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The Great Conqueror - Chapter 109

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Translator: Dongdong

Editor: Wisehelm99

Tuesday's Release Got a Bit Late! :/

Translator Note: This chapter is particularly short as well, probably because the author originally released chapters 107-109 consecutively in a day. Hope you guys enjoy this chapter! Next chapter should be pretty lit!

Chapter 109 t.i.tle: Avenging in Public

"My great father is wise indeed. Leave this job to me. If Ai Wei Er listens to me, I will be willing to spare Ya Se. After all, as the son of the chairman of the Archery Guild, I am a very benevolent person."

Lan Duo Fu was so elated at that moment that he had forgotten about his pain.

"Good son. Since it is not convenient of us to directly confront the temple at the moment, I will just collect the interest for now and remember to collect the rest of the debt at a later time. Hmph, Rui Bo Te tribe is merely just a small aristocrat family, yet they dare to act domineering and arrogant after earning small bits of money? Exterminate them!"

In front of his son, Si Tan Fu openly exhibited his domineering nature. This was not a matter of him pretending, as it was a common affair for the occupation guilds to tyrannically abuse their power.

"My lord, young master, Adventurer Guild's La Nu is still waiting outside." The housekeeper walked in as he said respectfully.

"Hmph, let him wait. While this young master was being beaten up, this old b.a.s.t.a.r.d did not even bother helping and only decides to find me now! It's too late!" Lan Duo Fu exclaimed angrily.

"Just let him wait then." Si Tan Fu waved his hands to signal to the housekeeper to go off.

The Adventurer Guild's position compared to the other occupation Guilds were in the lowest, as they relied heavily on the other occupation guilds to survive. Such a messy and substandard guild would have been exterminated long ago if they did not pay up compensation fees every year. With that being the case, how dare La Nu forget who his real owner was? Even with the temple backing the Adventurer Guild up, it was still the occupation guilds' slave.

La Nu had no choice as he stood there and waited for the whole night.

As expected, Tuo Ma Si did not mind Zou Liang beating other people up. As long as there were no lives taken, it could be considered a small matter. It was also due to these series of events that led him to slowly understand that some actions are meant to be taken. In the past, he would have chosen the pa.s.sive stance and let other people trample over him as he valued "peace and harmony", causing people to look down on the temple.

Now that Ya Se is out causing trouble, it could actually be considered a good thing, as Tuo Ma Si was able to regain his self-confidence back. Also, he did not have to worry about Ya Se going overboard as he knew that Ya Se was well aware of his limits.

As for whether the Adventurer Guild will get implicated in the fight, Tuo Ma Si took the same stance with Si Tan Fu, whereby both of them did not even bother putting the guild in their eyes.

This was just simply how the Meng Jia Empire's hierarchy system worked. While they claimed to practice equality, it was never the case.

The story about how the Adventurer Guild was implicated spread far and wide throughout Yelu Samo's City as it reached Zou Liang as well. Upon hearing the news, he felt very guilty. After all, La Nu had a decent character and did not deserve this unfair treatment. In the future, he decided that he would have to choose a proper location before fighting. This situation wholly depicts the saying of "When the city gate catches fire, the fish in the moat comes to grief" (innocent people suffer from extraneous events). This also led him to realise that the Adventurer Guild's position was way lower than what he expected.

As Zou Liang was busy arranging his doc.u.ments, Lu Yao ope

ned the door and walked in. This led to Zou Liang greeting her with a bright smile. "Senior Sis Yao Yao".

Lu Yao simply nodded her head. Surprisingly, she was not turned off by Zou Liang's obvious attempt to be friendly. "You didn't come yesterday?"

"Yes, I was busy settling some other matters."

"I think you mean fighting. Fighting is not good." Lu Yao mentioned.

"Senior Sis, I know that fighting is not good, after all, I am an advocate of peace as well. However, I simply cannot stand it when I see people abusing their strength to bully others. To stand up for justice is what we Bi Er preach. As such, I will not hide any feelings in my heart. As long as there are people out there committing acts of bullying, I will retaliate against them even if they are aristocrats. Even if I can't beat them, I can still show them my att.i.tude!"

