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"Pharmacist?" Jun Mo smirked. His slender fingers brushed across the cup.

“How can a mere Intermediate Pharmacist see through a Master Potion?”

Geng Di immediately understood Jun Mo's meaning.

"Then, I thank the two Masters for the trouble!"

"No need to thank us. We're just avenging our disciples."

After the discussion was over, Geng Di immediately ordered people to prepare the best room for the four people and arranged clever servants to serve them.

Shangguan Xiao and Pu Lisi left first. Luo Fan followed Jun Mo to his room.

"What is it? Why are you still so anxious?" Jun Mo looked at Luo Fan who had a gloomy face, his eyebrows raised slightly.

Luo Fan gnashed his teeth, "When I think that that s.l.u.t is in The Rising Sun City, not that far away, I cannot wait to rush over to kill her immediately."

Jun Mo laughed loudly.

"You're already here in the Barren Land. Are you still afraid that you can't settle your enmity with her? Since this mentor promised to help you kill Shen Yanxiao, I will surely help you do it. But this time, I'm asking you to cultivate your body; don't work too hard on these things for now. It's hard to recover the bones of the body. You should be careful not to fall again."

"I would like to thank mentor for his concern. Luo Fan is really grateful. I will definitely take a rest. Only, the enemy is in front of me. I really..." Luo Fan's eyes were filled with hatred.

Jun Mo was about to say something, but his expression suddenly changed. He immediately said, "Go and rest first. Pu Lisi and I will deal with the other things."

"Yes." Luo Fan listened to Jun Mo's words and immediately left Jun Mo's room.

When Luo Fan had just walked away, Jun Mo sat down on a chair, facing the empty room, "Since you have come, then just come out, your habit of sneaking has not changed at all."

When Jun Mo's voice landed, two tall figures slowly emerged from the corner of the screen.

These two were Ouyang Huanyu and the man in black robes.

"That little brat, is that the new experimental body?" The man in black robes sat down in a chair beside him naturally, staring at the tightly closed door, "How come I remember that little brat was your disciple you had accepted just because you had nothing else to do? Why did you not find out earlier that he meets the conditions, and just discovered it now?"

Jun Mo looked at the two people he hadn't seen for a long time and showed a faint smile.

“People always will be convenient. Luo Fan's original qualifications can only be regarded as barely. But not long ago, when he was crippled and treated, I found a wonderful change in him. It seems that someone had used strange curses in his body, which had destroyed his spiritual power, and have caused quite interesting changes. His current const.i.tution can fully withstand our experiments."

"There are such things?" The man in black robes smiled.

"Can you be sure about it?" Ouyang Huanyu asked.

"Ninety percent sure. If properly prepared, he may be able to become a subst.i.tute for the No.2 and No.4." Jun Mo replied.


"As far as I know, Luo Fan is from the Luo Family. You can't easily take him away. The forces of Lan Yue Dynasty are hidden deeply. If it's not the last resort, you shouldn't draw unnecessary attention," Ouyang Huanyu reminded.


"Rest a.s.sured, I have a sense of propriety. Luo Fan has lost his status in the family since he became a waste. If he were not my desciple, I’m afraid  he would be treated even worse than a dog in the Luo Family already. Whatever I ask him to do, he absolutely will not have any suspicions, and the Luo family will not care about the life and death of a waste. But before that, in order to stabilize Luo Fan, I must personally kill someone for him first.” Jun Mo said lightly, as if to him, killing a person was just like crushing an ant to death.




 “I'll do it depending on whether there is value in getting rid of the other party. Killing an insignificant person in exchange for the loyalty of an experimental body, why not?”


"Oh? What kind of person are you killing?" the man in the black robe asked curiously.


“A little girl from the Long Xuan Empire, Vermillion Bird Clan's Shen Yanxiao.”

Man in Black: HAHAHA! 

Jun Mo: ???


Man in Black: You want to kill her while the other one wish to recruit her. This is truly fascinating. This be a great show to watch. (^_^)


Jun Mo: By the other one you mean... him? He wants to recruit her?

Man in Black: HAH yes.

Jun Mo: Well I can just torture her and spare her life, is that fine?

Man in Black: I don't know! Am I him?

Jun Mo: ...Please don't talk to me until you are in a proper state,

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