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"This is what the letter says." Li Qi answered honestly.

Long Yue asked another bunch of questions. Li Qi answered all of them systematically and in full detail. On the other hand, Pei Yuan had not said a single word from beginning to end and only closed his eyes to repose.

On the tenth day after the special envoy team of the Long Xuan Empire entered the Barren Land, Li Qi had already been tossed about to death by the road, but with a Prince at his side, he dared not to be too arrogant. He could only reproach the driver with the erroneous reason that he was worried about Long Yue.

"Your Excellency, we have arrived." The guard outside reported in a low voice.

Li Qi hurriedly invited Long Yue and Pei Yuan to get off first, and then he followed after.

Outside the carriage, the spectacular scene in front of the three people stunned them silly.

The tall and strong walls were shining with destructive l.u.s.ter. They stood before the city gates and looked up at the walls made of obsidian. Whose hearts would not be thoroughly shocked by this?

"This city’s walls are built with obsidian?" It was the first time Pei Yuan spoke since they had entered the Barren Land, and it was to point out the origins of The Rising Sun City walls.

"Obsidian?" Li Qi froze, then his brows knit into a frown.

“This City Lord of The Rising Sun City is rather too extravagant. What kind of rare ore is obsidian? She actually used it to create walls? Does she not know that these ores should be dedicated to His Majesty? This is simply a matter of disrespect.” Li Qi came this time primarily to check the specific conditions of The Rising Sun City. After all, Shen Yanxiao had sent a message a month ago saying that the construction of The Rising Sun City had begun. When the Emperor had just received this news, he could not believe his own eyes. Other people who had entered the Barren Land had to work on this land for a year and a half just to gain a few results. This Shen Yanxiao had just entered The Rising Sun City for one month, so how could it be possible for her to start rebuilding the city so quickly?

The second reason was to let Li Qi find a way to place Imperial Guards in The Rising Sun City.

As Yan Yu guessed, the Emperor did not intend to abandon the opportunity to open up a territory in the Barren Land. But he did not want to hand over the Barren Land city to a Warlock either. So he made a drastic plan. If The Rising Sun City could really be built, he would slowly transfer it to his own hands.

With the account of the Emperor, Li Qi automatically considered The Rising Sun City as the possession of the Long Xuan Empire. He saw that the city walls of The Rising Sun City that Shen Yanxiao had built were even more domineering than the walls of the Imperial Capital, and he was firmly dissatisfied.


Shen Yanxiao received a notice that a group of people holding the flag of the Long Xuan Empire had appeared outside the city gates of The Rising Sun City.

“They arrived really fast.” Shen Yanxiao smiled and then said to Yao Ji beside her, “Let all the lower demons and middle demons that can't transform temporarily return to the underground city. The higher demons are to change into human appearance. Since the special envoy came to visit, I don't mind giving him an act."

Yao Ji received the order and immediately notified all the demons in the city.

Shen Yanxiao thought for a moment, and then said to the smiling five animals at the side, "You guys wear a face-changing mask."

"Ah? Why?" Tang Nazhi had also been waiting to see what the special envoy was like. As a result, Shen Yanxiao's order confused him.

"You guys are too flashy. I'm afraid that the special envoy may have already seen you before. For the time being, I don't want to let people know about the alliance of the five great clans." Shen Yanxiao was very cautious about doing things. In the face of any possible enemies, she would hide her strength to the maximum limit.

She would never let her enemies know how much leverage was grasped in her hands to win at the end.

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