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Chapter 918: The Sixth Layer of the Seal (5)


She even ate happily with it too!

Wouldn’t that be equivalent to eating Xiu’s saliva…

With this thought, Shen Yanxiao’s twisted mind suddenly became much calmer.

With a healthy mentality, Shen Yanxiao sat straight up.

After all, she had consumed Xiu’s saliva. So they were now even, right?

Luckily, Xiu did not flip the table on the spot so he should not be too angry.

Shen Yanxiao breathed a sigh of relief and muttered in her heart, “It’s nothing, nothing, nothing…”

Suddenly, someone knocked on her door.

“Shen Jue, I am Long Xueyao. Is it convenient for you now? I have something to tell you.” Long Xueyao’s voice sounded outside the door.

Shen Yanxiao, who was still struggling to decide whether she should have let Xiu taste her saliva or not, immediately became spirited. She immediately stood up and rushed to the edge of the bathtub. She quickly put on the face-changing mask that she had forgotten and then returned to the table at the speed of light.

“Come in.” All the preparation work was done in one go. Shen Yanxiao had also put on the shoes she had thrown aside.

As soon as her voice fell, Long Xueyao pushed open the door.

Long Xueyao, who had already washed up and changed into a clean set of clothes, was no longer as travel-worn as she had been on the way here. The simple long dress accentuated her graceful figure. She held a brocade box made of mahogany wood in her hand as she walked in with a smile.

However, when Long Xueyao saw the empty plate on the table, she was stunned.

“You have worked hard these past few days.” Long Xueyao quickly came back to her senses, but there was a trace of a smile in her eyes. Shen Yanxiao usually did not eat with them. This was the first time she realized that this young man, who was one or two years younger than her, had such a big appet.i.te.

“It’s okay.” Shen Yanxiao’s eyes moved around. Without Long Xueyao noticing, she hid the pair of chopsticks that almost caused a b.l.o.o.d.y murder in her sleeve. Then, with lightning speed, she opened her storage ring and stuffed it inside.

The things used by Great Master Xiu should not be left in this world!

“I’m afraid that if I say too much, you will feel annoyed. All I want to say is thank you. This is the compensation that Uncle Fang has promised to give you. Once you open it, you will surely be satisfied.” Long Xueyao smiled and placed the brocade box in her hands on the table.

Shen Yanxiao was also not polite. She quickly opened the brocade box and checked on the contents inside.

There was no need to talk about the large amount of gold coins. Shen Yanxiao only needed to glance at it to know that the amount of gold coins in this brocade box would not be less than ten thousand.

For the average mercenary, this number was almost impossible to get at once. Shen Yanxiao was able to get so much not only because she had escorted them back, but also because she had saved Long Xueyao’s life.

However, this seemingly vast amount of gold coins was really not attractive to Shen Yanxiao, who had a net worth of hundreds of millions of gold coins.

On another note, the two magical crystals in the box were of good quality. They were at least of level six or seven.

These two magic crystals were much more valuable than these gold coins.

“These two magic crystals are my father’s thanks to you. I saw that the bow you used before used a magic nucleus. And, a magic nucleus has a lot of side effects. It will be better if you exchange them with these.” Long Xueyao smiled. She noticed that Shen Yanxiao’s Purple Baron did not use magic nuclei, so she informed her father of the matter. The father and daughter had reached a consensus to give Shen Yanxiao a magic nucleus as a gift.

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