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However, he was very cautious. He did not send any more men to check the situation out. Instead, he made a very smart choice, sending the dean of Shen Yanxiao's former school.

Ouyang Huanyu was not only her former dean but also a powerful Magician who held the respect of various elites that had been cultivated in the Holy Roland School for many years. He also had a highly respected position in the Long Xuan Empire and his manner was steady. He had always been revered by others.

Asking such a person to go to the Barren Land, the Emperor could be considered wise.

Even if Shen Yanxiao really had any sinister thoughts, she would never start with Ouyang Huanyu.

Holy Roland School had been established for a thousand years, and Ouyang Huanyu had been Dean of the Holy Roland School for almost a hundred years. A strong man like him was no longer restricted by a hundred years of age. His longevity had led him to train numerous talents over the years. These elites from the Holy Roland School were scattered throughout the Long Xuan Empire. They had absolute respect and love for Ouyang Huanyu.

If Shen Yanxiao made a move against Ouyang Huanyu, it would certainly lead to the revenge of those desperate elites.

On the other hand, the Emperor was likely to think that Shen Yanxiao, like those people, also respected Ouyang Huanyu, so he had made this decision.

Unfortunately, Shen Yanxiao was an exception.

Of course, she wouldn't be provoking Ouyang Huanyu. After all, the background of this person was really too mysterious. She had always been reluctant to believe that his ident.i.ty was only as simple as it seemed on the surface.

Could a mere dean of a school actually extend his influence to the land of Lan Yue Dynasty? Wasn't that too ridiculous?

Shen Yanxiao smirked inwardly, but on the surface, she was very casual, "The State Preceptor Pei Yuan and Prince Long Yue are now in my Rising Sun City as distinguished guests. I don't know what the Emperor wants the dean to say to them."

“Just a few words of concern. You know that the Emperor only has Prince Long Yue, this one son. Naturally, he attaches great importance to him. Long Yue rarely left the Imperial Capital. But this time, he lived in The Rising Sun City for more than two months already, but he still did not return. It's natural for the Emperor to miss him.” Ouyang Huanyu’s words were rigorous as if it would really be just a greeting from a father who missed his son.


However, Shen Yanxiao was not stupid enough to believe these hypocritical words.

Greetings, huh? I'm afraid that the Emperor has begun to suspect that his son is under house arrest by me, but he's suffering from having no evidence. So he allowed Ouyang Huanyu to check the actual situation.

"Oh? Is that so?" Shen Yanxiao secretly clenched her fist. Although Pei Yuan and Long Yue had a loose att.i.tude now, she could not guarantee that they would not tell the truth to Ouyang Huanyu. After all, they were really under house arrest. Pei Yuan's compromise before was simply because she had forced him into a situation with no alternatives.

If they see Ouyang Huanyu at this time, I wonder if they will have a different move.

However, if she did not allow Ouyang Huanyu to see them, it meant indirectly confirming the Emperor's speculation. For now, The Rising Sun City was not yet completed; if the Emperor wanted to make a move against her, although she could resist and take Long Yue hostage, there was still Shen Feng in the faraway Imperial Capital...

"Of course, I'll just say a few words. If the State Preceptor Pei Yuan and the Prince like, they can continue to live here." Ouyang Huanyu said.

"Then later, I'll take the dean to see them both." Shen Yanxiao finally decided to let Ouyang Huanyu meet with Pei Yuan and the Prince. But when the time came, she must be prepared just in case something not in her favor would really happen.


 "Okay, I'm not in a hurry." Ouyang Huanyu smiled and seemed to be in no hurry to see Pei Yuan and Long Yue.

Shen Yanxiao did not say anything, but Ouyang Huanyu seemed to have something to say to her.

"In principle, you were a student from Holy Roland School and I was your dean. I'm sorry for the situations you have suffered. If there is anything I can help you with, you can tell me. Although this old bones of mine are not much of a big deal, it can still block the wind and rain for my student.” Ouyang Huanyu's tone suddenly became milder, and he looked at Shen Yanxiao with pity.

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