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The two demon brothers looked at each other before they slowly spat out the names of the strongest higher demons in The Rising Sun City.

According to the words of the demon brothers, the top five strongest demons in the entire Rising Sun City, along with the two of them, the remaining three possessed a strength that was similar to theirs. But if the two brothers join forces, they could definitely defeat them one by one.

In any case, the two brothers decided to show their value before Shen Yanxiao first; to make sure that n.o.body else could s.n.a.t.c.h their food, they needed to cling tightly on their feeder’s thigh, just like a kingly way of a pet!

While the four guys continued to chat for a long time, Du Lang and the others felt like they were fluttering in the sky.

Although their path had been smooth and stable, why did they feel like there was something wrong for it to be smooth and stable?

Others regarded the Barren Land as a forbidden area, they feared that once they step in this land, they would be eaten and not a single bone would remain.

However, except for that horrifying moment when they first entered the city, the rest seemed to be peaceful.

Would there really be no problem if they put their arms around the demon’s shoulder?

After a while, they saw Jia Lan and Jia He following behind Shen Yanxiao with complicated expressions as they walked towards them.

The members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps revealed even more complex expressions.

"Ah, from now, Jia Lan and Jia He are our allies. The demons in The Rising Sun City will not harm us. I hope you can all love and be kind to one another.” Shen Yanxiao was all smiles as she announced these shocking words.  

Let humans and demons...

Love and be kind to one another?

No matter how they listened, these words, were really very frightening.

Regardless whether they were willing to accept it or not, this had already become a reality.

Jia Lan and Jia He did not dare to walk into the crowd. They feared that their ident.i.ty as a demon would frighten the fragile humans. They were very clever to choose to stand by the side of Fu Tu, thinking that since humans could accept Fu Tu who was a demon, then they would be able to accept them as well after some time.  

However, as everyone knew, half an hour ago, Du Lang and others still considered Fu Tu as a normal human being.


It was easier said than done ah!

Shen Yanxiao didn’t have any mental burden. She was aware that it was unrealistic for Du Lang and others to accept the demons so easily. Anyway these following days, they had a lot of time to get familiar with them.

She didn’t put the awkward situation of the humans and demons in her mind, instead Shen Yanxiao just made Jia Lan and Jia He lead the way to find the other three powerful higher demons of The Rising Sun City.

This was only the beginning of Du Lang and the others’ frightening experience.  

As they walked through the streets full of demons, as they marched under numerous pairs of greedy eyes, they saw an enchanting higher demon at the door of a dilapidated building, this made their brain all shut down.

Are five sounds of thunder still soft for you?

You still want a more violent storm!

They silently watched Shen Yanxiao, along with the other three higher demons, as they met the other three strongest higher demons of The Rising Sun City. Their view about the world was completely distorted.

Did the humans and demons originally have such friendship that they could even do friendly visit to one another?

Little Xiao, you’re so awesome, does your family know about this?

It was not until sunset that all the people who had been stunned by Shen Yanxiao’s actions were given a shabby place to rest.

Each of them felt that the fright that they had suffered during the first half of their lives was nothing compared to today’s.

“Guji.”  (this is some kind of sound effects)

Du Lang looked stiff as he watched a lower demon dragging a bunch of hay and bouncing in front of him. Along with other lower demons, they cheerfully spread the “beds” for them on the floor of the dilapidated building. He felt as if he had been cut off from the outside world for ages.

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