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Qu Rui was beaten without a fight. He was completely confused about the situation. I definitely saw two ah. What eight?

Geng Di grabbed Qu Rui’s ear and picked him up. He angrily roared at his ears, “Do you know, because of the wrong news you, fool, have given me, that person Shen Yanxiao was provoked; she personally ran outside my Magical Fantasy City and brought eight Mythological Beasts with her! Do you know how big of a matter those eight Mythological Beasts are?! Provoking such a Plague G.o.d, see if your father can protect you!"

Qu Rui panicked. He was a second-generation child who depended on his ancestor's name to eat and drink and waste his time. He would have never thought he would provoke someone that even his father would not be able to do anything about.

However, when he saw the always calm Geng Di this angry, he also knew that it was really very likely that he had provoked a great figure.

"I don't really know about this City Lord... I don't really know. I really saw that she summoned only two Mythological Beasts at that time." Qu Rui climbed directly to Geng Di's feet and clung to Geng Di's thigh as he cried tearfully with snot on his nose.

He only saw that the other person was really good-looking, making his heart flutter with just a glance. But how would he know that the background of that little beauty was so terrible?

"I don't know what use you are now!" Geng Di felt a ma.s.sive headache. Qu Rui had a certain responsibility for this matter, but it was also partly because Geng Di himself underestimated the enemy.

Too many elite talents had come and gone in the Barren Land over the years. There were very few who could stand firm in this place.

The elites of the Long Xuan Empire had always advanced full of confidence, only to end up frustrated.

Therefore, Geng Di subconsciously regarded the other party just the same as those losers. He believed that she had thought that with the presence of two Mythological Beasts, she was already incredible. How could he know that Shen Yanxiao had actually grasped all the Mythological Beasts in the Long Xuan Empire in her hands?

"Take him away for me." The more he looked at Qu Rui, the bigger the flames of his rage became. So he simply let people take him away.

Things had developed this far. Shen Yanxiao's demonstration of power just now must mean that the men he had sent out to intercept her teams had already been discovered.

Geng Di dragged his physically and mentally exhausted self back to his room. His head was full of irritability.

If things stopped here, then that's good.

However, the last sentence of Shen Yanxiao made him restless.

“After your city has been built, you will visit me in person? You are too arrogant.” Geng Di secretly gritted his teeth. It was not only his Magical Fantasy City who had been obstructing The Rising Sun City, but Shen Yanxiao directly took people and made a demonstration for him. It was obviously to prohibit the monkey from killing the chicken. And also because the other two forces had not been not too heavy-handed with their operation.

However, Geng Di was now riding a tiger and it would be difficult to get off. He and Shen Yanxiao had already become enemies.

"Come!" Geng Di rubbed his painful forehead and shouted.

A guard came in at once.

“Let all of those who had been keeping an eye on The Rising Sun City withdraw. From now on, temporarily abandon the obstruction plan.” This time, there was no action. But he was afraid that Shen Yanxiao might bring the Mythological Beasts again tomorrow to wipe out his Magical Fantasy City. Geng Di did not really dare to go and provoke Shen Yanxiao right now.

However, he was still not willing to just give up the meat in the eastern region. [Raz-P: Is there no meat in your city!??XD]

After thinking things over, Geng Di got up and sat down at the desk. He rolled up his sleeve and wrote a letter.

"Find someone to immediately take this letter to my father's hands. It must be delivered quickly." Geng Di ordered.


Seeing the guard retreat, Geng Di breathed a big sigh of relief. He had now realized that Shen Yanxiao was definitely a character who was much more difficult to deal with than he had expected. She was probably the most formidable representative of the Long Xuan Empire in hundreds of years.

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