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With the help of Ruan Yingzhe, from a Senior Swordsman, Shen Duan had become an Advanced Swordsman, only one step away from becoming a Second Stage Professional. However, Shen Yanxiao was merely a Senior Warlock in the initial stage, how could she compete with him?


Shen Duan was in his final throes; as long as he could kill Shen Yanxiao, then he still had a chance!


However, Shen Duan immediately realized how naïve his idea was.


Shen Yanxiao astonished everyone when she took out her Purple Baron. For a split second, Shen Duan had a surprised look on his face.  


"How could you use a bow?" Shen Duan was flabbergasted as he looked at Shen Yanxiao. Isn’t she a Warlock?


Shen Yanxiao smiled.


"I still know a lot of things, you will know them soon enough.”


Shen Yanxiao put the arrows on her bow and pulled the string.


Once the arrows left her hand, everyone at the scene was amazed by the sight.




Everything that happened had become a deep secret that the five great clans would forever keep in their hearts.


When night fell, the thoroughly beaten Shen Duan finally lost consciousness and fell down on the ground. Shen Yue quickly came forward and knelt down to beg for forgiveness, and the rebel guards also  quickly came to surrender.


The four great clans felt like it was all a dream.


"Cough, I say Old Shen, your little girl is really&h.e.l.lip; a bit formidable.” Qi Cang’s unperturbed state earlier had completely disappeared. Watching as Shen Yanxiao dragged Shen Duan into the bas.e.m.e.nt, seeing his tender liver burst out, Qi Cang shivered.  


Ferocious, too cruel!


"Not at all, not at all." After the huge changes in the Vermillion Bird Clan, Shen Feng’s state of mind had been messed up, but in front of his four friends, he could not help but be proud of himself.


For a very long time, the Vermillion Bird Clan had been in a dire state. But today, Shen Yanxiao’s appearance completely changed everything, and it all happened before his old friends’ eyes. Shen Feng's face was very bright.


"Little Xiao is still young and does not understand the rules." Shen Feng humbly said.


Qi Cang and the others secretly despised the hypocrisy of this old man.


This Shen Feng did not even hide his wolf-like smile! Everyone knew that he was secretly happy because of how outstanding his little granddaughter was, yet he still dared to act modest!  


How hypocritical! Truly a hypocrite!


To think that the several smelly boys of their family did not have this girl’s valiance.


This was ridiculous! Once they returned home, they would give their grandson a devilish training.


They could not let the Vermillion Bird Clan get ahead of them!


At that moment, the four Clan Heads were secretly making plans as they waited for their grandsons to return so that they could start the devilish training.


Qi Xia and the others who were still far away from that place did not realize that Shen Yanxiao showing her skills directly affected their future.


"I say Old Shen, what do you plan to do in the future? Although Shen Duan had gone mad,  his speech does make some sense. With Ruan Yingzhe’s death, the Broken Star Palace would certainly not turn a blind eye on this matter. You must be very careful.” Yan Hua sincerely and earnestly looked at Shen Feng. The five great clans were now united. The Broken Star Palace had already exposed their intentions of subduing the five great clans. If they still continued to fight among themselves, then the five great clans might disappear from the history of the Long Xuan Empire.


Upon mentioning Broken Star Palace, the smile on Shen Feng's face faded.


Although Shen Yanxiao  had removed the calamity of the Vermillion Bird Clan, the true danger was the Broken Star Palace. With the Vermillion Bird Clan’s current power, they were still powerless against the Broken Star Palace’s revenge.



"Thank you." Shen Feng sighed full of emotions. At this time, the four great clans were willing to stand on their side; a friend in need is a friend indeed.


When several Clan Heads were worrying about the future of the Vermillion Bird Clan, they suddenly saw the sky enveloped by dark clouds, wind were surging around, lightning descended and thunder echoed.


"What's going on?!" Shen Feng and the others looked up at the scene in the sky, and at the same time felt that a large number of tyrannical forces were approaching the Vermillion Bird Clan.



Tang Ao: Wtf! How did the Broken Star Palace know that d.a.m.n old geezer is already dead?! 

Qi Cang: I have a feeling that those aren't backups from the Broken Star Palace but...

Tang Ao: ???

Five Animals: Who dares attack the Vermillion Bird Clan?!


Qi Cang: ...

Tang Ao: ...

Yang Qiong: ...

Yan Hua: ...

Qi Cang: So it's just you five little brats! Tang Nazhi you better get your a.s.s here or else I will kill you!!!

Tang Nazhi: Gr

To Be Continued...

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