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Chapter 1035: Unilateral Beating (4)

“Teacher, you sure enjoyed the fight.” Nangong Mengmeng’s eyes glowed as she looked at Shen Yanxiao who was displaying the ‘Absolute G.o.d Palm’ without holding back. Her eyes were filled with admiration.

“A b.a.s.t.a.r.d like Geng Di should be dealt with like this. Did Xiaoxiao come up with this plan beforehand? It’s so refreshing.” Tang Nazhi found Geng Di an eyesore, so he was happy to see Shen Yanxiao taking action.

“Take a guess,” Qi Xia shot a glance at Tang Nazhi and said.

“…” Tang Nazhi felt that he had asked an idiotic question.

“This time, Geng Di has lost all his dignity. Not only him, but even those from Fantasy Devil City no longer have the courage to stay in Twilight City.” Li Xiaowei laughed unkindly. Geng Di was bound to lose this match. With this, he had already lost two battles. He no longer had the chance to turn the tables. It was uncertain if he would let his subordinates partic.i.p.ate in the last battle.

After all, he had lost so much face. No matter how thick-skinned Geng Di was, he would probably have to run back to his hometown to cover up his embarra.s.sment.

Shen Yanxiao enjoyed the beating. She was satisfied with Geng Di’s swollen head.

After torturing him mentally, Shen Yanxiao planned to torture him physically.

She did not intend to end this with just a few slaps.

Shen Yanxiao took a few steps back and touched her chin as she looked at Geng Di whose eyes had started turning white.

Just when everyone thought that she was going to end this beating, Shen Yanxiao suddenly lifted her leg and fiercely kicked Geng Di’s fatal weakness. After that, she leaped and sent Geng Di flying with a roundhouse kick, sending him off the stage.

All the men present subconsciously covered a certain area of their bodies.

Brutal! Too brutal!

How could this little girl target the weakest parts of men?

They could almost imagine how… Geng Di’s b.a.l.l.s hurt.

Geng Di’s fall meant that Shen Yanxiao had won the fight.

It was not an intense fight at all. They did not even summon their magical beasts before the fight ended.

Even so, the spectators would never forget what happened today.

It was a fight that was rarely seen in a thousand years!

Shen Yanxiao won by torturing Geng Di’s mind and body. She walked down the stage with satisfaction and threw everyone’s horrified gaze to the back of her mind.

People from Fantasy Devil City scrambled to the venue and carried Geng Di, who had been beaten beyond recognition, out at top speed.

It was not that they did not want to take revenge for their City Lord, but their strength was not comparable to Shen Yanxiao that pervert. Moreover… they had lost enough face. They could practically feel the mocking gaze from all directions.

There was no fierce fight, but savage abuse was aplenty.

Even after Shen Yanxiao had left the venue with the people from Sun Never Sets, the spectators had yet to recover from the strange battle.

Shen Yanxiao’s last two kicks were not light at all. Just looking at them was frightening enough. Everyone couldn’t help but light an incense stick for Geng Di, praying that he could still be considered a man after recovering his senses…

After the fights ended, news about Shen Yanxiao spread throughout Twilight City.

Shen Yanxiao’s image in the minds of the citizens of Twilight City went from being arrogant to being cruel. For a moment, she became the most popular person in Twilight City.

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