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If Green Flag Wine heard what Lu Li said, he would have definitely spit in his face.

That's right, Lu Li was correct again. Dark Destroyer, with 48% health remaining, managed to wear out Green Flag Wine.

"Why did it end like this? Green Flag Wine should have a disadvantage in a one-on-one, and a fight between a Paladin and a Warrior is a counter match-up, right?" Pure White Season asked carefully.

Between other cla.s.ses, there were slight differences in strength, but this usually wasn't too obvious.

However, in the circ.u.mstance that their equipment and technique matched, a Paladin would definitely counter a Warrior. This was because they had similar defenses, but the Warrior couldn't heal himself like a Paladin.

"Very simple - what is Dark Destroyer known for?" Lu Li asked back.

"Moonlight has his Whirlwind, Gaze is famous for Charge, Elevenless' Combo is one of the most feared techniques, and Deadly Golden Underwear often uses bleeding damage to defeat his opponents. Dark Destroyer's best fighting attribute is probably his control..." Pure White Season mumbled, then quickly realized, "Oh, I understand - it's control."

Pure White Season's was a skilled player, so she quickly understood what Lu Li meant.

Although Green Flag Wine could heal, his cla.s.s didn't specialize in it. Unfortunately, Dark Destroyer had suffocating control skills; he didn't even give him a chance to heal.

Now, it was Deadly Golden Underwear's turn to come onstage.

A fight between two Warriors!

Warriors, Mage and Thieves were the cla.s.ses that most experts chose. Among the top players in the Warrior cla.s.s, Deadly Golden Underwear and Dark Destroyer were the cream of the crop.

"What about this time? Who do you think will win? How much health do you think they will have left?" Pure White Season asked Lu Li.

She had begun to have a kind of blind faith in Lu Li. It wasn't just her - even the audience stopped doubting him. They fell into a hushed silence in antic.i.p.ation of what he was about to say.

The two players in the arena may as well have stopped fighting and just listened to Lu Li announce their results.

"How would I know?" Lu Li said as he wiped away his sweat then quickly added, "But, Golden Deadly Underwear would probably win."

Everyone rolled their eyes; Golden Deadly Underwear was at full health, while Dark Destroyer only had half of his health. Being equally skilled, everyone could tell who was going to win.

In the end, Deadly Golden Underwear proved victorious with 72% health remaining.

Dark Destroyer had used all of his powerful skills on Green Flag Wine in the previous match.

Conversely, most burst, mobility and debuff skills were on cooldown for Deadly Golden Underwear now. He was like a tiger without its teeth at this point.

The Hunter that Purple Lunar Paradise sent out was "Crafty Young Master". He beat Deadly Golden Underwear with 30% health remaining.

They both lost 70% health, which seemed like an even trade off. However, this was a match between a second-tier compet.i.tor and an expert. Moreover, a Hunter's 70% health was only around 2000 HP, while a Berserker had around 4000 HP.

At this point, people started to realize the importance of order in these matches.

Peerless City shouldn't have used Green Flag Wine to battle Lone Smoker Lone; the gap only widened from that point.

Peerless City's Mage 'Half Cigarette' came out and defeated Crafty Young Master from Purple Lunar Paradise.

The last match was between Half Cigarette with 50% health and "Pride Over the Floor", who was also a Mage.

Without Lu Li saying anything, everyone knew that Half Cigarette would lose. Half Cigarette tried his best, but the HP difference wasn't something that he could overcome by himself alone. He lost to his opponent miserably.

Peerless City had lost to Purple Lunar Paradise in the one-on-one matches.

Now, it was time for the group matches.

The morale among the Peerless City fans was quite low. They had cursed Lu Li, saying that he had jinxed everything and some even made up their minds to not give presents to him. However, once the truth was laid out before them, they realized how accurate his judgements were.

After the final results were out, another wave of presents came flying.

Lu Li checked his own experience bar; he was at 85% towards level 44. This meant that he had gained 10% experience in hour or so that he had sat here.

In his previous life, he had always been envious of these compet.i.tors who could sit here and watch their experience bars fly. Now, he finally had the chance to experience it for himself.

Dark Wind usually didn't dare talk too much in front of people like Lu Li.

Before the group match began, he immediately listed out the things that everyone knew. There were no opportunities for mistakes at least.

"I feel like Peerless City has the advantage in team-fights. They have Deadly Golden Underwear, Green Flag Wine and Professional Healer - that's three celebrity compet.i.tors. The other three players are decent as well. On the other hand, Purple Lunar Paradise only have two, and their main healer is Mini Meow, a Druid. In terms of group healing, she probably can't beat Professional Healer, who is a Priest."

However, Lu Li didn't want to let him off easily.

"I feel like Peerless City doesn't have an advantage in the group matches. Their coordination is poor and their cla.s.s setup is lacking too. On the other hand, Purple Lunar Paradise had always been known for their synchronization."

Lu Li has played against Purple Lunar Paradise before, and there were also some things that he already knew from his previous life.

In terms of compet.i.tors alone, Peerless City had better players. They had only lost the one-on-one matches because of the order that they sent them out.

Lu Li couldn't be too sure for the group matches, but he was leaning towards the defeat of Peerless City.

The fans of Purple Lunar Paradise were happy, and began to use their coins to buy presents for Lu Li.

Lu Li gained 1.2% experience from this.


Dark Wind wanted to cry; he felt like he was a newbie that only existed to make Lu Li look good. At one point, he was called a top-tier a.n.a.lyst.

The difference between their judgements made him feel at a weaker position.

In the past, he never talked about the victory or loss. This only drew attention for a short period, but it wasn't very useful.

However, everyone wanted to hear a.n.a.lysis from someone like Lu Li, who really knew what he was talking about.

The match began and both parties engaged.

With Lu Li's words in mind, everyone paid extra attention to the coordination between the two parties. Most people gained nothing from it. Peerless City was a top tier club, so it was hard to find an obvious weak spot. Even if they had one, only top tier players would be able to spot it.

Even the managers of the club gained some useful information from this. For example - the strength of the Warlock cla.s.s, the ordering of players, and the coordination between team members in a group fight.

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