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Eight-Headed Serpent immediately flew sideways and dodged Vermillion Bird's attack.


Staring at the angered little guy, Eight-Headed Serpent stroke his chin.


"You look familiar."


Vermillion Bird sneered, "Nonsense, what a pity this uncle didn't bake such a wanton snake like you that year!"


Eight-Headed Serpent raised an eyebrow.


"You are Vermillion Bird?"


"It's me!"


Seeing that Eight-Headed Serpent and Vermillion Bird was about to start fighting, Shen Yanxiao put the fact that she had been “hara.s.sed” in the back of her mind and instead, she was more concerned about Vermillion Bird's words, and so she asked:


"Do you know him?"


"Know." Vermillion Bird was unhappy. Somewhat depressed, he lifted his white and tender hands and tried to wipe Shen Yanxiao's chin back and forth, as if to wipe away the layer of skin that had been touched by Eight-Headed Serpent.


"It looks like you don't have a good relationship." Shen Yanxiao let Vermillion Bird have his way.


"This guy was formerly from the Demon Race." Vermillion Bird said in a bad mood.


"Demon Race?"


Eight-Headed Serpent sensed all the eyes that were staring at him and just shrugged before he said, "All my previous masters were. Unfortunately, my master was not able to flee and died in the human world at last. I was then left to his descendants. ”


Tang Nazhi swallowed his saliva and looked at Li Xiaowei.


"Brother, your master is a descendant of the Demon Race?"


This was too startling.


"I don't know." Li Xiaowei had really no idea.


"Even if he's a descendant of the Demon Race, he's still a child born under the union with a human being. After having been integrated into the Human Race for so long and experiencing so many generations of reproduction, the demon blood in him has also run out." Qi Xia still remained calm.


“Say, what do you want to talk about, calling me out here? If you have any request, no problem, but I want this human.” Eight-Headed Serpent pointed to Shen Yanxiao.


“Want your brother-in-law...” Vermillion Bird almost pounced on him again. Fortunately, he was stopped by Shen Yanxiao.


"Cough. Big brother Eight Heads. You could not want her. Aside from Vermillion Bird, she still has another two Mythological Beasts...." Li Xiaowei could not bear to directly point out the wanton behavior of Eight-Headed Serpent and could only warn him secretly.


You can't seduce this little beauty. The three Mythological Beasts around her are about your strength, they can take you down in minutes if they gang up on you.


"Oh?" Eight-Headed Serpent raised an eyebrow.


Facts had proved that although the Eight-Headed Serpent was l.u.s.tful, he was not an idiot. He very honestly did not mention this topic again. Of course, if he dared to continue to seize Shen Yanxiao, even if the two Phoenixes were not to come forward, several youngsters were already ready to summon their Mythological Beasts to gang up on him.


Li Xiaowei told Shen Yanxiao’s intentions to the Eight-Headed Serpent. He had no objection but just asked:


"Can they be eaten?"


"..." Shen Yanxiao. You are also a Mythological Beast ah, is it really not a problem being so blunt to ask about eating humans?!


"Yes." Shen Yanxiao finally nodded. Anyway, she had never thought of leaving those who attacked them alive from the beginning.


"Remember, after you leave the city tomorrow, as long as there is an enemy attack, don't let off even a single one. Slaughter them all for me!" Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes. It was the first time she would be killing an enemy. She was also aware that from tomorrow onwards, her hands would be stained with blood.


But so what?


"Although there is the addition of two Phoenixes and Eight-Headed Serpent, you’re still lacking two." Qi Xia reminded.


Shen Yanxiao smiled slightly and said, "Vermillion Bird will lead one team alone. The other two will be led by me and Little Feng personally."



In Magical Fantasy City, Geng Di had just received a report from his men. His face which was gloomy for several days finally had a smile now.


"You've killed more than a hundred people? Haha, well done."


Qu Rui was delighted to listen on the side, but on the surface, he praised Geng Di's plan.


"The City Lord is really wise. Their losses are not small."


Geng Di waved his hand and said,"How can I alone be enough? I have heard that the other two have done the same thing. I did not expect that the three of us would really think of going together. Under these triple blow, let's see if that Shen Yanxiao can still hold. If she wants to build a city in the Barren Land, she has to ask first if we agree or disagree!"




Readers: Would it be alright to kill him?

Sky: No, wait. Though I understand your feelings.

Sky: Even if he still won’t die, SYX will give him what he deserves soon so relax.

Sky: Now if you excuse me, I need to find the nuke to nuke the- to make sure no one can nuke them~

Readers: &h.e.l.lip;

Sky: What? I won’t kill them! I will just nu- I just want to play with it! Then whatever accident will happen will just be an accident and couldn’t be blamed on me~

Readers: &h.e.l.lip;



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