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No one could criticize Shen Yanxiao in front of Lan Fengli. Now, Lan Fengli totally had the heart to kill people.

But in the next second, Shen Yanxiao grabbed Lan Fengli and pulled him back.

"Sister?" Lan Fengli looked at Shen Yanxiao in puzzlement.

Shen Yanxiao shook her head at him.

"The time is not early anymore. The Special Envoy, His Highness, and the State Preceptor must have been tired after the long journey. I've prepared a meal for you. You should rest first." Shen Yanxiao smilingly said.

Li Qi was very satisfied with Shen Yanxiao's well-behaved manner. Such a well-behaved City Lord was just convenient for the Emperor's plan.

He nodded then changed his air into that of a lackey as he stood in front of Long Yue and Pei Yuan, "His Royal Highness, State Preceptor, let's go to rest."

Long Yue seemed to be in a middle of a trance. He did not pay attention to what Li Qi was saying and just nodded randomly.

Pei Yuan also had no objection, but he looked thoughtfully at Shen Yanxiao. Unlike the stupid Li Qi, Shen Yanxiao's concession made Pei Yuan think that this child was definitely not simple.

Regardless of her strength, her calm had far surpa.s.sed what anyone her age should have.

Pei Yuan naturally heard Li Qi's words just now with his own ears. But although Li Qi was somewhat unreasonable, as a person under the Emperor, Pei Yuan did not think that it was too big of a problem. However, Li Qi's last words not only criticized her for having a poor upbringing, it also involved Shen Yanxiao's parents.

If she was replaced with any ordinary children, no matter how good-tempered they were, they would probably cry in anger. Even if she did not talk back, it was absolutely impossible to still smile after hearing all that.

Yet, Shen Yanxiao was very calm from beginning to end. Regardless of how ugly Li Qi's words were, she did not have any reaction and a shallow smile kept hanging on the corners of her mouth.

Pei Yuan felt very surprised. He had met countless people in the whole continent. And those he was completely unable to see through were only few in number. But now, he actually could not see through Shen Yanxiao. He couldn’t tell whether it were true that her nature was weak, or if it were something else.

Shen Yanxiao said that she had prepared some food, but in fact, it was just some ordinary dry food. These things were the easiest to pack up, and they were also the most abundant. Shen Yanxiao had chosen a number of practical foods which were easiest to store before coming to The Rising Sun City. As for chickens, ducks and fish, they were absolutely non-existent.

Looking at the table full of steamed buns, Li Qi's mouth twitched endlessly.

That brat actually dared to play me?

Are these things on the table for people to eat?



“Come! Call your City Lord!” Li Qi's face was ugly to the extreme. It seemed that he still had to educate that little brat on how to properly receive a high-ranking official!

The one who had arranged Li Qi and the others' meal was a higher demon who had transformed into a human form. After this period of time, this demon finally wholeheartedly accepted humanity. However, he still did not like this group of people who had just entered the city.

But due to Shen Yanxiao's orders, it was not good for him to create any troubles. He only drew his lips into a straight line and turned to leave.

At this moment, there was a hint of doubt in Pei Yuan's eyes.

“What are these things? Can the food they gave us be eaten? No matter what, Shen Yanxiao is at least from the Vermillion Bird Clan. She’s actually fooling us like this! I can bear this much, but isn’t Your Highness suffering?” Li Qi could not act as someone great before Long Yue and Pei Yuan and could only pa.s.s the center of worry onto Long Yue's body.

Long Yue froze for a moment. Looking at the ugly expression of Li Qi, he was somewhat baffled.

"What did you say?"

His Highness the Prince had been in a trance and he didn't hear even a single word of what Li Qi had said!

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