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Previously, the upper cla.s.s families did not dare to bid a “ridiculous amount” of money for the sake of saving at least a little more for the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon. After all, this was the most important item in today’s auction.


Their original goal was now being carried onto the luxurious platform of the auction house. On top of the red table, an exquisite staff that was half the size of a tall person was placed in a horizontal position inside a stand. The whole staff was faintly glowing. On top of the staff were high quality magic nuclei that were as big as fists, attracting everyone’s attention.


Each magic nucleus in the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon was at least rank ten or higher, and they could absolutely not be compared to just any ordinary high grade magic nucleus. After all, these magic nuclei that were at least rank ten and above were extracted from Mythological Beasts. It was self-evident how precious they were.


Not to talk about how much the value of the entire staff was, even if it were just the magic nuclei that were at least rank ten embedded within it would already be worth around ten million gold coins.


Everyone was very excited. They were so excited that they had already forgotten the fierce fight that occurred just now, and they were even starting to prepare for another fierce battle for the auction item in front of them.


For all the previous auction items, Qi Xia still had to lend a helping hand and boost the item to increase its value, but before the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon, even without giving a hand or saying anything, he would still be able to strip a man of his fortune. There was simply no need to continue boosting up the product.


The starting price of the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon was around ten million. Just the starting price of this valuable thing was enough to scare anyone.


Immediately, those powerful experts who had originally hidden their purses were now eager to take action. They did not dare join the other influential families in the fight for potions in order to keep all their money so that they would have enough to buy the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon. For the sake of that item, they even disregarded their reputation and honor, took all their family’s fortunes and staked everything for this final battle.


The crowd in front of the stage was very excited; meanwhile, at the backstage, aside from Yang Xi who was a bit concerned about what was happening in front, the rest of his young companions were not a bit interested in it at all.


That thing was of no value to them. It was only Qi Xia and Yan Yu who could use it. Yan Yu might be a Priest, but the demand for such a staff was not as high as the Magicians. Hence, he did not have many thoughts about it. As for a little fox like Qi Xia, although the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon was indeed very powerful, pulling out at least around ten million to a hundred million to buy it would absolutely impossible for him to do.


From this, it could be seen that this profiteer, apart from being unscrupulous, was also capable of “managing his household well”.


The auction for the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon was in full swing. No matter how strong and pa.s.sionate the influential families were, the little comrades at the backstage did not care.


Shen Yanxiao immediately transferred a large amount of money into her storage ring that she had previously prepared. She watched as the gold coins filled the hundred square meter s.p.a.ce, making the ring completely packed with gold coins. She could not help but feel elated.


Of course, the clients would receive the larger portion of money from the auction house for their respective auction items.


Even so, the amount of money that this auction house would be earning this time was enough for The Rising Sun City to ascend to fame.


Shen Yanxiao still properly handled the matters and made sure to give each of the five animals a portion as their reward. She was not the sole owner of The Phantom Auction House, it was hers and the five animals’ property. She was not that stingy.


The Hundred-Year Divine Weapon was eventually taken away by someone from the Seven Kingdoms at the price of 130 million gold coins from which the Phantom Auction House had drawn a total of thirteen million gold coins, which was not a small number at all.  


The end of The Hundred-Year Divine Weapon auction meant that the event for this day was successfully completed.


The people who at least won an item left feeling satisfied, while those that left empty handed had a long face.


However, all of them were finally aware of how wealthy The Rising Sun City truly was. Once the auction ended, Qi Xia intended to leak that the ident.i.ty of the Senior Pharmacist that made the Dou Qi Potion, Magic Potion and the Quenching Body Potion, was a person of The Rising Sun City.


Once people heard this news, they would naturally make plans and make unbreakable connections with The Rising Sun City. Then soon, there would be more treasures waiting for them.

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