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"I will." The man in the black robe gritted his teeth.

"Very well, then you are going to accompany me to Magical Fantasy City now." Ouyang Huanyu nodded and reluctantly accepted the promise of the man in black robes.

"Magical Fantasy City? What are you going to do there?" The man in a black robe gave a slight glimpse.

"He said that in Lan Yue Dynasty, he discovered a new experimental body that met the requirements. In the next few days, he will take the new experimental body into the Magical Fantasy City. You should go to the city with me and also see whether the person he selected can become the eleventh experimental body.” Ouyang Huanyu said.

"Oh?" The man in the black robes smiled a little.

"New experimental body, huh? I don't know what it looks like, but it was a pity that No.1 was damaged. Otherwise, the strength of No.1 today should be the best among these experimental products. Unfortunately, I have never seen a perfect physique that fits all the conditions! That would practically be a work of G.o.d!" There was a look of fascination on the black-robed man's face.

Ouyang Huanyu frowned slightly.

"Don't mention the matter about the No.1 experimental body again. The consequences of the destruction of No.1 that year are very serious. If not for the last minute problems, I believe our experiment would have been successful."

The man in the black robe restrained his expression and shrunk himself in his black robe.

The issue of the first experimental body had always been a taboo. With the exception of a few people, other people in the organization did not even know that there was an experimental body No.1. The loss was due to the fact that at the time, the experimental body of No.1 was undergoing the final step of integration, but in the process of the final step of integration, there was a huge accident. Not only was the experimental body of No.1 completely destroyed, but the key to the final fusion had also been destroyed.

It was the biggest disaster in history and it would never be remedied!

Even Ouyang Huanyu was also unwilling to mention the things that happened at that time.

"I won't mention it again. I just expect that the person he had chosen will not disappoint us." The man in black robes muttered.

"Anyway, even if there is no new candidate, I will go to Magical Fantasy City." Ouyang Huanyu's mouth revealed a good smile.

"Oh, why?"

"Before we break the little guy's wings, we must first destroy her favorite toy. The destruction of The Rising Sun City will bring a huge blow to Shen Yanxiao. Without The Rising Sun City, she will not be able to stand in the Barren Land. She can only leave the Barren Land and return to Long Xuan Empire. Just how much discussion and contempt will her ident.i.ty as a Warlock bring her there? Even if her mind is already mature, I'm afraid she still cannot face those harsh voices." Ouyang Huanyu was slightly looking up, looking in the direction of The Rising Sun City; his eyes were shining with a hint of excitement.

He wanted to see how desperate the proud little guy would be when she fell from the clouds.

Stars were the most beautiful at the moment of destruction.

The black-robed man looked at Ouyang Huanyu in surprise. Ouyang Huanyu’s words are extremely creepy.

"You want to force her into a dead end?"

Ouyang Huanyu said with a chuckle, "Put her to death to be born later. I just want her to take the path she should really take. The Warlock will never be suitable to stand under the sun. Her talent, her abilities, only under my hands can she reach the peak. It's a shame to just put it here."

Ouyang Huanyu's eyes flashed with a glimmer of frenzy, and his face right now was the exact opposite of before: it was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with madness!

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