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Chapter 1897: Moment of Silence

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Lu Li suppressed his breathing and kept on holding onto Water Fairy's waist, without realizing the tightness of his grip. However, Water Fairy didn't feel it at all either. Her lips were pressed together tightly and her pair of beautiful eyes stared on straight ahead, with victory having an overwhelming grasp over her.

There were only four opponents in front of them!

“Front left, 40 yards!” Lu Li cried out as his eyes sparkled.

Water Fairy tugged on the horse's head without another thought. The warhorse stiffly moved over to the side and rushed over.

A red, speed-increasing ball was consumed, but since it was sprinting ahead on a non-straight course, the originally small gap between them and the third compet.i.tor had widened. Meanwhile, the two horses which were right on their heels went past them. They had gone from fourth to sixth.

“They're nearly at the end already! What's the point of getting that extra speed!”

The group of spectators watching him couldn't help but immediately scold them. However, not many people seconded what they said, because as soon as they spoke, everyone saw that Water Fairy's warhorse had abruptly sped up again.

This was Sprint – it consumed a lot of a rider's stamina, but it increased the rider's speed from the normal 100% to 120%.

Added onto the fact that they had just consumed a the speed-increasing ball, the warhorse's speed had reached inconceivable levels.

“It will definitely pa.s.s 150%!”

Those two lovebirds who had just pa.s.sed Water Fairy and Lu Li were overtaken in an instant, and the three who were in the lead were now growing closer and closer as the horse flew towards them. If nothing went wrong, they would be caught up with.

This was because they could only run at normal speed.

Perhaps it was because she felt the ever-increasing pressure, and the desire to win the championship, which gave an incomparably amazing prize – two Skill Points and two pieces of Epic equipment. Even just the two pieces of Epic equipment would make people crazy, let alone those priceless Skill Points.

The two in the front grit their teeth and began to make the final sprint to the end.

They were slowly equaling with first place. With first place being so close, no one could hold it any longer. Everyone Sprinted together, after all, the finish point was in sight. Since they were Sprinting towards the end, it would only take them less than a minute to get there.

However, this didn't stop Water Fairy and Lu Li from inching closer at all, since not only were they Sprinting, but they also had increased speed.

Just when everyone thought Water Fairy and Lu Li were right about to chase up to and overtake the three opponents at the front, Lu Li suddenly shouted, “Don't Sprint!”

Without any hesitation at all, Water Fairy canceled Sprint, and the warhorse reverted back to its normal speed. It was just the effect of the speed-increasing ball that hadn't been canceled, so they were still growing closer to the front.

This continued for 2 seconds, after which Lu Li and Water Fairy's speed reverted back to 100%.

The three in front were still faster than them. The distance which they had narrowed slowly widened again.

Seeing them fall behind, the three riders at the front immediately stopped thinking about them. It was just the three who were racing for the championship. Although they didn't have Lu Li and Water Fairy behind them forcing them to speed up, no one was willing to slow down.

There could only be one champion!

Under these circ.u.mstances, no one could cancel their Sprint.

The three Sprinting riders eyed the approaching finish point. At best, it would still take more than 10 seconds to reach it.

Suddenly, one of the riders slowed down like they had hit a wall in the air. Then, the next slowed, and so did the third rider's horse.

“No more stamina,” someone whispered quietly, explaining away everyone's confusion.

Sprint had consumed too much of the riders' stamina. Sometimes, they would even have to run at a low speed for a while for the warhorse to recover stamina.

They had been so focused on getting the championship that in all that rush, they had forgotten about stamina.

However, they were already close to the finish line. Although they were approaching at a leisurely trot now, they still couldn't be caught up by those opponents behind them – apart from Lu Li and Water Fairy.

They were getting closer and closer!

When they had just 7 or 8 seconds left, Lu Li tapped Water Fairy's shoulder and said one thing – Sprint!

Cupid's love made them shoot forwards at a flying speed as they pa.s.sed them!

Rushing to the end!

The finish point split open to shoot off colorful fireworks, surrounding Lu Li and Water Fairy. Their supporters leapt up straight away after they rushed across the finish line.


Right on their heels, was a rider who had regained some stamina and Sprinted to the end once again.


The two riders behind them who were now paying attention rushed across the finish line, one ahead of the other.

Behind them, more and more people rushed across the finish line, but at most, they could only receive a bit of encouragement. They weren't in a position at all to receive Skill Points.

People could only focus on the successes of a few. The 10,000 or so other compet.i.tors were just a dark background to those few who made it at the front.

“Thank you for believing me…” Lu Li said to the girl he was hugging as he took some long breaths.

He was really worried before that Water Fairy would continue to be arrogant. If they didn't go to consume that speed-increasing ball, it would have been difficult for them to overtake those three at the front. If they just kept Sprinting ahead, they would have been caught in the same predicament as their opponents.

Although he was half-illiterate, Lu Li observation skills were sharper than most.

It was that sort of observation, which was more calm the more intense the situation got, that let his brain change direction rapidly, calculate the outcome of every possibility, and in the end, find the only method that could get them victory.

“What did you say just then? I didn't hear. It was because of my talent that we won the compet.i.tion,” Water Fairy said with irritation, struggling out of Lu Li's embrace.

Lu Li was dumbstruck, but he very quickly found a way to take revenge.

He was going to give Water Fairy a subtle kiss on the lips, entwining their breath together, for the whole audience of over 100 million to watch right out in the open.

The loud, crazy calls filled the whole island!

“You…you're a pervert, there's so many people.”

Water Fairy was feeling so embarra.s.sed and awkward. Although she wasn't one to pretend to be shy, and she could even be quite fierce sometimes, she was still a girl.

“What're you afraid of? We're wearing masks; no one knows who we are at all,” Lu Li said without a care.

He was thick-skinned, but not so thick to the point where he would kiss his girlfriend in front of the whole world to see. The main thing was that both of them were masked; there wasn't another person in the world who knew.

But those watching the compet.i.tion, especially those one million people who had zoomed in on them, were sent into a frenzy.

“Moment of silence!”

“d.a.m.n couple!”

“A moment of silence for Lu Li – we might never be able to see him again. Rest in peace.”

“Hope there's no domestic violence in heaven!”

“In a short two years, he brought Ruling Sword to the highest peaks, but he was just too thick-skinned and he died in his prime.”

“I heard he still has a sister who is as pretty as a flower. I'll help him take care of her…”

“I'll help him look after his girlfriend…”

“I can't and don't really want to, but I will help him look after his club…”

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