With the way Zou Liang eloquently phrased his line of reasoning, Lu Yao was shocked momentarily. It was common sight for aristocrats to act arrogantly and treat others disrespectfully. Hence, Lu Yao did not expect such a response.

Even though this person was born a commoner, he was able to climb his way up and become a priest with a bright future. Even though he had escaped his humble backgrounds, yet he…

"If you have any questions, feel free to ask me."

"Haha, Senior Sis, I was waiting for you to tell me that. I have a lot of questions which I am unsure about."

As Lu Yao sat beside Zou Liang, he carried a stash of doc.u.ments and started questioning. "How come this herb can only be plucked during this specific timing?"

"The Morning Mist Gra.s.s can only be plucked when the sun comes out as it will secrete a special form of liquid only when the first ray of sunlight falls on it. Without this liquid, the gra.s.s would lose its medicinal properties. As such, it is crucial to grasp the exact timing."

As Lu Yao answered his questions, she put on an aloof expression and patiently answered. She was caught off guard by the innumerable number of questions asked by the Bi Er man. Some questions made her speechless, some were very well-thought questions, others were dumb common sensical questions, causing her mind to be all muddled up. Is this guy a genius or an idiot? She was not sure about that. The only thing she was certain of was the fact that this was not an ordinary Bi Er man.

Ai Wei Er's choice of friends had always been unique as her friends all stood out from the average group of people. This led to Lu Yao being impressed, which was also one of the reasons why she decided to accept Ya Se even though she was not willing in her heart.

As the time flies, Lu Yao seemingly had already forgotten her original purpose for coming here. One of the characteristics of the Cat Tribe people was the fact that they do their work earnestly. As such, Lu Yao was very serious and detailed when teaching Zou Liang, making sure to explain even the smallest detail to the greatest degree. Through this afternoon teaching session, Zou Liang slowly realised that this Senior Sister was actually quite a friendly and warm-hearted person, with her cold and aloof expression on the surface being just an act.

The duo would have continued their studies tirelessly for an even longer time if not for Lan Di's sudden intrusion on them.

"Ya Se, there's a problem."

"Calm down, a shadow hunter should always be calm."

"No no, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Lan Duo Fu is bullying Ai Wei Er!"

"You idiot, why do you even need to tell me about such a matter. Just go and beat him up till the point where even his mother can't even recognise him!" Zou Liang stood up instantly as he lost his calm.

Lan Di scratched his head as he responded awkwardly. "Well, this matter is not so simple, beating him up is not an option."

Ya Se followed Lan Di along as he continued his explanation, with Lu Yao tagging along as her friend was potentially in danger.

Lan Duo Fu did not actually physically struck out against Ai Wei Er. He openly threatened Ai Wei Er and forced her to date him. If she refuses, she would not be able to join the Archery Guild in her entire life time.

Since this guy was the son of the Archery Guild's chairman, n.o.body would dare to interfere or offend him.

Ai Wei Er's situation was a little bit unique. Having not engrave her bow yet, she was initially promised a longer period of time even though the registration deadline had already closed. She did not expect Lan Duo Fu to suddenly use this matter to carry out his personal revenge.

No wonder Lan Di did not dare to beat him up. If he really did, Ai Wei Er's future would have been ruined.

"Ya Se, what should we do? To fight or not to fight?"

"Your granny (referring to himself) is a Bi Er! Since he dares to come and find trouble, of course I will beat him up until he cannot even crawl!"

"Ya Se, don't be rash. If you really fight him, Ai Wei Er would only have more problems. This is not a simple matter where the temple can interfere." Lan Di quickly reminded. With his rash temperament, he would have long beaten Lan Duo Fu up at least 10 times if he could.

At the Pharmaceutical Cla.s.sroom, there were quite a group of people spectating. Lan Duo Fu was surrounded by his buddies as he proudly declared. "Wei Wei, I am the only one who really care for you and will dare to confess to you." "Sincerity" was leaking out of his Si Nai Ke face as he laughed.

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