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Once he started talking about the mystery of the Warlock’s downfall, he had already guessed that Shen Yanxiao would not look at him the same way as she always did. But things had already gotten to this point. If he still continued to conceal it, he did not know how terrible the consequences would be.   

If those people were indeed not dead, then the Radiance Continent might repeat the same mistake they did in the past.  

“There were three main people who led the Warlocks into conducting the Forbidden Technique Research. At that time, those three were the strongest Summoners of all the Warlocks… I was one of them.”  

Shen Yanxiao unconsciously opened her mouth, yet there were no words coming out.  

“During those times, because it was our first time to use the Forbidden Technique, we were unaware of what it truly was. We only thought that it was just another curse technique. As we gradually came to understand it, I realized that the power of the Forbidden Technique exceeded our ability to control it. It was not just a curse, it was an existence that can transform anyone’s race and talent.”

“Although I am obsessed with the study of curse techniques, I had no intention of transforming things from their original form. But just as I was thinking of leaving the research, it was already too late; my two companions were already completely obsessed with the Forbidden Technique. I tried to stop them, but they did not listen to my persuasion. To my despair, they even kidnapped my wife and children and threatened me with their lives if I did not continue my research on the Forbidden Technique with them.”

“I had no choice but to do it, even though I could not bear to see such innocent people becoming sacrificial victims to the Forbidden Technique Research. By then, I knew I had such contradicting views. After a long period of time, I had grown used to it, until one day, I accidentally discovered that my wife and children had already became guinea pigs. I didn’t know that my wife and children had been brought to the Race Integration Experiments. My wife and children were not strong, nor did they have a great physique. Hence, they were not able to bear the experiment. They pa.s.sed away quietly and no one had even told me about the experiments they conducted on them. Till now, I still have not found their corpses." Yun Qi covered his face with his hands; everything that happened in the past began to reappear in his mind.

That time, he tried to find the figure of his wife and children in that completely empty prison.  His body was filled with despair when a young Warlock secretly told him about the fate of his wife and children. It was only then that he learned that they were already dead.

"At that moment, I regretted everything. I brought out all my summoned beasts and tried to turn the entire laboratory into ruins, but my two companions rushed over. They joined forces and wounded me. If it weren’t for my summoned beasts and magical beast staking their lives just for me to escape, I’m afraid I would have long died in their hands.”  

For the sake of the Forbidden Technique, he lost everything; he lost his wife, his children and even lost his magical beast and summoned beasts.

And under such a serious wound, he could no longer use the magic in his body and became a good for nothing.

No one could understand Yun Qi’s hatred. Ever since he had accidentally opened the Pandora’s Box that was filled with devils, his life was ruined, and even the Warlock Profession the he loved had also faced its demise.

He had no strength. And no one was there to help him. Yet, he did not want to go back to research the Forbidden Technique. With the help of the Moonlight Necklace, he hid himself around the corner. He could not count how many times he was near death’s door.   

In the end, in his desperate time, he was forced to accept Ouyang Huanyu’s support and became an old man in charge of the Warlock Branch of the Holy Roland School.

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