lu Li might already be dead. After all, he had just fought a tough battle and was injured.

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