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"What's the matter?" Shen Yanxiao asked.

"What's the matter... You still have the nerve to ask?" Tang Nazhi struggled to sit still on his chair, and he speechlessly looked at Shen Yanxiao.

Early in the morning, when he was still asleep, he heard a series of gong sounds. He got up and took a look to see what was it about. As a result, in front of their gates, he saw a man wearing Vermillion Bird Clan clothing, carrying a banner, and holding a copper gong in his hands, making horrible banging noises.

But what made them most dumbfounded was the thing written on that banner...

Black Tortoise Clan, quickly pay back the money: 13,923 gold coins. Thank you for your cooperation!

At that time, his grandfather, Tang Ao went out with him. When he saw what was written on the banner, he almost choked himself to death!

“You are so wicked! Forget about sending a person to collect debts, you even made them beat gongs and drums to attract pa.s.sersby and watch the show in front of my house. Are you really just collecting debts, or do you actually want us to die in shame?!” Tang Nazhi had completely worshipped Shen Yanxiao's shameless and extreme means of collecting debts.

In fact, a bit over 10,000 gold coins was just a small amount for the five great clans.

But this little girl was really good, arranging people to raise a banner and knock gongs in front of their residences to urge them to pay their debts early in the morning. It was hard to describe how tyrannical it was. In a few moments, the entrances of their residences were surrounded by many busybodies.

The precise digits of gold coins on the banner simply made the heads of the several great clans want to kill people.

That little girl was a money-grubbing girl. Did she really need to make this such a big event?!

And so, this time, the four great clans became the latest topic in the Imperial Capital. Gathering such a great amount of attention, the several big Clan Heads could not act shamelessly in front of so many people. Hence, they could only express their enthusiasm and quickly send the money with livid faces.

The result&h.e.l.lip;

The few people under the command of Shen Yanxiao directly sat down on the ground and counted the gold coins handed by the several clans.

They counted tens of thousands of gold coins for more than an hour, making the several Clan Heads’ faces so black. Standing at their gates, they watched people as they slowly counted money while being surrounded by the crowd. This made several elderly people want to die.

"Shameless, too shameless." Yang Xi could not help but sigh. When he remembered his grandfather's face that was as black as the bottom of a pot this morning, he felt terrified.

With their understanding of Shen Yanxiao, this absolutely was her revenge.

This little girl absolutely bore a “grudge” because they destroyed her family property yesterday, so she arranged a play and hara.s.sed the nerves of their grandfathers.

“Oh, that.” Shen Yanxiao nodded with a look of calmness. She didn’t feel that her approach was abnormal.

"Don’t worry, all the money has been paid."






The five animals ferociously stared at the unscrupulous little girl. All this time, she was actually not a bit guilty; instead, she was still wholeheartedly thinking about the trivial tens of thousands of gold coins.

Could she be any more shameless than this?

She had made things so tough. Would they still dare to not give the money?


If they did not give the money, should they just let the Vermillion Bird Clan people stand all day in front of their houses, beating gongs and drums?

Would the people in their clan still be willing to go out? How  could they save their faces then?!


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