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Chapter 1036: Is It A Blessing Or A Curse (1)

With Shen Yanxiao’s victory, the citizens of Sun Never Sets rejoiced. As for the statements spreading around that their City Lord was cruel, they could only raise both their hands and feet in agreement.

She was cruel to others, but loved her own people dearly. This was true love, ah!

After returning back to their residence, Shen Yanxiao immediately went to check on the seven wolves. Under her meticulous care, the seven wolves had woken up. About the finals, they all silently accepted their forfeiture of the fight.

The other members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group had also recovered from their injuries. Unfortunately, their past vigor and spirit could not be seen on their faces.

Shen Yanxiao knew that they must be grieving for their magical beast.

Shen Yanxiao was not in a hurry to tell them about the search for magical beasts. Even if she did, they would not easily forget about the magical beasts that fought alongside them.

The tomorrow’s fight was between Long Fei and Duan Hen. Shen Yanxiao planned to watch the fight tomorrow, as one of them would be her opponent in the finals.

Long Fei and Long Xueyao also came to speak with Shen Yanxiao in the afternoon. They congratulated her on her victory and brought her some interesting news.

After the fight between Shen Yanxiao and Geng Di ended, Geng Di was brought back to his residence in Twilight City. Immediately after, he invited a few doctors for emergency treatment before he bid farewell to Elder Wen and left the city with his entourage.

They left without any reluctance, indirectly giving up on the group battle.

This result was within Shen Yanxiao’s expectations. The aristocrats of the Blue Moon Dynasty had always cared about their reputation. Geng Di had suffered such a huge loss and was also humiliated. It would be strange if he did not run away.

“Although Geng Di left, he asked Luo Fan to stay in Twilight City,” Long Fei said.

“Luo Fan.” Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes. He was her old rival. She had destroyed Luo Fan’s ability to become a Herbalist so his hatred for her was no less than Geng Di.

“Why did he stay behind?”

“I’m not sure. He has moved out of his original residence and is currently staying in the City Lord’s Mansion. He seems really close to Elder Wen.” Long Fei recalled Luo Fan’s accusation against Shen Yanxiao at the banquet. Even though he did not believe it, he knew that Luo Fan was Shen Yanxiao’s enemy and naturally, he had to inform her.

“Is he the only one Fantasy Devil City left behind?” Shen Yanxiao touched her chin. When Luo Fan left Saint Laurent Academy, Pu Lisi had also taken Shangguan Xiao with him. Reasonably speaking, the three of them should be colluding together, so Luo Fan appearing alone must be somewhat deliberate.

“Just him.” Long Fei nodded.

“Thank you, Brother Long, for your information. Luo Fan and I have some history.” Shen Yanxiao was curious as to why Long Fei would specifically come and inform her about Luo Fan. From the looks of it, Long Fei seemed to know that Luo Fan was not on good terms with her.

However, she did not remember mentioning this to anyone.

Long Fei smiled and said nothing. On the other hand, Long Xueyao had a complicated expression.

Even though she did not want to believe Luo Fan’s accusation, there must be a reason why he dared to say that. Seeing how Shen Yanxiao was familiar with Luo Fan, her heart started beating like a drum. She did not want to believe that Shen Yanxiao was the type of person who would commit such crimes. However, the matter kept bugging her which made her vexed.

On the other hand, the five beasts reacted quite wildly when they heard that Luo Fan had stayed behind.

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