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It was natural for the ram to continue on its path, so it just screamed in pain as it pa.s.sed the apple crate.

The attacker was overjoyed as he directed his ram to eat the apple. Both the rider and ram were planning on rushing ahead like Lu Li had done.

"Go to h.e.l.l! Kill him!" the player yelled, furiously.

The attacker planned to storm ahead and lose him to avoid dealing with him throughout the race. However, before he could speed up, he was already sandwiched by two other players.

He now realised that the player he had attacked was not racing alone – he was racing in a team.

This was how the first reformation of the rules occurred.

In Lu Li's previous life, there was a similar occurrence which caused the changes to the rules. A guild leader brought many of his guild members and partic.i.p.ated in the ram race. The leader rushed ahead while the rest of them hindered the other racers. This strategy was simply unfair.

Later on, an even dirtier thing happened.

Another guild's leader decided to bring 99 of his members to join the race, so he easily obtained first place.

Fortunately, the System reacted quickly and immediately implemented a randomizer for the players' entries. Furthermore, with the knowledge of the rewards getting worse and worse each time, no one was willing to repeat the race multiple times

The ram that had just eaten the apple was immediately attacked by the other two.

Lu Li didn't know what had happened behind him. Instead, he saw another apple crate that had just sp.a.w.ned. However, there was another player who was also charging towards the crate.

This was a Hunter wearing a wolf's head as his helmet, which was a cla.s.s-specific Epic equip.

It was quite impressive. In this current update of the game, no items could give more range of vision than this. Only Lu Li could compete with his full set of items. Otherwise, no one would be able to compare with the Hunters wearing this helmet.

In the earlier ages of ram racing, many Hunters won because of this helmet.

The Hunter saw Lu Li and immediately thought of fighting. This Thief couldn't compete with him. He aimed to defeat this Thief and use this apple to surpa.s.s all of the players in front, then win the entire race.

After all, he had grown up on the back of rams!

However, Lu Li wasn't planning on fighting fairly, since his target wasn't the apple, but the rider and his ram.

Lu Li's ram's head lowered a little as he charged. Using his momentum, Lu Li's ram knocked into the Hunter and his ram. Before the Hunter could regain his balance, the shameless Thief had already stolen the apple and left him behind.


Using this apple, Lu Li left one opponent after another in the dust. The finish line was within reach!

The other players began to panic upon seeing this.

All of them hoped for someone to stop Lu Li!

If someone could hit Lu Li with their ram, then his speed would be decreased, which would cause him to lose.

However, there was a problem. Including Lu Li himself, there were only three players who were close to the finish line. The other two players besides Lu Li had quite high fatigue levels, so it was impossible for them to win. Either of them could stop Lu Li from winning, but it would not be without a price.

For every action, there was an equal and opposite reaction. This meant that although Lu Li's speed would be decreased, the a.s.sailant wouldn't fare any better either.

This way, the three of them would win prizes!

Sacrificing yourself to satisfy others?

Neither of these people were that heroic. They looked at each other, hoping that the other would take action.

In their moment of hesitation, Lu Li charged through the middle of the two players and left them behind.

The System announced that Lu Li had won the race and indicated for him to look for the Ram Racing Master to receive his rewards. On top of this, he also gained the Proficient Ram Racer t.i.tle.

"How was it? How was the race?"

Water Fairy's voice was now clear and had none of the shakiness from before. It seemed that she had already consumed the medicine and was now sober.

"Why do you still need to ask?"

Lu Li brought the ram back to Neill Ramstein and let go of the rope which bound the ram to him. Upon releasing the rope, the ram immediately returned to its master.

"Hurry and teach me how to do it. A lot of people from the guild already lost. Everyone's discussing strategies on how to win," Water Fairy shamelessly urged.

Previously, this strong and independent woman wouldn't have made such a request.

She would have wanted to gain victory by her own efforts. All of this was related to the way that she was brought up. 

The Water Fairy at this moment probably didn't realise that she was acting a little spoiled. This had an effect on Lu Li. After all, Water Fairy usually wasn't the type to act spoiled, so when she did, Lu Li immediately softened. Lu Xin often acted spoiled in front of her brother, but it never gave this feeling.

"Don't worry. I promise to teach you the ways of winning Ram Racing."

All of his blood rushed to his head now; Lu Li was ready to unleash all he had.

"Child, did winning the race bring you that much joy? Why are you smiling so much?"

Neill Ramstein held himself skin tightly. He'd heard that there were some male Dark Elves who liked to molest manly Dwarves.

"Master, where are my rewards?" Lu Li asked as he awkwardly rubbed his head.

It was a Dark Gold item and the shape was just like a wine gla.s.s. The properties were average, but the special effect was quite interesting. This gla.s.s produced a gla.s.s of wine every hour. After drinking it, the consumer's EXP gain rate would increase by 50% over a duration of 30 minutes.

This was a level booster!

It was quite valuable, because the required level to equip this item was 20. A low-level player could wear this item, then ask someone to train them. This way, they would reach level 60 much faster.

Furthermore, after reaching the first barrier of level 60, the player could rush to level 70.

The first players to reach level 60 gained a Stronghold, while the faster player to reach level 70 would also gain something worthwhile.

"Then?" Lu Li stared at Neill Ramstein.

Neill Ramstein blinked, then stared straight back at Lu Li.

"What? There's nothing more."


Lu Li nearly fainted. Where was his skill point?

Lu Li immediately decided to go and help his own girlfriend to race. His strategy simple – since Water Fairy was a Thief herself, all of his items could be given to her to use.

Then, he could share in her range of vision and guide her on ram racing.

This was how the couple would break through to the top by the power of unity!

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